Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 23

Survivor Series now vs. then, WWE's PPV prices on the rise (again), The Road to WrestleMania, the future of the ECW Title, the Dynamic Wrestling Alliance looks to break a world record, and more all on this week's KO!! Radio.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


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  2. My roommate heard a rumor that WWE were only putting on 10 pay-per-views next year and I was really applauding that decision. I thought, "Great! Now WWE can stop treating pay-per-views themselves as litmus tests for the BIG FOUR!" Oh, well.

  3. Great show as always I agree with what you said about Christian 100% the longer he's champ the better although the resident ECW Super Hero could also do a good job as champ. Move Christian over to SmackDown or RAW put the title on Regal and put him into a program against the Hurricane since The Hurricane is now in need of an evil villain to do battle with.