Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kick-Out!! has been plagiarized

It's no secret why I started Kick-Out!! Wrestling in April of this year. As a fan of pro wrestling, I was fed up with the wrestling media - the constant negativity, the yellow journalism, and most infuriating of all, the plagiarism. Well it comes as no surprise that one of the hacks that pollutes the internet wrestling community, with apparently no talent of their own, has stolen my material. This isn't just a couple lines here and there, they didn't even bother changing words around, this was copy and pasted from beginning to end. The culprit? Sharon Menor-Delfosse of WU Online. I've found at least four examples thus far:

Smackdown, November 6, 2009
My review (posted November 7)
Their review (posted November 8)

Smackdown, October 30, 2009
My review (posted October 31)
Their review (posted November 1)

Superstars, October 22, 2009
My review (posted October 23)
Their review (posted October 25)

Smackdown, October 9, 2009
My review (posted October 10)
Their review (posted October 11)

It would appear the October 9 Smackdown review was the first one that was stolen. What makes that one special is that Delfosse felt the need to add the line "
I am sorry but I felt opinionated this week, but please enjoy the review" right under the byline. I suppose since it was her first stolen review of mine, she had to explain the sudden change in writing style and still pass it off as her own.

Make no mistake about it, this is illegal. I have never given my permission to ANY site to redistribute my work and I certainly would never allow someone to give off the impression that it was their own work. From day one of this site, there's been a notice at the bottom of the page that clearly states "© 2009 - Hey, please don't steal my stuff and post it elsewhere as your own." and that's exactly what Ms. Delfosse has done with my writings on at least four separate occasions. I have contacted WU Online ( to get the plagiarized materials removed from their site, but have yet to receive a response. Considering the fact that WU Online is ad-supported and thus, profiting from my work, I will continue to take action until the matter is resolved.

For those of you who have joined the cause for a better wrestling media, I ask for you to please assist me with this issue. Please spread the word to all the wrestling fans you know via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, message boards, etc. and let them know that WU Online profits from stolen material. Thank you for your continued support of Kick-Out!! Wrestling, your dedication and enthusiasm is what has made this site such a success in just a short period of time.

***UPDATE*** - 6:30pm

Earlier this afternoon, the situation had been addressed by the owner of WU Online. I would like to thank Mr. Weaver for responding the situation quickly and taking the appropriate action. I sincerely believe these were the actions of one individual and that Mr. Weaver was not aware of the fact that the writings had been stolen. It's unfortunate that one person has damaged the reputation of an entire site, but I hope WU Online will utilize a stronger editorial process in the future so that this does not happen to anyone else. The situation now appears to be resolved and I hope this is the first and only time this happens to me or any of the other sites who are working to create a better wrestling media.


  1. I'm on it. I can't stand plagiarizers, aka liars and cheaters. I hope that, for their sake, WU Online takes your work down.

  2. I kind of thought the Shannon was either a pseudonym or male in some way. Probably the pseudonym, honestly. Nonetheless, get that shit stopped.

  3. I am very happy to see that the situation is rectified, and the editor over there at WU i'm sure has learnt a lesson.

    That's very good.