Monday, November 23, 2009

The Five Count - November 23, 2009

You read the title right, The Five Count has returned! After re-reading my Survivor Series review from last night, it seemed a bit too "recappy" for my liking, so I thought a special Survivor Series edition of the Five Count was in order. These are what I think are the five biggest stories coming out of last night's big PPV, let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments section!

5. Team Miz is Awesome!
Future of WWE? I think it's a safe bet. We've all known Miz was destined for greatness the minute he became the most entertaining part of Raw on a weekly basis, but these last two PPVs have really solidified the US Champion. First he beats the red-hot John Morrison at Bragging Rights, now this? Expect Miz to become an even bigger deal in 2010, and I wouldn't be shocked if a WWE Title feud is in his future. As for the other two survivors from Team Miz, Sheamus & Drew McIntyre were officially sold to the WWE Universe at this PPV. I know some people weren't sure what to make of Sheamus at first, but I think we all knew that with that unique look and style, he was destined for big things, I'm just surprised they seem to be coming this fast. Drew McIntyre still has a lot of hurdles in his path, like the fact that he doesn't exactly look or sound like the monster they're pushing him as, but with all the hype surrounding him, I think he'll get plenty of opportunities to prove us wrong. And yeah, that DDT of his is damn brutal. After an impressive showing like this, it's safe to say, TEAM MIZ IS AWESOME!

4. Well, not all of Team Miz

Both Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler didn't survive, and it honestly makes me wonder if the ship has sailed on both men. Swagger had his undefeated streak shtick come to an abrupt halt at the hands of Evan Bourne, who hadn't won a match in months before that, and it's got me curious if the All-American American will be waiting just a bit longer for his big push. As for Dolph Ziggler, yeah he's done. The first one eliminated in the match, losing to Evan Bourne, and losing about a dozen shots at the Intercontinental Title since July. Barring a massive overhaul, including a fresh and exciting feud with someone not named John Morrison or Rey Mysterio, I don't know if Ziggler has much ahead of him right now.

3. World Heavyweight Championship - Who's Next?
Every time The Undertaker steps in the ring, I'm a bit awestruck. We all know the guy's body is a wreck from years of wear and tear, yet somehow here he is, 19 years after his WWE debut and he's better than he's ever been. Another fantastic Smackdown main event and anytime the awesomeness of The Undertaker mixes with JeriShow's, I'm not going to complain. I'm a little worried about the outcome of this match though, Big Show looked like he had a busted knee and rumors are circulating that he needs surgery, but I'm not ready for JeriShow to end! While it could be fun to watch Chris Jericho with a revolving door of tag team partners, he just has such great chemistry with Show and it's the best the World's Largest Athlete has been in years.

On the World Heavyweight Title front, I can only assume with Undertaker successfully defending, his next opponent will be Batista, who was successful in mauling Rey Mysterio. Despite how much the Mysterio/Batista match sucked - and trust me, it sucked - Batista's got the most momentum of anyone on Smackdown and would be the logical choice for #1 contender. Taker and Davetista have always had good chemistry in the ring as well, so I suppose there could be worse matches. Hopefully they save this one for the Rumble though, I don't know if we want to see Batista vs. Undertaker in a TLC match next month.

2. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
When people tell me things like "WWE sucks now" and "wrestling's not as good as it used to be," I have to wonder if they're actually wrestling fans. If you're into the spectacle and the craziness of the Attitude Era, that's fine, I am too, but if we're talking about excellent matches, 2009 may be one of the best years WWE's ever seen. 2009 saw one of the greatest matches ever with Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25, a feud with multiple matches that came close to being just as good between Chris Jericho & Rey Mysterio, tons of great free-TV matches, and now, this spectacular main event.

For all the heat that John Cena gets, he just keeps proving the haters wrong, which is probably why they're so angry all the time. It doesn't matter who he's in the ring with, John Cena has this uncanny ability to make every match feel like a big deal, and when they decided to throw him in the ring with two guys that pretty much define "big deal," I expected a good match, but I wasn't ready for this. Matches like this, with that kind of drama, that kind of excitement, that kind of ability on display, it's what gets me excited to be a wrestling fan, it's why I spend so much time talking about it, watching it and spending money on it. No, it wasn't quite up there with HBK vs. The Undertaker, but it was definitely the biggest match since. As I said in my review of Survivor Series, do not let this week end without seeing this match at least once.

1. Kofi Kingston
I don't even need to type anything but his name, and it's a name you're going to be seeing a lot in 2010 (hopefully with "WWE Champion" next to it). Kofi Kingston is officially THE MAN on Raw and deserves every ounce of the push that's coming his way. When I saw Kofi nail Orton with that blazing fast Trouble In Paradise, I literally had to restrain myself from shouting "OH HELL YEAH!" And that's not because I hate Orton, in fact, this feud actually has me excited to see Orton because I know Kofi will likely be involved and it's the most interesting The Viper has been in years.

And while I'm talking about Kofi, I'd be remiss to not mention the awesome Survivor Series match that surrounded his ascension to the main event. There was a lot of fun to be had in this match and it was great to see Christian get so much time in the ring, and that pop when he hit Orton with the Killswitch was insane! I really thought the ECW Champ was going to pin Orton, and it obviously made more sense to have Kofi do it, but still, how cool would that have been? And for a guy that's been "demoted," CM Punk sure kicked some ass in there, didn't he? lol, dirtsheets. If it hadn't been for the amazing main event, this would've easily been the Match of the Night, but Kofi kicking through the glass ceiling is definitely the biggest story coming out of this great PPV.

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