Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ECW Thoughts - November 17, 2009

Oh wow, CM Punk is on ECW! Regal & Punk vs. Christian & R-Truth in our main event? Sold!

Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendes kick things off, thankfully we're spared from any lame dream sequences. I'm still hopeful for this pairing, but I'm just not really seeing the chemistry yet. Shelton Benjamin interrupts and accepts Ryder's challenge for another rematch, but Z-Ryde doesn't want it right now and sneaks in a cheap shot for good measure. Would really like to see more of these guys on ECW... get them involved in the main event scene!

Here's the match we've all been waiting for, Paul Burchill vs. The Hurricane, mask vs. ECW career. Speaking of chemistry, these two have it, perhaps more than any other guys in ECW, their styles just mesh so well. That trend continues here, with Burchill and Hurricane putting on a fantastic back and forth match with a red hot crowd. For what is "just" a secondary feud on ECW, we got something that's PPV-worthy; just another reason why anyone who calls themselves a wrestling fan must be tuned into SyFy on Tuesday nights. Hurricane hits an INSANE neckbreaker off the top rope (!!!) to get the win and retain his mask! Burchill must leave ECW, but here's hoping for an Intercontinental Title feud with John Morrison on Smackdown in his near future. I've mentioned Burchill improving by leaps and bounds since coming to ECW, it's time for him to move onto bigger and better things.

Vance Archer vs. Local Competitor next... just go read any of my write-ups about Vladimir Kozlov after he came to ECW and you'll know how this one played out.

Christian & CM Punk backstage... there's a dream match waiting to happen.

Main Event time! Christian & R-Truth vs. William Regal & CM Punk, which on top of being an awesome match-up, is more hype for this Sunday's Survivor Series, which I am ridiculously stoked for at this point. Christian & R-Truth make a great team, and it's great seeing Truth get more attention as of late, this mini program with Punk will only do good things for him. And while I'm talking about good teams, I have to mention how well Punk & Regal worked together as well... man I can't wait for Team Orton vs. Team Kofi at Survivor Series, could be one of the greatest Survivor Series matches in history. Punk & regal pick up the win with an awesome Knee Trembler/Go To Sleep combo, great ECW main event.

Another great week of ECW action - WATCH THIS SHOW!

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  1. Yeah that Burchill/Hurricane match was fantastic. They kept hitting big moves and it had that feel that someone was going to have to hit something huge for the win. I was seriously hoping Helms would pull out the Vertebreaker or Burchill hit the C4 for the win, but that went with that nasty looking top rope spinning neckbreaker. For my money, ECW is the best hour of wrestling during the week.