Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ECW Thoughts - November 10, 2009

So stoked for this show, been waiting all day for the ECW Championship match! And like last night, thanks to my new swanky laptop, tonight's show will be reviewed as it happens!

And then of course the excitement is sucked out of the room by The Abraham Washington Show. Blurg. Abe starts us off with totally original and totally funny jokes about British people's teeth. I'm pretty sure the first Austin Powers movie used up the last bit of funny in those jokes. Luckily someone that's actually entertaining is on the show, Yoshi Tatsu! Yoshi dressed up for the show, but anyone who has hair like that isn't going to look right in a suit. Oh and speaking of movies that were funny in the 90s, Yoshi and Abe do some Rush Hour jokes (get it? Because it's a black guy and an Asian guy!) and that's literally the entire segment. Can we finally just cut bait on this show? It's utterly pointless and no one has gotten more over because they went on The Abraham Washington Show. Horrible start for a show I was really excited about.

Well, it's gotta be all uphill from here, right? Paul Burchill is on his way out to the ring, I thought to face The Hurricane, but apparently that match is happening next week?! LAME! It's not all bad though, at least we get Burchill vs. Goldust this week, which should be enjoyable. Burchill's been on a roll as of late and gets the early momentum in this match, utilizing his hard-hitting style against The Bizarre One. Burchill's firmly in control, but The Hurricane's music hits, distracting The Ripper and allowing Goldust to get the win out of nowhere! It sucks the match got bumped, but an extra week of hype never hurt anything and it won't be overshadowed by tonight's ECW Title match. Hopefully Hurricane & Burchill - Mask vs. Career - get the main event spot next week.

New rule: no dream sequences on a wrestling show.

William Regal is backstage with Tiffany and calls himself a "virtual god," I'm not kidding. Regal is awesome.

Vance Archer is in action next, taking on Local (English) Competitor. Vance didn't exactly set the world on fire last week and that's not really changing this week. The Sheffield crowd is more interested in cheering the jobber than they are in booing Archer. Vance, new finisher... please!

Main Event time! Christian vs. William Regal and the ECW Title is on the line! Crowd is hot for Regal, but they love Captain Charisma as well, should make for an incredibly interesting contest. My only gripe before we begin is that despite how well Byron Saxton has done as an ECW commentator, I wish Matt Striker was calling this match. Once the match is underway, my minor gripes are a non-issue, this is Christian vs. William Regal in England! Christian's a house of fire here in the early goings, and that seems to get the crowd to turn on him! Regal takes control after a double-underhook suplex off the top rope (NASTY!) and that takes us to the second commercial break of the match.

We're back and Regal hits another suplex, this time a capture suplex outside the ring on the floor! Regal's a suplex machine in this match, eat your heart out, Taz! Regal's firmly in control at this point and every move he hits looks painful thanks to that unique style of his... REGALPLEX!!! I've said it before, I'll say it again, Regalplex = Death. Regal's looking for a Full Nelson, but Christian reverses into The Killswitch! But Christian took to long to cover and Regal kicks out! Crowd is strongly divided and it's anybody's ballgame at this point. Regal goes for the Knee Trembler, misses, hits it with the other knee! Cover and kick-out(!!) Killswitch engaged, blocked, Regal Stretch! Christian escapes, these guys are killing me here, ANOTHER REGALPLEX! Knee Trembler ducked... Killswitch! Christian wins! I'm gonna need a paper bag to breathe into!

That was definitely different, which speaks volumes about what kind of competitors Christian and William Regal are. At Breaking Point, I think we saw a match that was more fitting of Christian's style, whereas tonight, in England, it was more along the lines of Regal's style. It worked and produced one hell of a nail biter, especially after that last commercial break. I don't know if this was as good as their awesome match back in September, but that one might be the ECW Championship Match of the Year, so it's not like it's easy to surpass. However, this match was absolute awesome and once again serves as your weekly reminder that ECW is the best pure wrestling show on television today. If you're not watching, you're only hurting yourself.

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