Friday, October 23, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - October 22, 2009

They'll be partners at Bragging Rights, but opponents tonight, Kelly Kelly vs. Gail Kim kicks things off on WGN America, and it was actually one of the better Raw Divas matches in quite some time. While she's certainly not at the level of a Beth Phoenix in the ring, Kelly continues to improve and Gail seemed to find some of that old spark that she's been missing in recent months. It wasn't anything to write home about, but a solid match for both women that made for a fun opening bout.

Tommy Dreamer & Goldust vs.
Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov is the ECW portion of Superstars, and I like this mini feud these four guys have going on. This rivalry has been mostly contained to Superstars, and the matches have been just a step above squashes for Zeke and Vlad, but the veterans pulled out a shocking win here. Celebration didn't last long with the Ruthless Round Table avenging their loss after the match, but hey, a win's a win. But as much as I'm enjoying these four ECW Superstars, I have to wonder what WWE's plans are for them. Right now, they're getting TV time, but it's kinda the same thing every week.

Once again, Smackdown headlines Superstars with a big tag match - Matt Hardy & R-Truth vs. Eric Escobar & Drew McIntyre. I've been pretty hard on Escobar and McIntyre for getting thrown into the Bragging Rights main event, even though they've done little to prove they deserve the spot over guys like Truth & Hardy, but I have to say that I really enjoyed this match. Sure, a lot of it had to do with Hardy & Truth, I'm a big fan of both those guys, but the match was really exciting and the newcomers held their own. I'm still not sold on the idea that they belong on Team Smackdown at the PPV, but at least I saw something in both guys here. McIntyre and Escobar pick up the win with the assist from Vickie Guerrero, I suppose to build up steam heading into Sunday.

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