Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Kick-Outers!! Was this week's Smackdown a delightful wrestling treat, or did it suffer from ringor mortis? Okay, that will be my one and only Crypt Keeper joke of the evening.

Matt Striker is filling in for JR indefinitely, and considering the great chemistry him and Todd Grisham have, maybe this should be made permanent? When JR returns, maybe put him on Raw with both King and Cole?

T-Lo is in the ring, talking about how awesome Smackdown is (you don't need to tell us, Teddy... if we're watching, we know) and confirms that Big Show will get a World Title match at Survivor Series after helping Team Smackdown. This cues, Chris Jericho, who believes he should be the #1 contender since he "single-handedly" won the match. And naturally, this brings out Team Smackdown's co-captain, Kane, who doesn't take kindly to phrases like "single-handedly," but hey, Jericho did score the deciding pinfall! Teddy Long has a solution, since Raw is having a Triple Threat match for the WWE Title, Smackdown will have one for the World Heavyweight Championship - Big Show vs. Undertaker vs. the winner of tonight's main event, Chris Jericho vs. Kane!

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler starts the in-ring action for the evening, and I have to say, I liked this match much more than their encounter at Hell in a Cell. Striker did a great job putting over Ziggler's amateur background on commentary and made even the most basic holds seem more dangerous - that's the power of a good commentator. Morrison looked impressive as ever, but couldn't recover after getting thrown onto the announce table, resulting in a count-out loss. Been a bad week for the IC Champ, and with a rejuvenated Dolph Ziggler breathing down his neck, that bad luck may continue.

CM Punk is backstage with Vince McMahon & Teddy Long and is FURIOUS that he's not involved in the World Heavyweight Title match at Survivor Series. Vince gives the Straight-Edge Superstar what he REALLY wants - a match tonight with... Scott Armstrong?!

Here's something you don't see everyday, if ever, a Divas squash match! Beth Phoenix vs. Local Athlete was a great showcase for Beth on Smackdown, utterly decimating her opponent to the surprising cheers of the WWE Universe. The beginning of a face turn for Beth? I hope so, she's undoubtedly the greatest female competitor in WWE today, let her carry the division!

Princess Vickie Guerrero & her "Prince Charming," Eric Escobar are out next, and Escobar really owes each and every one of his boos to the greatness of Vickie. Without her, he'd be getting "time to get a beer" reactions. By the way, I love the story of these two, that they met while the former GM was vacationing in Puerto Rico - they might as well come right and call it "How Vickie Got Her Groove Back." Anyway, In a rematch from two weeks ago, Escobar is going up against Matt Hardy, who seems to be getting more and more back to normal with each passing week. A pretty good match, the crowd was going nutzo for Hardy, and he picked up the win with a modified Twist of Fate (more like a Diamond Cutter) out of nowhere! Hopefully a sign of bigger things to come for Hardy in the near future.

The confrontation between Rey Mysterio & Batista was awkward, uncomfortable and oddly intriguing. Aside from Mysterio saying "dawg" every other word, I found this to be a very entertaining segment and one of WWE's most interesting handlings of a major heel turn in awhile. It would've been easy to have Batista come out and say "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND!!!" then beat the hell out of Mysterio again, but they didn't go that route. Batista's never gotten a chance to be a heel in WWE as a singles star, his past heel runs amounted to little more than "The Muscle," and it looks like WWE's been holding out on us for the last five years. Batista played his role of "guy who's just pissed off and sick of dealing with everyone else's bullshit" to perfection, and while I'm not looking forward to his eventual destruction of Rey Mysterio, I'm glad they FINALLY decided to change up his character.

Backstage, Matt Hardy confronts Batista and tells him not to throw away his friendship with Mysterio since they're like brothers. Matt wishes that he could take back some things he did to his brother (like burning down his house and murdering his dog?), and that Batista should bury the hatchet before it's too late. Batista walks off, but comes back and attacks Hardy from behind. Jerkface move of the night, for sure.

Drew McIntyre vs. Finlay was supposed to be next, but in what seems to be a pattern for McIntyre, he attacked Finlay before the match even had a chance to begin. I guess that's what "the party's over" means? Finlay seems to be the first big test that emerging Superstars have to go through, so it's no surprise that McIntyre would enter a feud with him. Plus, it's Scotland vs. Ireland... it could get really ugly.

The Cryme Tyme Diva Halloween Costume Contest was exactly what you'd expect. I'm just glad they didn't waste valuable PPV time on this like they did last year.

The true main event of the evening, CM Punk vs. Scott Armstrong is up next. I love that Armstrong's ring attire is his referee uniform and that the shirt stayed tucked in throughout the entire "match." Though not really a match, this segment was actually well-done and Armstrong got in some nice shots before taking the GTS like a man. Still, I have to be a little concerned when all they had for CM Punk after a PPV title match was a chance to beat up a referee. Smackdown's main event scene is a bit crowded at the moment: Undertaker's busy with Big Show and Jericho or Kane, Batista and Rey Mysterio are bound to lock up and it looks like John Morrison will continue to feud with Dolph Ziggler, so where does that leave Punk? Remember those bigger things I mentioned for Matt Hardy earlier? Now would be a good time for that. Well at least this month is Survivor Series and Punk could get involved in a traditional 5-on-5 match. Maybe him and Batista could take on a team captained by Mysterio and Hardy? Just a thought.

Main event time, Chris Jericho vs. Kane with the winner being inserted into the Big Show/Undertaker match at Survivor Series. I have to say, this was Kane's best match in a long, long time. Honestly, can anyone think of a better Kane match in the last year? Two years? Three years? Chris Jericho's Midas touch strikes again. Great match, decent length, and surprisingly competitive considering the massive size difference. Jericho picks up the clean win after reversing Kane's flying clothesline into the Codebreaker and he'll join his tag team partner against The Undertaker at Survivor Series!

The A-brand delivered big here with a great post-Bragging Rights Smackdown. Survivor Series is already shaping up to be a big night with two HUGE main events, but I can't help but think if WWE should dust off the Three Way Dance instead of Triple Threats? I don't think WWE's ever done an elimination-style Three Way match before, but since Survivor Series was founded on the idea of elimination matches, why not give it a shot?

And once again, Happy Halloween to everyone, I hope you have a fun and safe time this evening. I'll be celebrating the holiday in the best way I can think of, a local indy wrestling show headlined by Al Snow! I've never had a chance to talk about how big of a Snow mark that I am, but I still have my own Head that I made back in 1998 and I'll be in my Al Snow costume - complete with classic J.O.B. Squad shirt! Hopefully the venue allows pictures and I'll have some posted later in the week. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. Here was a great chance for the WWE to officaly reference Scott Armstrong's own career as a wrestler.... and they blew it!

  2. They didn't even give Scott Armstrong entrance music! Not even the Smackdown theme song... just silence! lol.

    I love that you noticed that his shirt stayed tucked in for the whole match.

  3. A few little things to say.

    Beth's match...
    I LOVE Beth, so I was happy to see her, and obviously if you want a divas squash match, she is the diva for it but I don't like the way they advertised Jenny Brooks as the only blip on Beth's record when Beth walked out there and just destroyed her. I mean, of course she would have improved over time but... oh well.

    Number two, Matt confronting Batista- you say he talks about doing things he regretted and mentioned burning Jeff's house down etc- but remember Matt did say later that he didn't /really/ do those things, he was only saying them to hurt Jeff.
    I didn't really have an issue with the confrontation, just thought I'd remind you of that ;)

    I definitely agree with Kane vs Jericho being Kane's best match in a long time. I was sort of looking forward to him winning and at least being in the title run.
    Nonetheless, with Jericho in it, it's destined to be great. I hope this isn't going to come in between Jerishow though, because they've done WONDERS for the tag team section.

  4. So then I take it the Guest Post idea has been dropped?

  5. I can only do Guest Posts when people e-mail me, and I simply haven't gotten many e-mails about it lately.

  6. It makes such a great difference having a heel commintator again, King back in the day was great and i don't know why they changed it if Striker is allowed to do it.

    And Razor I admit Christan has been great but the superstar of the year has to be Y2J he has single handedley made the intercontinental and tag team titles lagitimete championships again he is the best in the world at what he does and you can not argue against that at the moment.

    This caps off another great week for the WWE and im lovin it

  7. It's a close race, and I think you're right, Jericho probably does deserve the nod again, but Christian, Punk and Mysterio should all be in the running.

  8. No arguments from me about that list and im really hopeful for Kofi to get added to the list if he can make something of this new feud with Randy and since dropping the accent seems more confident on the mic.