Sunday, October 4, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - October 2, 2009

It seems like every week there's a PPV, I get slammed with real life stuff and have to cram a bunch of posts into that Sunday. Today is one of those days! Alright, big Smackdown on Friday night, so let's get right to it:

Batista vs. Kane was a Batista vs. Kane match. Even if you didn't see it, you can probably imagine exactly how the match played out just by reading that sentence. Pretty impressive to see Batista hit the Big Red Machine with the Batista Bomb though. Anyway, definitely just a match to get the crowd amped up for the show and it did what it needed to do.

The backstage party segments were silly, but fun. CM Punk preaching, Michael Cole acting like a dork, Finlay being that guy that's at EVERY party that just wants to get everybody wasted, hilarious. Of course, the highlight of the party was the return of Vickie Guerrero, who apparently is back full-time as Eric Escobar's manager?! Two big things in that news: one, Eric Escobar appears to be officially on the main roster now after fluctuating between squash matches and development for months. Two, I don't know much about the guy, but if he's got Vickie Guerrero as his mouthpiece, there's no reason that he shouldn't become one of the biggest heels on Smackdown.

The Eddie Guerrero tribute just made me really sad. There will never be anyone like Latino Heat and WWE just hasn't been the same in these last four years without him. One could make an argument that Eddie Guerrero is the greatest wrestler of this decade and perhaps one of the greatest in-ring performers of all-time. Do yourself a favor, go get the "Viva La Raza" DVD and just watch a match or two this week, if it doesn't brighten your day, I don't know if you're actually a wrestling fan.

The Iron Sheik is always good for a laugh.

Kofi Kingston & John Morrison vs. The Miz & Dolph Ziggler was an awesome match, I absolutely loved this one. The concept alone was brilliant in its simplicity, the IC and US Champs taking on their respective number-one contenders and these four definitely delivered. Can't wait for both these matches at the PPV and Jack Swagger being in the US Title mix should only make it better.

The vignette with The Rock, at his cheesy best, was perfect and the show wouldn't have felt right without him. "Who in the hell is Dolph Ziggler, anyway!?" VINTAGE ROCK!. I heard that Rock gave "subtle hints" that he could host Raw in the future, and whoever said that obviously doesn't know what the word "subtle" means. The Rock made it blatantly obvious that he'll be on a Monday Night Raw soon enough, wonder if all those people whining about killing the guest host idea will change their tune that night? I really miss The Rock and I hate that his in-ring career ended with a forgettable handicap match, we need John Cena vs. The Rock! I don't know what stars have to align to make that happen but... make it happen!

Michelle McCool vs. Melina
for the Woman's Title wasn't as good as their match at Night of Champions, but hopefully this will be the end of it. Seriously, how long have these two been feuding with each other, since May? The feud won't die and nothing interesting has really come of it, so please find something else to do with Smackdown's sorry excuse for a Women's division.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre and R-Truth crash the party (literally) by brawling all over the place. It wouldn't be a party fight if someone didn't ruin the cake, so good job there guys! Just this morning, announced that McIntyre vs. Truth has been added to the PPV, which is a bit concerning because I felt the card was already pretty loaded. But at least we'll see if McIntyre can live up to the insane amount of hype.

John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H & The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase & CM Punk was a great main event, loaded with star power (and Legacy) and the crowd was really into it. I can't think of a better way of main eventing Smackdown's 10th Anniversary, unless they made it a 12-man tag and could've added Batista, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Big Show. Obviously Rey couldn't have been on the show, but it was weird not seeing those guys get more prominent roles since they've all been integral parts of Smackdown over the years. But anyway, the 8-man match was exactly what it needed to be and it ended with Randy Orton getting pinned after the Tombstone, which I may have replayed four times.

Good stuff here, perhaps a bit too light on the in-ring action and classic Smackdown moments and too heavy on the party segments, but overall I think it was a great way to celebrate Smackdown's 10th Anniversary while also hyping tonight's PPV.


  1. I was super excited when I heard The Rock say he'd be hosting Monday Night RAW at some point. I think that's exactly what RAW needs to get over this hump of ridiculous story lines and boring shows.

  2. Eric Escobar has been under a WWE contract for nearly five years , that fact combine with that the WWE brought back Vickie back makes he hope that he's released in under 6 months and he's very mediocre in the ring. Vickie Guerrero will damage his career the same way she did to Edge's, Big Show's and Chavo Guerrero's.

  3. Vickie damaged Edge and Chavo's careers? Huh? La Familia got more heat than a desert.

  4. This review was VINTAGE Zero!

    The new intro is cool, shame the song isn't too good.

    I hope that interference from Beth was a sign of her moving to Smackdown.

    One of my favourite moments of the night came from Undertaker and Shawn Michaels sharing a staredown following a tag. Hurrah for continuity!

  5. I like the new song. Well, maybe I like it because the old one was so terrible, but it's definitely an improvement.

  6. Actually, I think the new song is even worse than the previous monstrosity