Monday, October 12, 2009

Raw Thoughts - October 12, 2009

Show opens with Chris Jericho, never going to hear me complain about that. What I will complain about is WWE not being able to figure out what the hell they want to do with the Bragging Rights PPV. First, it was supposed to be all Smackdown vs. Raw matches; then it was standard matches, with the winners of the Raw matches going on to face the winners of the SD matches in a big main event tag match; now it's a 14-man tag match featuring seven Raw guys and seven Smackdown guys. Why isn't this happening at Survivor Series?! Gah, anyway, Jericho is captain of Team Smackdown, but Nancy O'Dell interrupts and tells him Raw doesn't start with Smackdown talent, it starts with DX!

Triple H makes his way to the ring (not exactly DX), Shawn Michaels is at home with a sick kid (if that is actually the case, that's really cool of HBK). HHH gets Shawn on the phone, I laughed at HBK's answering machine being his theme music (and the fact that his singing is terrible) and they have a fun little bit hyping the new DX book. DX are co-captains of Team Raw at Bragging Rights, which is the cue for JeriShow to make an appearance. Triple H cerebrally assassinates and turns the two against each other and Big Show wants to join Team Raw. Show has to earn his spot in a qualifying match against... Chris Jericho.

Big Show vs. Chris Jericho was short, light on actual wrestling, but amusing to watch. It was almost like watching a dad scold his bratty child, with Big Show obviously playing the role of Dad. Loved the bit were Jericho feigned a knee injury and Big Show freaking out over his partner, only to still outsmart Jericho in the end. Jericho got slapped around and eventually counted out, putting Big Show on the opposite side of the ring from his partner at Bragging Rights. Planting seeds for a breakup? I hope not. Hopefully it's just more of the "we don't have to like each other to be a good team" bit that they do so well.

Okay, Hornswoggle dressed up as Shawn Michaels might be my favorite Raw moment of the year.

Diva's Title on the line next with Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall, I was pretty excited for this one because Jillian is one of the most underrated female wrestlers on the roster... OMG SHE WON?! After a NASTY powerbomb that folded Mickie up like an accordion, Jillian captured her first title in her four years with WWE. Unfortunately, Jillian wasn't done for the evening. Nancy O'Dell makes her presence felt, explaining that she arranged for a tri-brand Divas trade over the weekend and Jillian has to defend her title against the newest Diva on Raw, Melina! Did NOT see that one coming.

Melina vs. Jillian started off ugly, with a misfire on the Primal Scream. Jillian wisely kicked out, which let Melina hit the Last Call and become the third person to ever hold the Women's and Diva's Championships.

On the subject of the Divas Trade, the full results are now online at
Melina to Raw
Beth Phoenix to Smackdown
Mickie James to Smackdown
Rosa Mendes to ECW
The Bella Twins to Raw
Eve to Raw

Pretty huge announcement if you ask me. Friday night, I had lost all hope for Smackdown's pathetic excuse for a Women's Division, but what a difference a Monday Night Raw makes! Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart on the same show? Yes please! Now Raw... not looking so good. There's Melina and... yeah Melina's about it. There are a few Divas on Raw who have really improved in the last year or so - Kelly Kelly, Eve, Maryse - but who else? Alicia Fox is abysmal, Gail Kim's lost her groove and The Bellas are accessories for that week's guest host. So all the great in-ring Divas are on Fridays and the Divas with room for improvement are on Raw... live. Yikes. Rosa Mendes to ECW makes no sense unless they're planning on pairing her up with a male wrestler, but I liked her hanging out with Carlito... who would do well with a move to ECW. Just a suggestion.

In another Team Raw Bragging Rights qualifier, Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena - okay, Cena's got an Iron Man Match to worry about so he's obviously not winning this, but a member of Legacy teaming up with DX after all that? Really? Anyway, pretty boring match here as it was essentially a handicap match, then Randy Orton had to get involved, and Cody rolled up Ted for the shock win. So Cody's on Team Raw, Legacy is butting heads, and Nancy O'Dell is on the TitanTron to set up our main event tonight: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena & Randy Orton... WE PRETTY MUCH JUST SAW THAT MATCH! Ugh.

In another qualifying bout, Jack Swagger revisits his SummerSlam rivalry, taking on MVP. Last week, Swagger vowed to go undefeated throughout the rest of 2009 and tonight was no exception, he made quick work of MVP. Shame about MVP, the Bragging Rights main event would've been good exposure for him, but I guess it's still not his time. He might need to change the "I'M COMING!" in his theme music to "I'LL BE THERE EVENTUALLY!"

Beth Phoenix is not pleased about being traded to Smackdown and threatens Nancy O'Dell & Maria Menounos to fix it or else. Santino Marella is backstage as well and mentions Menounos dreaming of one day competing in a WWE ring and somehow, makes a match where she'll square off with Beth Phoenix. How Santino has that authority, I'm not sure, but the match is on.

And in ANOTHER qualifying match, two guys I've wanted to see lock up again since their brief match in July, Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston! Still too short for these two, but definitely better than their last meeting. Michael Cole claims Bourne winning would be a "mild upset," but apparently WWE forgot that Bourne is 1-0 against Kofi and never got his damn US Title shot! Unsurprisingly, Bourne takes the loss here, I wanted to see both guys advance, but obviously Bourne's not a priority at the moment. Sucks, but at least Kofi will get a chance to shine.

Right now, Team Raw is looking bizarre: Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston. One more spot to fill this Thursday on Superstars when Mark Henry takes on Chris Masters. Gee, wonder who's winning that one?

Maria Menounos is warming up backstage with Triple H... which causes me to think about the time he was training Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon walked in. Chavo Guerrero is upset with HHH for not giving him a shot to join Team Raw at the PPV and Menounos kicks him in the crotch.

Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes vs. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim & Maria Menounos (seriously) up next and I have to admit, Menounos did pretty well out there. Sure, it was pretty basic stuff, but considering she managed to successfully execute more moves in this match than Alicia Fox has all month, I have to give her the thumbs up. She might just have a future in this! Rosa Mendes gets pinned by Kelly Kelly after the assist from Menounos, and she's off for ECW.

Please welcome the NEW United States Champion... The Miz! Miz is somehow rocking a tie and a hoodie at the same time, impressive. Anyway, Miz has huge news, at Bragging Rights, we'll be getting another Raw vs. Smackdown match as the United States Champion will face the Intercontinental Champion! That's right friends, The Miz vs. John Morrison! The tag team of the decade squaring off one-on-one for the first time since their split. I approve. Oh and Miz is... AWESOME!

Main event time, which is essentially what we saw an hour ago, John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. Thankfully, Orton's plan of not getting tagged in didn't go well with Cena tagging him in and both Rhodes and DiBiase trying to score a pinfall on the boss! Hey I can't blame them, they're bigger stars right now anyway. But just as it looks like everyone's on the same page and Orton unsurprisingly turns on Cena, DiBiase rolls up the WWE Champ and wins the match! Oh Ted, quit trying to make me like you. Orton's livid, but Legacy escapes and he runs right into John Cena and gets the Attitude Adjustment for his troubles! Always a good way to end Raw.

Next week's Raw is looking huge with guest host - SNOOP DOGG! The D-O-Double-G on Raw gets a huge thumbs up from me and he's got a big main event in store for what may be John Cena's final Raw - Cena vs. Triple H! All that does is tell me that Cena's almost guaranteed to be leaving Raw after the PPV and you know what? Good. I love John Cena, but Raw's main event scene has to change. Look at tonight's show, both the main events of the evening featuring a match between Cena, Rhodes, DiBiase, with involvement from Randy Orton. This has got to stop. Cena on Smackdown creates a ton of fresh match-ups: Cena vs. Punk, Mysterio, Undertaker, even Batista. And with Cena off Raw, that blows the doors wide open for someone to step up and fill that huge void (I'm looking at you MVP).

But aside from the stale main event scene, I actually liked tonight's Raw. Too many short matches, but the action was good and the guest hosts did a surprisingly great job. I wasn't at all interested in O'Dell or Menounos, but they oddly fit in well with the program and I wouldn't be opposed to having either of them back, they're natural TV personalities. Definitely looking forward to Snoop next week and Cena vs. Triple H pt. 4, but here's hoping to some massive shake-ups on Raw in the coming weeks.


  1. How long until someone complains that we've seen Triple H vs Cena thrice already? Its getting ridiculous in that respect - obviously rematches will happen when you've only got 4 or 5 top guys on a show. Nobody complained when Bret Hart took on Shawn Michaels hundreds of times, nobody cared that Steve Austin and The Rock faced off every other week, and everybody loved it when Triple H and Shawn Michaels feuded for 2 years off-and-on, so why is it different for Cena/Orton or Orton/Triple H?

    And hurry up and accept that Legacy are here to stay. Ted's not that bad, but I can understand the Rhodes and Orton hate. :)

  2. hahaha i'm glad i'm not the only one who instantly thought of the trish/triple h training segment

  3. Orton and Triple H have been kept apart surprisingly well in singles competition, especially considering that they've both been on Raw for the majority of the last few years. They've only had two matches against each other with definitive endings, so I don't see what people are complaining about.

  4. People are complaining because smarks LOOOVE to complain to each other. It's not secret that that's the main reason they watch wrestling, i.e., to bitch and moan about it. It's quite funny actually when they think the WWE is about to change some plans because of something THEY think. Vince only cares about kids and their parents' expendable income right now.

    Btw, small typo talking about team raw: I wish Evan Bourne had made it, but he didn't. Kofi is on team Raw, not Evan.

  5. Thanks for the catch SMC, guess I had Evan Bourne on the brain.