Sunday, October 11, 2009

Match of the Month - September

Little late getting this one posted, but hopefully these matches were all so good, they stuck with you. First, the runner-ups (all comments are taken from their respective show reviews):

Christian vs. William Regal - Breaking Point
Was the match we should've got last month at SummerSlam. And I said it earlier on Twitter, but I have to say it again: Regalplex = Death. How Christian didn't break his neck after taking that one, I'll never know, but I breathed a big sigh of relief when I saw him get back to his feet. Master Regal looked great in this one, but with Kozlov & Zeke being banned from ringside, he just couldn't overcome Captain Charisma. This was the one match that I changed my mind on in my predictions earlier tonight and it actually worked out for me. Usually I get in trouble when I go against my gut, but I'm glad Christian didn't let me down in this tremendous ECW Title Match.

Finlay vs. Mike Knox - Smackdown 9/11
This Belfast Brawl was surprisingly fantastic, one of Smackdown's best non-main event-caliber matches all year. Knox's chair punt and the endless barrage of trash cans was brutally beautiful... it was brutiful! Finlay got his ass beat, but pulled out an impressive win after countering Knox's crossbody with a Shillelagh shot. Honestly, this match was the most entertaining Mike Knox has ever been and I might be officially sold on the guy if he keeps up performances like this.

Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn - ROH 9/7
Continued to prove that you're guaranteed at least one fantastic wrestling match every week on HDNet. Great innovative work, particularly when these guys were around the ropes, both guys hit their own version of a rope-assisted legdrop and both were very cool spots. Lynn continues to show that wrestlers don't have an expiration date and Black continues to come into his own as ROH's next big thing. Prazak & Hogewood did a good job on commentary in this one as well, really putting over the fact that Black is more than just a guy "with potential," he's a legit ROH main eventer. And much like I mentioned earlier with Hero, I think Danielson and McGuinness leaving will just make Black's ascension all the more rapid. Speaking of Nigel, he made an appearance during this one and wound up costing Tyler Black the match - Lynn wins! With this victory, I hope Jerry gets a one-on-one shot at the ROH World Title, I'd love to see him and Aries lock up.

D-Generation X vs. Legacy - Breaking Point
Went on early, but that wouldn't be the last time this match surprised me. One, it surprised me by being pretty enjoyable considering DiBiase and Rhodes were involved. Lots of nasty bumps and some very innovative submissions: HHH putting Cody's legs through a steel chair and locking in the Boston Crab while HBK locked in the Camel Clutch? Ouch! Also, what about Cody's Figure-4 around the ringpost while Ted applied the Million Dollar Dream?! Which brings me to the other big shocker in this match -- Legacy winning! LAME! Bad finish to a good match,
but I guess that means this feud is going to end inside Hell in a Cell.

Zack Ryder vs. Christian - ECW 9/22
ECW Championship on the line! Lots of hype going into this one, people have been really excited to see Ryder get his opportunity, and he certainly did not disappoint. Another fantastic ECW Title match, another fantastic ECW main event, another fantastic Christian match... this brand is so awesome it's frustrating. It's hard to find new ways to heap praise onto something is every week, what else is left to say about ECW that hasn't been said this year? Christian has hoisted this brand onto his back and carried it to an endless stream of entertainment, even when there's an off-week for the brand, he's right there to make it spectacular again. Captain Charisma also continued his role of star-maker, Zack Ryder once again looks like a million bucks. After these two matches, even though both were losses, his stock has soared, that's just how good Christian is.

All these matches were great, but there can only be one Match of the Month:

John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio - SmackDown 9/4
So I think it's pretty safe to say that John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio will wind up being the non-PPV Match of the Year. It's got some stiff competition from Mysterio/Jericho, but this match was freakin' amazing. There were tons of really innovative spots in this one like Morrison's kangaroo kick, Mysterio going for a reverse hurricanrana, and the hurricanrana through the bottom and middle rope to the outside of the ring. The crowd was really into it, even starting a "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant, which is pretty rare for WWE, JR and Grisham did a fantastic job on commentary, and of course, Morrison and Mysterio delivered big time. I love that Morrison wound up with the IC Title, definitely beats the predictable scenario of Dolph Ziggler getting his shot bumped up. Morrison/Ziggler should be great at Breaking Point as well, I think they've only locked up once before and it was essentially a throwaway match on Superstars, so I can't wait to see what they'll do on the big stage. It's a damn shame about Rey Mysterio getting suspended, but he'll be back soon enough and after the banner year he's had in 2009, I'm sure he'll get right back in the swing of things. While CM Punk is certainly the king of WWE right now, I'd say Mysterio is the best in-ring worker of the year.

So did I get it right? You tell me in the latest Kick-Out!! Poll, what's your pick for Match of the Month? Poll closes Sunday morning, so get your votes in early! And if your choice isn't on the list, let me know what it is in the comments section.

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