Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ECW Thoughts - October 27, 2009

I was really excited for tonight's ECW, but starting off with The Abraham Washington Show is always a good way to get me to change my mind. Tonight's guest is ECW General Manager, Tiffany, who has some terrible new theme music. Abe has some issues with her management style, rightfully asking why ECW wasn't represented at Bragging Rights, Tiffany responds with the lame excuse of "well a lot of guys on both teams got their start on ECW," and then goes onto promise a bigger impact next year. Well I would hope so, because ECW literally can't have a lesser impact than they did at this year's Bragging Rights. Sheamus jumping ship to Raw is also brought up, but Tiffany lets us know that he'll have one final match on ECW, against his rival Shelton Benjamin! William Regal interrupts, demanding an ECW Title match and is once again shot down, sending him into an Incredible Hulk-like rage. Would've been a perfect opportunity to get rid of Abraham Washington, just one really good Knee Trembler would've made this the segment of the year!

Matt Striker is not with Josh Matthews this evening - I assume he'll be sitting in for JR on Smackdown for the foreseeable future - and we now have FCW's Byron Saxton as the newest member of the ECW broadcast team. I actually enjoyed Saxton's work tonight, his style might be a little too similar to Josh Matthews, but I think he'll fit in well on ECW.

Sheamus vs. Shelton Benjamin is the first of only two matches tonight, but quality certainly makes up for a lack of quantity. If you missed it, you need to see this match and I'll give you one reason why: Shelton's sit-out springboard moonsault to the outside! Wow. That, along with Shelton hitting a nasty German Suplex made me think he'd pull out the win and send Sheamus packing, but the Celtic Warrior picked up the win with the bicycle kick. Don't tell me he's not going to be using the cool Rock Bottom/Backbreaker combo anymore, that move ruled! Tough break for Shelton though, he needed this win and I'm a bit confused why he didn't get it here, when you leave a show, you should always lose! I guess they didn't want to kill any of Sheamus' momentum heading into Raw, but hopefully Shelton can climb the ladder soon enough. I'd love to see Shelton/Christian in the near future.

ECW Championship on the line next in our main event, Christian vs. Yoshi Tatsu, and this one was just as good as I had hoped for. Christian, aka "The Starmaker," does it again here and solidifies Yoshi Tatsu as a serious contender on ECW. You don't have to win to be put over, and Christian has shown that repeatedly this year with guys like Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, and now Yoshi Tatsu. Christian picks up the win and retains his title, but Tatsu is a champion in his own right tonight. William Regal & The Ruthless Round Table strike after the match, destroying both champion and challenger. Regal's bound and determined to get another shot at the ECW Title, will Christian be able to refuse after this kind of provocation?


  1. I enjoyed the show tonite. I like it when ECW doesn't try to jam 4 or 5 matches into the show, which meant plenty of time for the the two very good matches on the show. I liked Shelton/Sheamus, even though I didn't understand the decision to put over Sheamus. I don't think it would 'be hurt him going to Raw, and it would it woulve been a better end to the feud. Christian/Yoshi was excellent, with Christian doing a great job of putting over Yoshi as a real contender to his title.

  2. I look forward to watching ECW tonight . . .

    hey, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff going to TNA! I am lost for thoughts on it right now! lol!

  3. I have to wonder if all of this is going to lead to ECW having its own Triple Threat match for the ECW Title at SS.

    Maybe Tiffany makes Kozlov/Zeke/Christian to get back at Regal as a sort of way to try and break up the Round Table or something?