Thursday, September 3, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - September 3, 2009

Evan Bourne vs. Chris Masters start off our night on WGN America and I enjoyed this one. The Masterpiece was a little too dominant throughout, but it made sense considering the ending. Very pleased that Bourne pulled off a clean victory, and I'm pretty sure that's the first time Masters has been pinned since returning to WWE. Unfortunately, it still seems like WWE doesn't know what they want to do with Evan Bourne; one week he's winning matches against big stars, the next week he gets squashed, the next week he's off TV, then the next week he's winning, rinse, repeat. And he's still owed a US Title match against Kofi Kingston! C'mon WWE, you have the next Rey Mysterio right here, just use that incredible hype machine to sell it to the audience.

Tyler Reks vs. William Regal up next and Regal pretty much took Reks' head off. Almost three months in now and I still haven't seen anything that distinguishes Reks from the other newcomers, so until he ups his game, I think this is the best role for him. Regal looked awesome as ever, and the rest of the Ruthless Round Table picked the scraps after the match. I'm beginning to think Christian's ECW Title reign is in jeopardy.

Cryme Tyme & Eve vs. The Hart Dynasty was a solid main event, but they're never going to top that match where Natalya practically decapitated Eve with her discus clothesline. Still an enjoyable match tonight and a big win for The Harts, who really needed it. Cryme Tyme's still riding a nice wave of momentum after the feud with JeriShow, so it's not like they needed to come out on top anyway. Speaking of the Tag Titles, when will The Hart Dynasty get in the mix?

Even though the opener and the main event were a fairly decent length, that was a lightning quick episode of Superstars. I really enjoyed this episode though because it showcased a lot of guys that don't usually get much time devoted to them. Not the most exciting hour of television ever, but rock solid wrestling show.

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  1. If the WWE stuffs up and doesn't do anything with Evan Bourne I will be so pissed. Not to mention if he goes to TNA I will be forced to start watching again and I haven't watched TNA in a long time.
    Yes that is how much I love Evan Bourne.