Friday, September 25, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - September 24, 2009

Chris Masters vs. Primo to start things off this evening. Wow, Primo's new music is horrible and were my eyes deceiving me or did I see pyro for Primo? Oddly enough, Primo for Pyro is actually Perry Ferrell's next side project, but I digress. Superstars is apparently the place to use Chris Masters these days since they don't have Sunday Night Heat anymore, do they have any plans for him at all? A big win for Primo, no doubt about that, but this is just another sign of the huge gap between Raw's upper and lower card wrestlers.

I really liked Goldust vs. William Regal, even if it did have a DQ finish. Something very old school about this one, probably because both these guys have been wrestling for a long time and could probably work a match against each other in their sleep. I also really liked Christian, Tommy Dreamer & Yoshi Tatsu saving Goldust from Regal and the Ruthless Round Table, hopefully they'll do an eight-man tag on ECW with Burchill or Ryder joining Regal's crew.

Melina & Maria vs. Michelle McCool & Layla was the exact same match you've seen every other week on Smackdown for the last three months. Seriously, this division needs a massive overhaul.

Matt Hardy vs. Kane was a solid main event, ruined by another DQ finish. I'm sure Hardy's still taking it easy after his surgery and Kane is Kane, but both things considered, these two actually had a pretty good match going. Solid back and forth action, crowd was really into it, Grisham & JR were doing a great job on commentary, this would've been a great TV match without the ending. It's always so formulaic with Kane; JR was putting over the fact that he hasn't been pinned since he's returned, which is true, but I feel like more than half his matches end with him getting DQed. If they're going for attempt #34113 to make Kane a monster again, just do it, have him destroy people, enough with the lame finishes.

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  1. I enjoyed Primo vs Masters. The match went kind of smoothly, and I was glad to see Primo come out on top.

    Goldust vs. Regal was great. It's something I would have liked to see a finish to. Perhaps these two will face off again in the future. Was it just me, or was Goldust once again getting a pretty solid reaction from the fans?

    From the moment I knew it was a SmackDown Divas tag match, I knew I didn't want any part of it. Boring match.

    After watching some old matches of Kane teaming up with RVD last night, I was almost certain I wasn't going to enjoy the Superstars main event. Somehow, though, Kane did a pretty good job. Kane needs to be given a good opponent. Someone like Matt Hardy can really bring out the best (which isn't much) of Kane. Someone like Khali, on the other hand, can only contribute to one-half of the world's lamest match.