Friday, September 18, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - September 17, 2009

With the Fall season back in full-swing, Thursday nights are insanely busy for TV, I wonder if the 11pm replay of Superstars will see a spike in ratings?

Santino Marella vs. Chris Masters starts us off, I was reading a lot of negativity about this match on Twitter, but I didn't think it was that bad. One of Santino's better in-ring performances in recent memory and Masters has been nothing but solid since his return, so I thought they had a good little match. Though I do have to wonder, what's the plan for these two? Santino went from being one of the hottest comedy acts of the decade, but since the Santina angle was ended (thank you, by the way), he hasn't really done much of anything. Chris Masters had a surprising return, but since then they can't seem to decide what to do with him. One week he's main eventing Raw with Randy Orton, the next he's beating Santino on Superstars. I don't get it.

Superstars really picked up steam next with Christian vs. Paul Burchill, which was just a fantastic match all around. Zack Ryder was also on commentary, he was a bit annoying at first, but after the commercial break, he seemed to find what worked and was throwing out one-liners all over the place. My personal favorite:

Matt Striker: Zack, did you get a chance to talk to Paul Burchill before this match?
Zack Ryder: No, but I talked to his sister!

Hilarious. As for the actual match, like I said, it was awesome. Somehow even better than the bout they had on ECW back in May. Make sure you check this one out, Burchill continues to impress and Christian is Christian, possibly the best wrestler in WWE today. If Captain Charisma isn't WWE or World Heavyweight Champion by the end of 2010, it'll be a damn shame. Not surprised to see Christian pick up the win, but I'd really like to see Burchill get another shot at him in the future, with perhaps the title on the line?

Main event time, the number one contender for the Intercontinental Title, Dolph Ziggler, taking on the tough as nails, Finlay. I really liked this match, I thought we got to see a side of Finlay that hasn't been showcased much lately, and that's just how badass he is. At 51-years-old, Finlay is possibly the toughest competitor in WWE today and he has an uncanny ability to make everything look real... probably because it is. Mr. Ziggles was right on par with his recent performances, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he's testing main event waters early next year. A World title is probably far off, but I could definitely see him getting a PPV shot on a secondary PPV. Dolphy Z picks up the win with his finisher, which I guess is officially named the Zig-Zag, and continues to ride a wave of momentum into Hell in a Cell, where he'll face John Morrison.


  1. I thought Santino/Masters was a fun little match, the one upsmanship at the start was amusing. For a second I thought Santino was going to escape the Masterlock at the end but he ended up looking like he passed out. Is that even possible from a full nelson?

    Burchill/Christian as you say was fantastic. I was lamenting Burchill's early elimination on ECW in the Battle Royal but hopefully this showed he is capable of a feud for the title somewhere down the road. I was a little distracted at times thanks to Zack Ryder who I think did a stellar job. My favourite moments being him noticing the sponsors logo during a replay (Ninja Turtles? I loved that show.) and:

    Ryder: Is there any clubs in this area?
    Striker: I'm not sure, i'm a big club guy.
    R: You're from New York, right?
    S: Yeah.
    R: You don't go to the clubs?
    S: No, i'm a grown up.
    R: ....i'm a grown up.

    Randy Orton's promo was interesting if only because usually he's only making other peoples skin crawl but here he managed to elevate his own horridness to do it to himself. It creeped me out.

    I couldn't get in to Finlay/Ziggler which is a shame because I like both these guys. Strange too because I didn't care for the large amount of holds but I recall Finlay/Kidd being the same on ECW a few months ago and I enjoyed that.

  2. I don't know if it's possible to pass out from a full nelson, but it's not just any full nelson... it's the MASTERLOCK!