Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - September 4, 2009

Every week, I end Kick-Out!! Radio with a segment called "The Finisher." In this week's Finisher, I mentioned that CM Punk is WWE's #1 guy right now, but after Smackdown's opening segment, I think it's fair to say that CM Punk is Earth's #1 guy right now. Punk took a fairly clich├ęd wrestling promo - the mocking impersonation - and did it better than anyone since DX impersonated the Nation of Domination. I'd even be willing to say that Punk impersonating Jeff Hardy was better because he took something that could've easily just been a goofy comedy segment and turned it into a magnificent, serious promo. Punk's amazing delivery, combined with the heat he generated and WWE's expertly timed cuts to an ANGRY crowd will likely make this one the best wrestling promo of 2009. Just as Punk is about to remind us of his submission finisher, the Anaconda Vice (which he'll hopefully bring back at Breaking Point), Matt Hardy interrupts and attacks, looking to avenge his brother, which sets up our main event.

Great Khali & Finlay vs. Kane & Professor Mike Knox wasn't that good, but did anyone else notice how banged up Finlay was after this one? Dude had a busted shoulder and was bleeding from the arm, mouth and head. Rough night for Finlay, but I have a feeling it will be even worse for us in one week when we're forced to suffer through Kane vs. Khali 2.

Sweet pink suit, Vince! Hopefully he'll bring back that atrocious canary yellow suit from his announcing days.

So I think it's pretty safe to say that John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio will wind up being the non-PPV Match of the Year. It's got some stiff competition from Mysterio/Jericho, but this match was freakin' amazing. There were tons of really innovative spots in this one like Morrison's kangaroo kick, Mysterio going for a reverse hurricanrana, and the hurricanrana through the bottom and middle rope to the outside of the ring. The crowd was really into it, even starting a "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant, which is pretty rare for WWE, JR and Grisham did a fantastic job on commentary, and of course, Morrison and Mysterio delivered big time. I love that Morrison wound up with the IC Title, definitely beats the predictable scenario of Dolph Ziggler getting his shot bumped up. Morrison/Ziggler should be great at Breaking Point as well, I think they've only locked up once before and it was essentially a throwaway match on Superstars, so I can't wait to see what they'll do on the big stage. It's a damn shame about Rey Mysterio getting suspended, but he'll be back soon enough and after the banner year he's had in 2009, I'm sure he'll get right back in the swing of things. While CM Punk is certainly the king of WWE right now, I'd say Mysterio is the best in-ring worker of the year.

Drew McIntyre is a jerk. Why's he beating up poor R-Truth?

Maria & Eve vs. Layla & Natalya was okay, always nice to see Natalya get some ring time, but Smackdown's Women's Division is still really lacking. More Natalya is a start, but the rest of the Divas don't really have anything on Raw's top stars like Mickie, Maryse or The Glamazon.

CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy was a great main event and I'm glad they went with the no-contest finish, because I think there's a lot of potential in a PPV match (or two) between these guys in the future. Not exactly sure why it was a no-contest since Punk was the one to use the chair, but it was all just a way to set up the return of The Undertaker, so I'm not going to complain. Honestly, when your main event is the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, going up against Matt Hardy and The Phenom gets involved? Yeah, there's really nothing negative I can say about that. It's great to have The Undertaker back and it's even better that his first feud is CM Punk.

Another great episode of Smackdown, a little thin on the undercard, but CM Punk and the main event scene are so good right now, it more than makes up for it. One gripe I do have, I know he's feuding with guys on Raw, but there's no excuse for not putting Chris Jericho on television! But with 20+ minute matches like Mysterio vs. Morrison and CM Punk tearing it up in the ring and on the mic, I'm more than pleased with this week's edition of Friday Night Smackdown.


  1. Matt said that Punk was DQed and he won, the bell just didn't ring because Punk stole whatever they use to ring it...
    Well that's what he said on his twitter.

    I almost died watching the Morrison VS Mysterio match. It was sooooo good. I knew the outcome from the moment it was announced of course, but that didn't stop me from absolutely LOVING the match. It was brilliant. I'm also really glad they chose Morrison as well, I love the guy and he and Ziggler should be able to work well together, plus Morrison can have a warm up to the WHC sometime.

    Oh and poor Finlay! It took me a little while to figure out exactly where he was bleeding from, ouch. He took a real beating.
    I'm a big Finlay fan so, there was some concern there. I'm SO glad Finlay had more ring time than Khali. Or at least, it seemed like that, but maybe because I paid attention to Finlay not Khali... Eh.

    I loved Vince's suit lol.

    Also, It's so so good to see Matt back in action. I'm glad he's getting back to 100%, especially with Jeff gone. We need at least one Hardy on Smackdown! lol. Well, I do anyway.

    Sorry for such a jumbled reply lol, doing a few things at once.

  2. Lol Punk didn't *steal* bell ringing apparatus! He threw it to the ground when he was getting the chair. Maybe it was kept on the chair?
    Btw, did you catch that guy *sleeping* when Punk went to grab the chair? How could a guy actually sleep during an amazing show?...

  3. Going off, it was a no-contest, but really, it's a minor detail that doesn't really change the match.

  4. Punk's amazing delivery, combined with the heat he generated and WWE's expertly timed cuts to an ANGRY crowd will likely make this one the best wrestling promo of 2009.

    Yellow Shirt Big-Haired Dude and his death stare was awesome. Armband Kid baring his teeth in rage might have topped it, though.