Saturday, September 19, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - September 18, 2009

For the second time this week, a WWE show begins with "The Animal," BATISTA! Davetista is back on Smackdown, but before he can say much, Chris Jericho interrupts! Jericho makes it clear that Smackdown is his show, not Batista's (I think CM Punk might have something to say about all this) and it sets up our main event for the evening. Chris Jericho may be the face of Smackdown, but Batista puts him on his back with a Spinebuster to finish the segment.

Backstage, Jericho is furious with Big Show for not helping him out... I hope they're not even thinking about breaking these guys up, their awesomeness has only just begun!

John Morrison vs. Mike Knox is our opening contest, but WTF was up with Knox referencing restless leg syndrome? I get the whole Professor Knox gimmick when he's talking about pressure points or how to inflict maximum damage to a body part, but I'm not sure if restless leg is just something that can happen after a match with Mike Knox... unless he's suggesting that he can cause neurological disorders, which might be the coolest gimmick ever. Anyhoo, I liked this match, Morrison was great as always and Knox continues to improve, which if you would've told me that last year, I would've laughed. Two spots in this match really stuck out to me, Knox's bicycle kick to the back of Morrison's head (ouch) and Morrison's sickening DDT where Knox landed entirely on the top of his head. Maybe he'll have restless leg syndrome after that one.

Referee Scott Armstrong wants you to know that he's been in this business 30 years and he'll do what he has to do to provide for his family, even if that means screwing The Undertaker out of the World Title!

And next, Teddy Long wants you to know that he's been in this business a long time and he'll do what he has to do to provide for his family, even if that means screwing The Undertaker out of the World Title! Wait... what? Teddy, you're kinda the boss of Smackdown, the only person you answer to is Vince McMahon, who didn't seem too thrilled with Undertaker getting double-crossed at Breaking Point, so how does it help you keep your job? This doesn't make any sense...

...So let's make it even weirder! T-Lo leaves ringside and is escorted by security to his limo... where the doors lock themselves (oh c'mon Teddy, why does that scare you? My Buick does that!), the lights go out, smoke pours in and guess who's driving? That's right, The Undertaker, playa! "Buckle up, Teddy" is very reminiscent of "Where to, Stephanie?!" and still hilariously awesome all these years later. Seriously, it takes a very special talent to make something this cheesy so fun to watch, I've seen better special effects in commercials for local haunted houses.

Another great promo from CM Punk, but not really anything new here. We're all pill-popping losers, Punk's better than us, etc. With Undertaker out of the building, there wasn't really a whole lot to talk about. I would've liked to know more about Punk's role in the outcome of the PPV main event, but he's acting like he forced Undertaker to tap out, which is even funnier.

Finally we get another match! Melina taking on... oh is that Michelle Mc-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

YAAAAAAAAAAWN... sorry, must've passed out for some reason. Oh look, The Hart Dynasty & Cryme Tyme are wrestling again. We REALLY need more tag teams. Good match though, all four of these guys have been great as of late and that certainly didn't change here. Hart Dynasty pick up a huge win in their home country after Tyson Kidd hits a new finisher, which I can only describe as The Snapmare from Hell.

Really? Kane vs. Khali again!? REALLY?! Oh... that didn't take long, Kane destroyed Khali's leg with the steel steps, so I guess that confirms the injury rumors that I was hearing earlier this week. Can Ranjin Singh stay on TV though? Please? I've got a great gimmick for him: he starts hanging out with Charlie Haas, who plays a boring, milquetoast kind of guy and translates anything he says into something entertaining.

Speaking of ol' Chuck Haas, he's up next in a match against R-Truth that never happens because of that dastardly Drew McIntyre... who may actually be the long lost son of Groundskeeper Willie. McIntyre congratulates Haas on his forfeit win by hitting him with that brutal double-arm DDT. JR mentions that McIntyre is extremely talented, but I'm still waiting to see it, considering he's never been in actual match yet!

Batista vs. Chris Jericho was a good main event, a little on the short side, but just having Jericho in a match automatically makes it better. I think Batista's going to fit in just fine on Smackdown, and I'm glad they didn't immediately throw him into the World Title situation. It appears that he's going to start feuding with JeriShow, since Big Show made it sound like they'll be wrestling next week. I assume when Rey Mysterio returns from suspension, he'll team up with Batista and gun for the Unified Tag Titles?

Overall, a pretty disappointing Smackdown. It's not that it was actually bad or anything, but I didn't feel like anything really happened. Even with a huge main event, the GM being abducted by The Undertaker and a great match between Morrison and Knox, the show just felt uneventful. It's happened a few times since Smackdown became best wrestling show on television, so I'm sure they'll get right back on track next week.


  1. I did warn you.
    I don't really have much else to say right now, I'm so sick I can barely think straight and I'm surpised I haven't already made a bunch of typos.
    More later, lol.

  2. Oh there you go, surpised instead of surprised. Sorry. When I can think straight I will comment sanely.

  3. I'm sick too - have been since last sunday :(

    Anyway, my sickness was not the reason I fell asleep on the couch whilst watching smackdown last night.

    Ya, smackdown ... hmmm. I enjoyed watching Morrison.

    The screwjob 2.0 thing is just boring me to death in all honesty.

    I fell asleep at that Bint McCool was walking to the ring, and woke up just in time to see the Dynasty holding their hands up.

    The undertaker limo scene was just aweful. I thought WWE was big budget stuff? Looks like the Special FX of a high school project!

    Didn't watch main event as I was disturbed by the flooding of the house (at midnight) by the destroyed sink in the master bathroom.

    Oh, the joys of living in the Philippines :)


  4. I think the simple answer for the limo silliness is that it never looks right when WWE attempts something that looks like something you would see in a movie. I'm not even really talking about content, it's the directing, editing and shooting of the scene, it just always looks cheesy and hokey.

  5. yeh. Even Filipino TV is more convincing (and if you saw the low quality garbage on tv here, you'd understand that comment!)! lol

  6. It was awesome live. Much more to see.