Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ring of Honor Thoughts - September 7, 2009

Our opening contest sees the return of The Briscoes to tag team action as they take on the team of Rhett Titus & Kenny King. I'm a big fan of Jay & Mark Briscoe and it's great to see them get to compete together on HDNet, which I honestly can't recall if they have before this match due to Mark's knee injury. A surprisingly competitive match, one might even say Titus & King had control throughout the majority of the contest, isolating Mark for a good portion of it. Briscoes mount a big comeback, showcase their tremendous double team abilities and finish off Kenny King with the Doomsday Device... what a rush!

The American Wolves make their way to the ring after the match for some trash talk, but are attacked from behind by Kevin Steen & El Generico. Steen & Generico and the Brisco Bros. lay out the champs and argue over the tag team title belts. Triple Threat match, anyone?

Eddie Kingston does absolutely nothing for me, so I'm having a hard time caring about his feud with Chris Hero. With Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness heading to WWE, I can't help but think this means a promotion for Hero, and he shouldn't have to deal with uninteresting angles like this. Shane Hagadorn comes out to Hero's music and apparently agrees with me, letting Kingston know he's not in Hero's league and sends out Sal Rinauro instead. One spinning backfist later, this one's over.

Nigel McGuinness vs. Aaron Scott was nothing more than a squash, but it was interesting to watch Nigel work. This was the wrestling equivalent of handing an artist a canvas and some paint; watching Nigel flow seamlessly between all kinds of unique and incredibly painful submission holds was a thing of beauty. Can't wait to see how his style translates to a WWE ring.

Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn continued to prove that you're guaranteed at least one fantastic wrestling match every week on HDNet. Great innovative work, particularly when these guys were around the ropes, both guys hit their own version of a rope-assisted legdrop and both were very cool spots. Lynn continues to show that wrestlers don't have an expiration date and Black continues to come into his own as ROH's next big thing. Prazak & Hogewood did a good job on commentary in this one as well, really putting over the fact that Black is more than just a guy "with potential," he's a legit ROH main eventer. And much like I mentioned earlier with Hero, I think Danielson and McGuinness leaving will just make Black's ascension all the more rapid. Speaking of Nigel, he made an appearance during this one and wound up costing Tyler Black the match - Lynn wins! With this victory, I hope Jerry gets a one-on-one shot at the ROH World Title, I'd love to see him and Aries lock up.

Overall, the great main event carried this episode, but a rock solid opener and Nigel McGuinness being awesome kept it from being a one-match show.


  1. Thank god I'm not alone in not seeing anything in Eddie Kingston. He's been routinely placed in squash matches on HDNet & continually calls out Hero each week. ROH needs to make the match and be done with this angle asap because well

  2. Watch CHIKARA and you will get Kingston. His showings on ROH have been lacklustre since I started watching ROH.