Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ECW Thoughts - September 29, 2009

William Regal opens the show backstage, informing us that Tiffany has been in a car accident and based on his prior experience, he's been named the interim General Manager of ECW. According to her Twitter page, Tiffany suffered a broken humerus (ouch) and I assume that will put her off TV for a few weeks. Regal in charge is never going to upset me, but his proposed main event for tonight, a 4-on-1 handicap match is a bad idea!

Speaking of bad ideas, The Abraham Washington Show officially kicks off the show, but I am surprised to hear tonight's guest is John Morrison! In all honesty, this wasn't that bad, Morrison kept it pretty entertaining and Tony Atlas saying "I'M AWESOME!" ala The Miz was hysterical. Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt, but they're out of time and he doesn't get a chance to speak. I wonder if they didn't have time to sufficiently hype these two on Friday due to the Decade of Smackdown Celebration, so they did this on ECW instead? Either way, not a bad segment considering Abraham Washington was involved, and here's a totally random thought: John Morrison's new shirt is really cool.

Opening contest is scheduled to be Paul Burchill vs. Shelton Benjamin, but the Gold Standard is attacked in the aisle by Sheamus before the match even begins! Shelton, perhaps finally solidifying that face turn, toughs through the beatdown and wants the match to start anyway. I loved this match, Burchill looked dominant, working over Shelton's injured shoulder the entire match, but as he grew increasingly frustrated, Benjamin took advantage and nailed Paydirt out of nowhere for the win - great storytelling. I just hope to see Benjamin, Burchill and Sheamus move up the ECW ladder in the near future.

The Board of Directors is not pleased with William Regal's idea for Christian to square off against four guys tonight by himself, so the main event is now an eight-man tag! I love me an eight-man tag and now I get two this week! Lucky me!

Christian getting his team psyched up was very amusing.

The second match of the evening is your Main Event! William Regal, Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson & Zack Ryder vs. Christian, Tommy Dreamer, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust! I loved this match as well, my only gripe with this match being the lousy crowd. C'mon Boston, you're at the Decade of Smackdown taping, make some damn noise! Aside from that though, absolutely no complaints, the match got a lot of time, everyone got to show off a bit and we even got a shocking finish with Yoshi Tatsu pinning William Regal! After defeating Zack Ryder two weeks ago and now William Regal, I think that makes Yoshi the front-runner for the next ECW Title match. I think a one-off battle between Christian and the "Puroresu Prince" (thanks Matt Striker) could be a lot of fun and I hope they move forward with it. Speaking of the ECW Title, why no match for it at Hell in a Cell? I understand the card is pretty stacked, but I can't remember the last time ECW didn't have a presence on a PPV. Oh well, I'd rather they get a month off than another rushed for time "match" like we got at SummerSlam.

Despite only having two matches and an appearance from Abraham Washington, that didn't keep this week's show from being a lot of fun. Both matches were top notch and considering they both contained essentially the entire ECW roster, they definitely made the most of it. Let me know what you think!


  1. A broken humerus really hurts. I cracked mine playing table tennis. Nice anecdote for the grandkids :)

  2. Do you think they'd find it... humorous?

  3. You would think so. Nice pun, by the way.

  4. Would Hugh Morris find it humorous?

    JoMo has to buy his own damn shirt from WWEShop? WWE is really in bad shape if they have to nickel and dime their own employees like that. I'm also beginning to think Ziggler is a mute or something.

    I liked that little segment where Regal has to change the match. I was hoping for some sight gags whilst he talked, maybe Ryder preening in the background whilst Zeke and Kozlov look on disgusted. Something cool too about Ryder's deadpan reaction at the end.

    *Insert Paul Burchill gushing here*

    Katie's legs!

    "Smash Up! Sound like Christopher Walken!"