Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ECW Thoughts - September 22, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to SyFy on Tuesday nights, The Abraham Washington Show returns to ECW. It's funny, Abe's been gone for a few weeks and I hadn't even noticed or cared, take note WWE. Sheamus is our guest this evening, looking like every Irish gang member you've ever seen in a movie. He actually looked pretty badass in street clothes and almost (I stress almost) like a normal human being. Shelton Benjamin eventually comes out to confront Sheamus about their problems over the last couple weeks, you know where this is going - BRAWL! It took way too long to get there and Abraham Washington was involved, but at least Shelton and Sheamus have something to do.

Paul Burchill vs. Yoshi Tatsu is our opening contest this evening, and pretty standard stuff from these two, which certainly isn't something I'm going to complain about. Both of these guys are still struggling to find their niche on ECW and I'm not sure WWE knows where they want to go with them, but as far as in-ring talent goes, these guys are good to go. But that's the beauty of ECW, once they find that one thing that lets them breakout, they could be a contender for the championship. Speaking of which, since Yoshi just pinned Zack Ryder last week, who is now the #1 contender, and now beat Burchill this week, maybe he should be in line for a shot?

Paul Burchill beats up Gregory Helms backstage for talking to Katie Lea, what a jerk. Maybe Katie Lea could realize her bro has it all wrong and winds up joining The Hurricane? She may not be as awesome as Mighty Molly, but the Incredible Katie and Hurricane could be fun. I'm just sayin.

Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Local Competitor(s) - you know how this one goes by now, just read any of my ECW reviews over the last four months and you'll get the idea.

Main event time, Zack Ryder vs. Christian for the ECW Championship! Lots of hype going into this one throughout the week, people have been really excited to see Ryder get his opportunity, and he certainly did not disappoint. Another fantastic ECW Title match, another fantastic ECW main event, another fantastic Christian match... this brand is so awesome it's frustrating. It's hard to find new ways to heap praise onto something is every week, what else is left to say about ECW that hasn't been said this year? Christian has hoisted this brand onto his back and carried it to an endless stream of entertainment, even when there's an off-week for the brand, he's right there to make it spectacular again. Captain Charisma also continued his role of star-maker, Zack Ryder once again looks like a million bucks. After these two matches, even though both were losses, his stock has soared, that's just how good Christian is.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that William Regal came out after the match and confronted Christian about becoming the #1 Contender once again. Christian decided to respond with his fist, which I was always told doesn't solve anything, but it got Regal to leave the ring so Christian could celebrate! Speaking of Christian hitting people, how nasty was that slap on Zack Ryder early on in their match? My face burned after that one. And what was up with all the cuts and scrapes on Christian? Was there a cactus patch backstage?


  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that even as stupid as it is, the Abe Washington Show is so much better with Tony Atlas. I know this is like saying the House of the Dead was a better movie because one guy from Das Boot was in it, but one thing Tony is great at is being incomprehensible and stupidly hilarious and the laughing thing is inspired. This is an "agree to disagree" moment, although, I think we ultimately were both pleased with this show. I loved it and it was great simple television.

    As noted on Twitter, Paul Burchill is the new Mr. Underrated. He and Yoshi turned a nonexistent crowd into a fiery crowd and his bit with Hurricane has been great. Good on you, Paul.

  2. Paul Burchill gushing is my racket. :@

    This week's Abe show was actually pretty good, shock horror. I think I might prefer Sheamus with his hat hair. Tony Atlas just laughing at Sheamus out of nowhere with his goofy laugh was hilarious, as was Sheamus' Sanford and Son comment.

    Something about Shelton was off though, not Sheamus' shocking racist comment towards him. not his lack of understanding to what an armrest is designed for. When he squared up to Sheamus at the end, it almost sounded like he was hyper ventalating and looked like he was quivering.

    I also liked what I assume was a fan shouting at Regal.


    Though nothing will ever top the king of the overheard from the crowd: