Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ECW Thoughts - September 15, 2009

ECW General Manager Tiffany starts things off, but it isn't long before she's interrupted by William Regal & his Ruthless Round Table, and the former #1 contender is in rare form. Complimenting Tiffany on her appearance, the great job she's doing as GM, he's laying it on thick before asking her why she banned Kozlov and Zeke from ringside at Breaking Point. He claims their absence caused him grief during his match (hilarious), but Tiffany isn't buying any of it and tells him he's out of chances. Kozlov and Zeke will be a part of a battle royal to determine the new #1 contender, but Master Regal has to go one-on-one with... The Hurricane!

William Regal vs. The Hurricane was an enjoyable little match, but I have to question the objectivity of our General Manager, who forced Regal to wrestle in his street clothes! And this is William Regal we're talking about, so it's not like the guy's wearing a wifebeater and jorts, it's an expensive three-piece suit, probably custom made! But that's just how good Regal is, he can knock you out while looking like a distinguished gentleman, and Hurricane found that out the hard way. Regal picks up the win and climbs the first rung up the ladder, back towards the ECW Championship. After the match, Hurricane just can't catch a break when Regal's fellow Englishman, Paul Burchill, attacks from behind. I doubt they'll go this direction, but adding Burchill to the Ruthless Round Table would be awesome.

Funny stuff backstage with Goldust teaching English to Yoshi Tatsu, loved Yoshi repeating Goldy's stutters. Zack Ryder comes in to run his mouth as well, he's in action next.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder was great, definitely Yoshi's best match since arriving in WWE. If you weren't sold on him before, make sure you watch this match, it is a defining moment for the young Superstar. Striker was gold on commentary in this one as well, "Japanese Armdrag, well in Japan it's just an armdrag," made me laugh out loud... I bet they also don't call it a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's either. And did Yoshi Tatsu bust out the Dragon Roll in this match?! The move, not the sushi... I don't think I've ever seen that move used in WWE before. Awesome match, glad to see Yosh pick up the win as well.

Battle Royals are a pain to write about, so many guys in the ring at once and usually a lot of lull periods, so let's talk about the highlights. I think the big side story comes from Sheamus and Shelton Benjamin, who continued their budding rivalry by eliminating each other from the match. I'm eagerly awaiting these two getting in the ring together, I just wish they'd get a high profile match on PPV, but I highly doubt that will ever happen. The other big news coming out of this was how insanely over Goldust was, the crowd was chanting for him throughout the match and booed like crazy when he was eliminated. I doubt it'll happen, but I think it would be a nice tribute to Goldust for him to get a brief run with the ECW Title, judging by his crowd reactions as of late, I don't think I'm alone. Of course, the main story is the winner of the Battle Royal, Zack Ryder! I was a bit shocked myself, especially considering he just lost to Yoshi Tatsu earlier in the night, but I like it. Ryder's been doing great things on ECW and he had a tremendous match with Christian awhile back, so he's definitely earned it. Now, if only he could earn his own Wikipedia page. A friend of the site brought this to my attention and I remember it being an issue a couple months back, but really, Ryder still has to share with Curt Hawkins, who hasn't been seen in almost six months? Wiki nerds, get on the ball.

Great episode of ECW, especially since they got back to the tried and true formula of three matches. Granted, one of those was a Battle Royal, but I think three matches every week works best. One strange thing though, where the hell was Christian? Why not have him on commentary during the main event? Hopefully we'll get to see him on Superstars or something, you can't tour Canada and not use Captain Charisma!


  1. It should be noted that Striker was especially wonderful. His alliterations and continued emphasis to get shit past the radar is amazing. Let us note this:

    - the comic book stuff again
    - marking out for Yoshi's moveset
    - Zack Ryder being compared to SUPER CALO
    - in the battle royal, the contemporary poet MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN was mentioned and a line was said, meaning Tool was most likely directly referenced on TV-PG WWE television
    - Striker still sings "Oh Radio" annoyingly, and it gets more wonderful
    - he also added logic to the battle royal by noting why veterans are on the ropes.

    In short, Matt Striker is damn GREAT.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot the line that made me stupidly giggle for 10 seconds: