Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ECW Thoughts - September 1, 2009

WWE was hyping up this episode of ECW with an encore presentation of Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker from WrestleMania. I assume that meant they were going to show the full match in its entirety, but it was actually just the montage they put together for the WrestleMania 25 World Television Premiere special they did for NBC. It's an expertly produced video, but I was hoping for the full match. Oh well, at least that gives more time to ECW.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Zack Ryder was a good opener and another solid bout between these two. Still not entirely sure whether I'm supposed to cheer or boo Shelton, and apparently the crowd was just as confused, which dragged this match down a bit. I felt like his match with Ryder a couple weeks ago was going to be his defining moment as a face, but since then, he's been somewhere in the middle and I don't know what to make of him. Ryder's definitely a guy who I know I'm supposed to boo all the time, especially now that he's wearing lingerie to the ring, as Matt Striker pointed out.

There we go, after weeks of being not that bad The Abraham Washington Show has returned to its normal level of suck. Painful to watch, but I do have to admit, Tony Atlas made me laugh a number of times because he's just so damn goofy. Forget about Abe, give me the Tony Atlas Show! Gregory Helms & Paul Burchill continued their feud here, but they were an afterthought to Washington's constant attention-seeking, which I understand is part of his character, but who benefits from that? With the new fall season approaching, hopefully The Abraham Washington Show is not renewed.

Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov destroy a couple Local Competitors in a pretty boring "match." Usually I like seeing Kozlov and Zeke dominate the no-name guys, but things just weren't clicking in this one, way too many tags and not enough ass kicking. William Regal came in after the match and applied the Regal Stretch on one of the LCs for good measure, but was interrupted by Christian & Tommy Dreamer, who came bearing gifts -- Singapore Canes! The ECW Champ and the Innovator of Violence team up next week to take on Kozlov & Big Zeke, should be a fun main event.

Goldust vs. Sheamus in a No Count-Outs, No DQ match get the main event slot this week and they certainly delivered. Not as good as some of their matches, but not as bad as some others, this one lands somewhere in the middle. I've been very impressed with Sheamus and this feud was really re-energized Goldust, so if this is the final encounter between these two, I think it was the perfect way to end it. Good back and forth action, but Sheamus wisely worked Goldust's back throughout the match and finished him off with the Irish Curse. Hopefully Sheamus moves up the ranks in ECW, while Goldust continues to work with young, new Superstars, getting them acclimated to WWE television.

Two good matches book-ended this week's episode of ECW, but everything in the middle (minus the Taker/HBK montage) was either forgettable or downright bad. I'll take the glass half full approach and say the good outweighed the bad this week, but I'm going to lose patience with the brand if I'm subjected to Abraham Washington for much longer.

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