Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breaking Point 2009 Review

Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. MVP & Mark Henry for the Unified Tag Team Championship is your opening contest this evening. MVP's sporting a slightly updated look, having removed the sleeves from his ring attire, I like it, it's different. Match was a great opener, although we are in Canada, where Jericho is treated like hockey, Stu Hart and Labatt Blue all rolled into one. The Montreal crowd was hot for MVP and Henry, they just liked Jericho & Big Show more, but really, can ya blame them? JeriShow's awesome. The champs retain the titles here by hitting their devastating finisher: Jericho gets his ass kicked, the ref checks on him, then Big Show stands on the apron and punches the legal man in the face. Doomsday Device, eat your heart out!
Predictions: 1-1

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz with the United States Championship on the line up next. This match was a last minute addition to the PPV, having been added just yesterday afternoon, but what it lacked in hype, it made up for in ring action. These guys put on a really fun back-and-forth match and I think this may have been the moment where Miz came into his own as a singles competitor. Thankfully, it appears WWE was thinking along the same line as me and did not have Miz pick up the victory. There's plenty of time to get people into this feud, no sense in rushing a title switch; Kofi retains with Trouble In Paradise.
Predictions: 2-2

C'mon Montreal, it's been twelve years, it's time to let "YOU SCREWED BRET!" go. Even the Montagues and the Capulets think you've been holding this grudge for too long.

Surprised to see D-Generation X vs. Legacy go on so early, but that wouldn't be the last time this match surprised me tonight. One, it surprised me by being pretty enjoyable considering DiBiase and Rhodes were involved. Lots of nasty bumps and some very innovative submissions: HHH putting Cody's legs through a steel chair and locking in the Boston Crab while HBK locked in the Camel Clutch? Ouch! Also, what about Cody's Figure-4 around the ringpost while Ted applied the Million Dollar Dream?! Which brings me to the other big shocker in this match -- Legacy winning! LAME! Bad finish to a good match,
but I guess that means this feud is going to end inside Hell in a Cell.
Predictions: 2-3

Does anyone really care if I devote any time to Kane vs. The Great Khali? Here's how bad it was: Cena and Orton put on a better Singapore Cane Match an hour later and the Singapore Canes were involved in the match for about thirty seconds. And you know, I like Khali, I don't particularly want to watch him wrestle, but his Punjabi Playboy gimmick was fun and harmless, but I genuinely worry for the guy's safety. It's like watching Bambi learn to walk every time the guy is in the ring, I'm terrified his shin is just going to snap through his leg and strike someone in the front row! As for Kane, well the canes are more interesting at this point and they have a less convoluted backstory. I don't get the point of this feud or this match and hopefully it's over once and for all.
Predictions: 3-4

Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW Championship was the match we should've got last month at SummerSlam. And I said it earlier on Twitter, but I have to say it again: Regalplex = Death. How Christian didn't break his neck after taking that one, I'll never know, but I breathed a big sigh of relief when I saw him get back to his feet. Master Regal looked great in this one, but with Kozlov & Zeke being banned from ringside, he just couldn't overcome Captain Charisma. This was the one match that I changed my mind on in my predictions earlier tonight and it actually worked out for me. Usually I get in trouble when I go against my gut, but I'm glad Christian didn't let me down in this tremendous ECW Title Match.
Predictions: 4-5

WWE Hall of Famer, the first Intercontinental Champion and Montreal's own, Pat Patterson makes an appearance to a nice ovation from the crowd. Future Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring and badmouths Patterson before kicking him in the stomach. John Morrison makes the save and Mr. Ziggles gets a case of the ol' limber tail as JR might say. I've seen a lot of hate on this segment, people wondering why they didn't just have Morrison vs. Ziggler for the title, but the Mysterio situation really screwed WWE over here. They could've done the match, but unless you go for a screwy finish, you either kill Ziggler's momentum or you make Morrison a transitional champion. With both guys on the cusp of greatness right now, a feud between them takes time WWE didn't have. I'm not saying this segment was good - it was actually kinda pointless and overly long - but WWE was working with the hand they were dealt here.

I'm not sure, was John Cena vs. Randy Orton a WWE Title match or Hostel Part 3? Once Orton brought out the handcuffs and went to town on Cena with that Singapore cane, I started to feel a little uncomfortable. Cena had nasty (and I mean NASTY) welts across his ribs and back, and throughout the whole beating, I was just pleading for Orton to get his ass kicked. It reminded me a lot of the 99 Royal Rumble I Quit match between The Rock and Mick Foley where you just couldn't believe the beating the Foley was taking. But unlike that match, the good guy didn't get cheated out of a victory, Cena fought back, handcuffed himself to Orton and locked in the STF (awesome visual by the way) to recapture the WWE Championship. This was really a story that began in 2007 when Cena went down with his pectoral injury and was forced to vacate the title in the middle of his feud with Orton. We never got a proper conclusion to that, but finally, two years later, the Age of Orton ends as Cena stands tall with his WWE Title.
Predictions: 4-6

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker - where do I even begin? These two were having a great match, but then it comes to an abrupt end with Undertaker locking in Hell's Gate and CM Punk tapping out?! That didn't take long... but just as Taker is about to do his signature pose with the World Heavyweight Championship, Teddy Long comes out and reminds us that Hell's Gate is still banned (although I'm pretty sure Taker's won matches with it since then) and orders the match to continue. Punk strikes, locks in the Anaconda Vice, referee orders the bell to ring and CM Punk hauls ass up the ramp as Teddy Long looks on with a blank stare on his face.
Predictions: 4-7

Okay so using the infamous Dusty Finish and the Montreal Screwjob in one match might be a bit overkill, but CM Punk is definitely the biggest a-hole in the business today. First he bans Jeff Hardy from WWE now he screws over The Undertaker ala Bret Hart? Oh yeah, total jerkface. This ending does raise a lot of questions though: was Teddy Long in on it? Since he's on probation, is he turning heel to appeal to Vince McMahon's cutthroat business style? Did CM Punk pay him off? Read a great theory on the message board I go to that suggested the infamous "Board of Directors" want a Straight-edge World Champion to give the company a better image. I think that's a very possible direction and would definitely breathe some new life into the old "evil boss" character, Teddy's not a bad guy, he's just trying to do what's best for the company. After all, that's how the Mr. McMahon character got started, doing what was best for business and being worried about how a guy like Stone Cold would reflect on WWE's image. It's spiraled out of control over the last decade with authority figures being evil just for the sake of being evil, but this could be a great back to basics approach.

Also, I think this pretty much debunks the old cliché of WWE always trying to send the fans home happy. Even I fell for it, assuming Cena would be the one to get screwed since the I Quit Match went on before Taker vs. Punk, but it would appear that WWE knows people have caught on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the PPV. A couple gripes: Legacy winning, the Kane/Khali match and maybe overdoing it in the main event, but other than that, everything was great, particularly in the in-ring action. I can even forgive the screwy ending because it at least has me interested in next week's Smackdown and we all know it's building toward CM Punk vs. Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, which is going to be nothing short of insane. Didn't do so hot on predictions, but the main events were all pretty surprising. I knew someone would get screwed - WWE just had to remind Montreal about the 97 Survivor Series - but I really did think it would be Cena. Thrilled I was wrong though, Cena and Punk as WWE's top two champions makes me a happy guy. Let me know what you think about the PPV, feel free to leave a comment below (and no, you don't have to be a member of Blogger to do so) and let's get a Breaking Point discussion going!


  1. What do you call WWE Event in Montreal where the 1997 Surviror Series is mentioned / reinacted? Any night prior to November 9, 1997

  2. C'mon Montreal, it's been twelve years, it's time to let "YOU SCREWED BRET!" go.


    WWE just loves to remind Montreal about the 97 Survivor Series

    So which is it then? :P

    I think they'd let go if WWE would let them. Both sides feed off of it and off of each other. I doubt many fans are even mad about it anymore, they just like to be part of something that's unique to their city/country, and WWE knows that so they always play off of it knowing they'll get a reaction. What I wonder is what the people watching on TV think. Do new fans, or some 10 year old kid in Australia, just sit there and wonder why Shawn Michaels is loved everywhere but one "Bizzarro" country?

    Both WWE and us Canadian fans need to move on. It gives WWE an easy crutch to rely on instead of something new and creative, and it makes us look like a bunch of babies crying about an incident older than a lot of the audience.

  3. I agree Jason. WWE had been doing a good job of not referencing it for quite a few years though. I don't remember it really being mentioned since 2005 when the McMahon/HBK feud started... until tonight, of course.

  4. On the Christian/Regal match, I was glad to see this match get the time it deserves and it still feels like there is legs in the Christian vs Regal/Roundtable storyline. Tonight made me feel like an element to the Summerslam match was to have it be the quickest match in Summerslam history, with Chris Benoit being featured in the previosu effort against Orlando Jordan a few years back. I am just happy that it doesn't appear to have ruined the storyline.

  5. I don't know if anyone else felt the same way I did, but after Legacy's win when Josh Matthews went to talk to Randy Orton, he sincerely scared the hell out of me. I don't know if it was because he was so calm, or the look in his eyes, but I was freaked out.