Friday, August 28, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - August 27, 2009

Jack Swagger vs. Primo in our opening bout of the evening and it was actually a pretty decent match. Ever since Primo and Carlito split, the younger brother has been really stepping up his game; he's still light on personality, but he's improved leaps and bounds in the ring. I'm surprised Michael Cole didn't say this match was "vintage Swagger," since the All-American American was really showing off his style in this one. Swagger mixes his amateur style with old school pro wrestling incredibly well and while he may have dropped a few rungs since coming to Raw, it's only a matter of time before he's in the main event scene.

I like that after his win, Swagger declared that he was setting his sights on the United States Championship, even if he's honing in on The Miz's territory! Things like this are good though, and it's something I've noticed since Kofi Kingston won the belt, there's actually a United States Title division these days. One of my biggest gripes about undercard titles is it always seems to be a feud between two guys and no one else, why don't more people talk about how they want the US Title, even if they're not feuding with the champ at the time? Little things like that add to the show and make the belts seem like a bigger deal, so I'm glad they seem to be going that route right now.

Hurricane vs. Paul Burchill wasn't as good as their encounter on ECW last week, but holy crap, Burchill won a match! A singles match, no less! Anyone know the last time that happened? I like this mini feud between these two guys, but Hurricane needs a Diva to team up with to take on Paul & Katie Lea. Perhaps Titan Tiffany? What about Mega Maria? Marvelous Melina? Sigh... where's Mighty Molly when you need her?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay vs. Mike Knox was pretty good, but this whole situation is a complete mess due to Rey Mysterio's suspension, the outcome of this one is pretty much pointless. I assume Ziggler will get his opportunity this coming Tuesday, since Mysterio's suspension doesn't go into effect until Wednesday and he'll pick up the title there. Question is, who will Ziggler face at Breaking Point? Mysterio will be back just in time for Hell in a Cell in October and could possibly get his rematch there, but Ziggler's calendar is clear on September 13. I nominate John Morrison and R-Truth, I think a Triple Threat between those three could be really enjoyable.


  1. I like the fact that there using this side show to further story lines and make statements that could effect major TV show stories plus they often have great matches

  2. I was thinking that a great program for Primo would be with Chavo Guerrero and revolving around the Guerrero legacy. This is because Primo looks like Eddie and has a similiar style, though obviously not as good right now. I was thinking it would be like this:

    Primo starts to play himself up as a latino playboy, stealing kisses from divas, being very flamboyant in the ring, and winning matches in questionable though fan-friendly ways, like playing possum or distracting the ref. Maybe he even starts to dance when he comes to the ring or use the "Lie Cheat and Steal" catchphrase. After he gives interviews, Chavo Guerrero is seen looking on in disaproval. Then there's a four way or a six pack match for the #1 contendership for the title. Chavo and Primo are in it. Neither one win, but, Primo uses some tricks and Chavo takes offense to it. Next week, he cuts a promo saying how dare Primo disgrace the memory of his dear Uncle Eddie. Primo meanwhile, insists he's just trying to honor a legend and Chavo is the one who's being disgrace by wasting the legacy on Hornswoggle matches.

    Hot, right?

  3. Aran - Good call, I meant to mention that in the review that it's nice to see WWE using Superstars to advance storylines with things like the Triple Threat match.

    SMC - Not too sure on that one, especially after all the heat WWE got in the months following Eddie's death for "exploiting" him. I didn't agree with it, but I doubt they'll want to go back down that road.

  4. Oddly enough, I too was thinking of Chavo being a manager for Primo. Not sure how Primo is on the stick so I don't know if he'd neccesarily need a manager. All i've seen him do is the odd backstage skit with Carlito which really isn't a lot to go on.