Thursday, August 20, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - August 20, 2009

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly kicks things off on WGN America and these two put on one hell of a match. It wasn't just good for a Divas match, it was a flat-out good match. Kelly's improved leaps and bounds since her debut, The Glamazon is the best female wrestler in the company and these two have great chemistry whenever they lock up in the ring. Kelly gave it her all, even looked like she had it won a couple times during the match, but no one kicks out of the Glam Slam! WWE, anytime you want to put Beth Phoenix against Mickie James, I won't complain.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyler Reks was a little odd, I thought Shelton turned face? You certainly wouldn't know it by watching this match, the Gold Standard was especially aggressive; he hit a big German Suplex, busted out the Dragon Whip and finished off the newcomer with Paydirt. Despite the loss, this was easily Reks' best outing since coming up to the ECW roster, he was working at a much faster pace and utilizing some hard-hitting moves, but I'm still not sold on the guy just yet. Shelton was fantastic though, face or heel, the guy deserves to be in the ECW Title division.

R-Truth vs. Charlie Haas was very short, but had some memorable moments. Weird to see Haas in long tights - that's a rare attire switch in WWE for someone to go from trunks to tights, but it worked for him. Also, that reversal out of Truth's attempted wheelbarrow bulldog was just plain BRUTAL! Nasty kick to face near the end of the match too, but you don't win the match on points and it was R-Truth who picked up the 1-2-3.

Chris Masters vs. Mark Henry wasn't exactly good, but it was better than I had anticipated until the lame finish. Makes sense, they're not going to have Masters get crushed after just coming back a couple weeks ago, but it's rare to find a match that's made more enjoyable due to a count-out. That said, they might be onto something - intentional or not - when it comes to all these guys running away from Mark Henry. Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and now Chris Masters have all preferred to take a count-out than deal with the World's Strongest Man, I could see potential in that continuing. What would be really cool would be to get him in a WWE Title match with someone like Orton and he runs away, then a match is made for a PPV where if Orton gets counted out, he loses the title. Or, a good ol' Lumberjack Match - a real one, not this handpicked stuff that we've seen on Raw lately. Just a thought.

Once again, Superstars is the place to be if you're looking for a no-frills wrestling show. Light on story, heavy on action, it's the perfect complement to the normal programming. Matches were a little short for my liking this week, but that's because we got four instead of the usual three. By the way, don't forget to stop by Kick-Out!! first thing tomorrow morning for your chance to be a part of our Superstars Giveaway with WGN America! The trivia question will be related to tonight's edition of Superstars, so I hope you studied.

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