Saturday, August 15, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - August 13, 2009

John Morrison vs. David Hart Smith was undoubtedly Smith's best singles outing since arriving in WWE in late 2007. The Canadian crowd made this one even more enjoyable since they were red (pink?) hot for the Hart Dynasty. Morrison continues to impress with his unique blend of flashy moves and hard hitting strikes. As JR would mention the following night on Smackdown, he's got plenty of steak to match his sizzle. Unsurprisingly, Morrison gets the victory since he has the #1 contender to deal with on Smackdown, but DH Smith still came out looking great.

Goldust vs. Sheamus was loooooooong. Really, really long and I can't believe they gave these too that much time. Not that I'm complaining, it was definitely the best match of the three they've had, the crowd was solidly behind Goldust and as Matt Striker mentioned, Sheamus looked wise beyond his in-ring years. To all those people who said Goldust was useless and moving him to ECW hurt the brand, this match shows you were clearly wrong. And hey, Goldust won! I'm racking my brain trying to remember, but has Goldust won a singles match since his return to WWE? Regardless of his record, good for Goldust for going out there and showing he's still got it and good for Sheamus, showing he's ready for the big leagues.

Carlito & Rosa Mendes vs. Kofi Kingston & Mickie James was a decent main event with a few incredibly cool spots. It seems that Kofi brings something new to every match that makes me wonder if the laws of physics actually apply to him; that springboard clothesline where he dove 3/4 of the way across the ring was a jaw dropper. And then the finish with Carlito hitting the Backstabber while Kofi was on the turnbuckle was just plain nasty. Hopefully those two get added to the SummerSlam card with the US Title on the line.

Overall, much better than last week with three rock solid TV matches that all went a good length of time. This is why Superstars has the potential to be the best wrestling show on TV, you get to see all WWE competitors on one show having long wrestling matches. Can't beat that.

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