Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - August 21, 2009

I have a feeling we're going to be light on the in-ring action this week when there are two six-man tags scheduled. Smackdown opens with Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme vs. Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho & The Big Show, and it was a hell of a start. Great back and forth action, fired up crowd, helped sell two big SummerSlam matches, not much more you can ask for in a match like this, especially when you're getting more Jericho/Mysterio. Loved the match, loved the finish, but Ziggler stealing the win makes me reconsider my prediction that he'll be IC Champion come Sunday.

While it was short, I enjoyed the Matt Hardy interview. He basically said turning on Jeff was the biggest mistake of his life and that Jeff is the bigger man for forgiving him. The Hardys ride again!

Kane's evil, we get it. Great Khali is seeking to avenge Ranjin Singh, who is now inexplicably Khali's brother. I really hope this all ends after SummerSlam.

Mike Knox gets an old-school picture-in-picture promo during his entrance, and just to make this character even weirder, he's wearing glasses and has his beard in a ponytail. I love this whole push to make Knox seem "well-educated" because he talked about human anatomy last week, and now they're selling it by making him wear glasses. Straight from the Michael Bay School of Character Development, WWE is telling us that glasses = smart. Match with Finlay was okay - nothing special - and a lame DQ finish didn't help. I'm not really a fan of Knox, but I do like that he's getting a push because just about a month ago, he was supposedly in the mythical WWE "doghouse" and was on the verge of being released. Oh bad wrestling websites, you're a never-ending source of hilarious misinformation.

Liked the Jeff Hardy TLC promo, even if it was pretty similar to the Cutting Edge segment before Extreme Rules.
Jeff continues to have his own unique promo style, I know some people don't dig it and he can be a bit out there at times, but it really sets him apart from the typical WWE mic work. CM Punk got some great one-liners in there like "you're pretty high" when Jeff was on the ladder, "you're probably drunk right now," and of course, the infamous "straight-edge means I'm better than you." Don't think it's possible for me to be anymore excited about this match than I already am, but this was nice way to hype the match up one last time.

Maria & Melina vs. Layla & Natalya was what it was. I drifted off a couple times while watching it because Michelle McCool was doing commentary, but at least Natalya got to see a little (emphasis on little) in-ring action. Thumbs down on Natalya taking the loss though, way lame... I want to see her taking heads off again!

John Morrison & The Hardys vs. CM Punk & The Hart Dynasty is your main event of the evening. Nice touch with Matt & Jeff coming out to the old school Hardy theme and
loved the chemistry in this match with the Morrison/Hardys team, that legsweep/Russian legsweep combo was slick. Match was a perfect "go-home" main event before SummerSlam, and Matt Hardy pinning CM Punk foreshadows what the World Title feud on Smackdown will be, assuming Punk wins tomorrow night.

Four matches is not much for a two-hour show, especially when Superstars had four (albeit, shorter) matches just 24 hours beforehand. It's understandable considering twelve of the biggest names on the brand were in two matches and everything did its job, getting us hyped up for the PPV. They may have thrown the undercard together at the last minute, but I'm definitely excited for tomorrow. Seeing as how Punk and Hardy have put on the feud of 2009, the TLC match alone is worth $40, but I have a feeling all of WWE will bring the A-game to the Staples Center for the second biggest show of the year.


  1. The Hardys/Morrison vs. Punk and the Hart Dynasty match was absolutely breath-taking. Some of the in-ring abilities that John Morrison has are incredible. Not to mention Poetry in Motion never ceases to amaze me. Gotta love the Hardy reconciliation.

  2. Jim Ross has been mentioning Mike Knox wearing glasses and reading books backstage for a few months on commentary.

    I think Knox has some potential. Deep South Wrestling is airing up here on the Fight Network now and his gimmick then was pretty cool. He was evil and threatening, but would speak calmly and laugh once in a while. Strange, but it stood out which is good. WWE must not have thought much of the gimmick though as he hasn't been anywhere near it since his promotion to the main roster.

  3. just watched it razor. what a feckin awesome show is Smackdown ha?

    Iam psyched 4 summerslam which is free in the philippines here :)

    oh razor do u know what the hell happened to busted open blog? it's gone from blogger and twitter also?????!!!!!!