Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ring of Honor Thoughts - August 24, 2009

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Sami Callihan & Tony Kozina was a decent match to start things off, but I found it odd that they made it so competitive. Steen & Generico are the former tag champs and they have a long-ish match against two guys who were treated as complete jobbers last week? Callihan was merely a pin cushion for Necro Butcher last week and Kozina was the latest victim of the Dark City Fight Club, so I don't see why these two should be any match for Steen & Generico. Loved the finish though, Steen hitting the Package Piledriver and rolling him to Generico for the Brainbuster is a brutal combo.

Roderick Strong says he does his talking in the ring... yeah, judging by that promo, probably a good idea.

D'Lo Brown vs. John Kermon may as well have been D'Lo Brown vs. Local Competitor. I've never heard of Kermon and apparently, neither had D'Lo, who made quick work of the guy. I don't know if I've had a chance to really talk about it since starting Kick-Out!! but I think I should tell you that I'm a huge D'Lo Brown mark. I've loved the guy ever since he had the chest protector and did the Lo Down for the first time. I think D'Lo is one of the most underrated performers of the last decade and if he truly is setting his sights on the ROH World Title, I'll be glued to the television.

The Jerry Lynn/Tyler Black promo was okay, I don't think either one of those guys are ever going to be known for their exceptional mic work, but it did what it needed to do. Lynn's not retiring and he'll be facing Black in two weeks on HDNet in what is sure to be an excellent match. One thing I need to say, can the Ring of Honor fanbase be any more disrespectful towards Jerry Lynn? The guy has busted his ass in wrestling for decades, and when he finally started getting some respect in ECW, the company closed down. He's done some notable things here and there since, but the guy is the very definition of a journeyman and when he finally finds his place in a company like ROH, that should appreciate everything he's done and can still do, the crowd turns on him. In terms of pure wrestling ability, I'm not sure if anybody in Ring of Honor is better than Jerry Lynn, so I just don't get the boos.

Wow, what a main event between Austin Aries & Roderick Strong, these two guys blew the roof off the place. Hot crowd, big drama (even though it was non-title) and outstanding wrestling. I think Austin and Roddy really straddled the line here between indy-style wrestling and mainstream sports entertainment and put on a match that was really something special. I've never really been big on Strong, he's always been solid whenever I've seen him, but he never clicked with me until this match. Also, I'm a sucker for a good chop-fest, it's always fun to show a dude who's practically bleeding from the chest to someone who tells me every facet of wrestling is "fake." Strong & Aries (mostly Strong) tore each other up with those chops, and that's just a small portion of what made this match so good. This match is a must-see for any wrestling fan and perhaps the best I've seen since Ring of Honor's been on HDNet.

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