Monday, August 17, 2009

Raw Thoughts - August 17, 2009

When it was first announced that Freddie Prinze Jr. would be hosting Raw, I figured he'd get booed out of the building, but surprisingly, the crowd was into him. It doesn't hurt that he's a huge fan and as a result, didn't make any flubs. Honestly, I thought the guy did a great job in the opening segment, the stuff with Santino was amusing, even if it did go on a bit long, but I nearly did a spit take when he called Prinze's wife "The Werewolf Killer." The verbal battle with Randy Orton worked well, but I had a hard time buying Prinze as a badass when he stood up to Orton. And really, what's up with un-badass guys like Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ricky Schroeder showing up on 24? No offense Freddie, but I probably would've found Sarah Michelle Gellar standing up to Orton to be more believable, but that's just because I'm a Buffy mark. Kudos to Prinze though for taking Orton's nasty backbreaker and the whole ordeal set up the evening nicely, so no complaints about anything here.

Kofi Kingston vs. Carlito was a damn good match, but I'm disappointed WWE didn't hold off until SummerSlam on this one. Yeah, they would've only gotten one show to hype it up, but I'd certainly rather see this than Kane vs. Khali, which was added earlier today. Gripes aside, glad to see these two put on a good bout and I'm thrilled that Kofi retained. He's been great in his run with the US Title and the belt's prestige continues to grow while it's around his waist. Also, what's up with Rosa Mendes being in Carlito's corner?

Of course, I'm glad Kofi retained so he can keep the belt warm for... The Miz! Miz is the latest WWE Superstar to fall victim to the trunks conversion and he looks very bizarre in the new getup. But as Miz said, "new look, same mouth" and he promised to take the United States Championship from Kofi Kingston. I'm all for that considering he's The Miz and he's AWESOME. Good match with Evan Bourne as well, nothing that's going to get everyone talking, but a rock solid TV match that puts over Miz's turnaround after being fired just two weeks ago. Not a fan of the "Skull-crushing Finale" as a name for Miz's finisher, because all I will ever think when I hear it is this song. Would like to see Bourne doing more on Raw, especially considering he holds a clean win over the US Champ, but hopefully it's just a case of him being put on the waiting list, rather than creative having nothing for him.

Loved the DX montage, surprised they showed so much from the New Age Outlaws/X-Pac days. DX's return was a lot of fun, there's just something special about experiencing that entrance live, I can't blame the St. Louis crowd for going bonkers for it. Of course, Legacy had to ruin our nostalgia trip by attacking Triple H and Shawn Michaels and leaving them down in the center of the ring. Glad to see Randy Orton's been teaching them how to ruin the fun. It puts some heat on the match at SummerSlam, but really, if you think Rhodes & DiBiase have a chance of winning this match, I'll have whatever you're drinking. These guys will be lucky if they don't leave the arena on Sunday in a crate ala the Spirit Squad.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim for the Diva's Championship started off great, but that horrendous botched ending completely killed it. Cole and King did a good job trying to sell it as Gail blocking Mickie's DDT, but the two competitors didn't improvise as quickly and finished the match with Mickie hitting a forearm shot. I'm not the kind of person that likes to point out screw-ups in the ring, but this one was just too obvious to not mention. You could see it in Mickie's eyes that she was upset with the finish, but hopefully these two will get a second chance to make up for this one in the near future.

Blink and you missed Jack Swagger vs. MVP, which was a complete waste of time. I assume they were running short on time and that's why neither guy got an entrance and they went with the quick DQ. I have to get this one nitpicky thing off my chest, can we slow down on the whole DQing someone for attacking their opponent in the corner? I feel like it's their go-to spot lately, and while it's nice to see a ref's five count get enforced once in awhile, there's plenty of other ways to disqualify somebody.

Breaking news just in as I write this, Swagger vs. MVP has been added to SummerSlam! Glad to hear it, I've been practically campaigning for this feud to get a PPV match.

So Swagger & MVP get about 60 seconds, but we still have time for another Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero match? This time it's Falls Count Anywhere and I was ready to really lay into this one, but then Chavo gets hit with a swinging paint can backstage and it turns out MacCaulay Culkin set it up! Yes, the real MacCaulay Culkin hit Chavo Guerrero in the face with a can of paint, Home Alone style. Only in wrestling. And intentional or not, I'm taking that as WWE's tribute to John Hughes.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is in charge next week in Las Vegas! Raw Roulette seems likely, but I'm much more interested in the inevitable Mayweather/Big Show confrontation.

Randy Orton & John Cena vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show became a Lumberjack Match when Freddie Prinze Jr. sent down his handpicked lumberjacks to take out Randy Orton. Turnabout's fair play since Orton manipulated Jeremy Piven two weeks ago, but these lumberjacks didn't exactly get revenge for Freddie. In fact, they beat up Chris Jericho and cheered Orton on when he was trying to make a tag for Cena. There was one moment when Mark Henry tossed Orton back in with a press slam through the ropes, but that was about it. Bizarre match ending with Cena picking up the victory by pinning Jericho (ugh), then getting hit with the RKO (ugh, ugh) and then getting up and tossing both Jericho and Big Show out of the ring (ugh³). You know I'm a huge Cena fan, but WWE is really going overboard with the Superman shtick as of late. I know he's awesome and unstoppable, but it's getting to the point where I'm just going to be annoyed if Orton retains on Sunday. DX will likely take care of Legacy, so without his running buddies, there's no way Orton should be walking out as champ, Cena steamrolling him is really the only believable outcome at this point.

Overall, I'd say a great first hour and an okay second made for a mostly enjoyable Raw. Still not exactly excited for Raw's portion of SummerSlam, but considering the participants and the fact that they added Swagger vs. MVP, I'm confident WWE will deliver. Next week's Raw has major potential as well,
WrestleMania 24 was one of the greatest celebrity/wrestling crossovers in history, so I can't wait to see if Mayweather can go two-for-two.


  1. ??? You must've skipped over that paragraph, I mentioned him.

  2. I loved the Macauley Caulkin bit. Hillarious stuff. I've been loving this Hornswoggle stuff....might be the only one though. Really do want to know what happened with that Diva's match though. The match had a great start to it and the botched ending really did hurt it. Really looking forward to more of these 2 competing.

    P.S The Miz sucks.

  3. There will be no Miz hating on this blog! Unacceptable! :-P

    Honestly, I liked the Hornswoggle stuff the first week they did it, the Tuxedo Match was okay and this week was funny solely because of the cameo. Still, I think this is like the 7th time they've "wrestled" and I'm not really seeing the point.

  4. The point is they feel they can't release Chavo after Eddie died, and they have to justify keeping him on the payroll, hence a best-of-infinity series with Hornswoggle. At least, that's my skewered logic.

  5. While it's a funny touch to get Culkin, it's scaring me how much WWE loves to be stuck in the 1990s. Hootie and the Blowfish on ECW two weeks ago, Culkin's bit from his own movie, Freddie Prinze Jr. being on there for Christ's sake, all of it screams outdated. WWE got "Welcome to the Jungle" rights for Seth Green, but you can't get the rights to "Kiss Me"!? Even if Sixpence wouldn't support that, they haven't had a hit in ten years, surely that isn't a problem?