Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Poll - TLC

First, the results of our previous poll:

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio: SD! 7/10 - 47%
Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison: SD! 7/31 - 26%
Tyler Black vs. Bryan Danielson: ROH 7/25 - 7%
Evan Bourne vs. Jamie Noble: Superstars 7/23 - 5%
CM Punk vs. John Morrison: SD! 7/17 - 7%
Six-Man Tag Main Event: ROH 7/18 - 5%
Other - 0%

I honestly thought Hardy/Morrison would win, being fresh in everyone's minds, but it looks like Jericho vs. Mysterio was just that good.

Now, for our new poll, with the news that Jeff Hardy and CM Punk will be squaring off in a TLC Match at SummerSlam for the World Heavyweight Title, I want you to tell me, what is the greatest TLC match in WWE history? Poll closes Friday, so get those votes in!


  1. Edge/Christian vs The Hardyz vs The Dudleyz: TLC Wrestlemania X7

  2. Any of the original 3, but I voted TLC3, because it took place on SD!, just after Jericho/Benoit won the titles and were red-hot, and Benoit got injured and made the comeback.