Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 13

this week's episode: thoughts on SummerSlam, WWE starting their own cable network, Bryan Danielson joining WWE, the biggest Superstar Spotlight yet and much more!

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*Note: this week's episode of Kick-Out!! Radio was recorded before the news of Rey Mysterio's suspension broke. We'll have more on that situation in the coming days here at Kick-Out!! Wrestling.


  1. Another great show. I've been dreaming of an all WWE network since they were the WWF lol and if they wait until their tv deals are up with the current networks then why couldn't they put RAW SD ECW and Superstars on their own network. They could run old PPV's and old or classic RAW's and what not even put the web shows onto the network to fill up the time slots. I would suggest though that they move ECW to a local tv outlet and maybe even Superstars too but definately have SmackDown and RAW on the WWE Network.

    I'm not too worried about the Danielson coming over from ROH especially since he's got decent friends already in place in the WWE I mean lets not forget CM Punk came from ROH hell he signed his WWE contract in the middle of a ROH ring so if he's half as talented as CM Punk then we have nothing to be worried about.

    I know it wasn't mentioned in the show but I am just shocked to hear about Rey Rey getting a 30 Suspension he was the last guy that I'd ever expect to get a wellness policy violation. And on the heels of Jeff leaving the company for who knows how long this isn't good however now John Morrisson needs to be thrown into the main event to fill the Hardy void and Matt can fill the void of Mysterio so while potentially disastrous at least they have options, it's not going to be putting a band aide over a flesh wound here at least it shouldn't be lol

    I have to admit that I have always bashed TNA and I refused to watch it but ever since Taz jumped over to TNA I've been watching and it's ok but Jeremy Borash pisses me off not on tv but on his Twitter acct. TNA is seriously trying to wake up the WWE and while it will be good for WWE fans it won't be good for the business or TNA because the WWE needs competition but seriously over the last few weeks they have dropped the WWE name on Impact way too much and then Borash talking crap on Twitter. Seriously in TNA's current situation it's best to let sleeping giants lie.

    FYI Razor I'm not able to leave comments when using Fire Fox I'm on Opera right now and that's how I had to leave the last couple of comments I've made and also I was one of the WGN/KickOutWrestling contest winners and it's been almost if not a full week and I've still heard nothing from WGN other than that keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Weird about Firefox not working, that's the optimal browser for viewing the site. Are you using the latest version?

    And I haven't heard anything from WGN either. I'll try to get in touch with them. Keep me in the loop though, I want to make sure you guys get what you earned.

  3. Another good show, my friend.

    I agree with your takes on CM Punk feuding with Taker. I think Punk keeps the belt at Breaking Point (shenanigans 101..we'll see). Taker probably wins the title at "Hell In A Cell". Then for the 3rd installment...maybe another match at "Bragging Rights" (terrible PPV name). The triangle of the new WWE PPVs...

  4. Yeah Fire Fox automatically updates it's self and it just did that the other day and it seems as if after that latest update is when the problem started happening idk as long as using Opera works I'm good to go lol and I'll definitely keep you posted on the WGN thing. Thanks for responding so quickly!

  5. Razor, the things you say about the Undertaker, so true. I love when people love the Undertaker. Haha.

    You know, I didn't really think about it. The Undertaker has never submitted; never tapped out. Interesting.

    Bryan Danielson vs. William Regal. They've got to do it.

    I am worried that they could 'Braden Walker' him, but the possibility that he could be the Bryan Danielson we already know- in the WWE -is worth the risk. He obviously feels the same. I think there's a huge chance that this could be a great thing for the WWE and Danielson. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still a little nervous though.

    Great episode once again.

  6. If the Final Countdown hits on a show, I mark.

  7. Jericho and Big Show vs DX is worth doing just for the amazing comedy mic work they'll pull out the bag. And that's before what could only be an awesome PPV match. I'll be disappointed if either team part ways before they can make it happen.

  8. Hay Razor what do you make of all this Vince not being able to make stars thing? just because if he can't see a future in people like John Morrison, Dolph, Kofi, Ted ect. theni think he should think about passing the torch. Do you think that if they started Show specific PPV again, by that i mean Raw then ECW and Smackdown it would help, the buys can't be that different from when they did it before.

    Also do you think they should drop it back down to 12 PPV a year, they just feel to compack and lose that special feel because there so common and i don't think Hell in a Cell and TLC PPV's is what im looking for.

  9. Lucy - I think as long as Danielson shows the same dedication to WWE as he did ROH, nothing will get in the way of his success.

    Aran - I don't put much stock in internet reports about what Vince McMahon says backstage. Even if totally accurate, it's no secret that Vince can be a bit intense and reactionary at times. Fact of the matter is, WWE is making new stars right now, it's just that it's primarily happening on ECW and Smackdown. Raw has the problem of being too crowded with major stars, it's hard for guys like Swagger, Bourne, MVP and Kofi to break through right now. It'll all work itself out eventually though, it always does.

    As for PPVs, I think dropping it down to 10 a year would make for a better product, creatively speaking. Problem is, they're making money doing 14 a year and until it starts affecting their bottom line, it's not going to change. More PPVs may make less money each, but combined totals outweigh what one PPV would make by itself. It's just good business.

    I think brand-specific PPVs would help a little. I wrote a column back in June on this subject: Does WWE need brand-specific PPVs?

    My idea would be to do eight tri-branded PPVs a year, then give Raw and Smackdown three PPVs each with a couple ECW matches for support. Probably not ideal, but as it stands right now, PPVs are too crowded with main event-level talent.