Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 11

In Ep. 11, Razor tackles more stupid Batista "rumors," WWE DVD sales, PPV buyrates, this week's TV shows, and CM Punk is in the Superstar Spotlight! Also, another plagiarist is exposed, but this one is stealing Kick-Out's material.

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  1. hay razor great show as always wanted to get your view on making ECW a 1.5 or 2 hour show with the hardcore and cruiserwaight belts mainly due to the amount of good but annoyingly short matches I know it won't happen due to lack of ratings but hay. Does it get any ad time in the US I just don't know why it's not getting better ratings.

    I really hope Abraham Washington gets future endevored it's just so boring.

    What do you think raw has to do to get the magic back

  2. Getting a body like Battista's is possible ti accomplish naturaly but when you're on the road like he is and getting good meals and finding a good gym etc especially as he gets older...he's on something.

    Been around gyms long enough and know enough to know that. lol

  3. Dawn - I'd say when you're on the road, that's all there is to do... go to a gym. As for food, WWE has catering. His age is an issue, but I'd say that's why he's getting hurt so much. Not saying he is or isn't, but I'd never say he definitively is.

    Aran - I think ECW works with the one hour timeslot. I think they could definitely do 90 minutes each week, but I don't know if SyFy would go for it. 2 hours would be too much, they'd need more people.

    As for Raw getting its magic back, I wrote a column on that back in May called What Does Raw Need? Maybe I'll do a follow-up on next week's show.

  4. EEKS, that other site that's been plagiarizing, ... hmmm, I just bookmarked it on my browser like 3 days ago! I thought it was great, but now I must reassess.

    Hmmm, I'm actually now in the mood for some nice soup for some reason. I don't know.


    thanks razor, another great podcast!

  5. oh, also razor, I was interested in what you think of Bleacher Report's wrestling section?

  6. I liked that they are switching up the feuds. I wrote a blog about it earlier. I think, if they do it right, of course, that it could really help. Orton/Trips was already so stale. They needed to do something. Switching to Trips vs. Priceless and Orton vs. Cena is could really be the breathe of fresh air that we needed. And to throw JeriShow in the mix is even fresher.

    I think if they can run with this a little, and then switch back to Orton/Trips, we might be a little more interested than we were before. Certainly, they can't be done with their story, like you said. But it was so stale, has been for months, they needed something fresh. Maybe this is it.

    BUT, as your podcast made me realise, in order for this to really hype SummerSlam, I think it was a little too late.

    I'm hoping they can still pull it off though.

    Oh and this guy plagiarizing you, that's so WEAK! Like I tweeted you, he's a punk.

  7. Have I used the style of your Reviews? Yes.

    But I've never blatantly copied and pasted your work, and that is pretty much a slap in the face.

    Yes, your points are valid about some of our lines sounding similar, but never have I looked at your site and gone "Wow, that's a good line. I'm just going to copy it and switch a few words up". Look you said at the end of your show tonight you're not trying to start any internet feuds or anything, but you said that right after you went on for 5 minutes of basically calling my site out for plagiarizing.

    I'm not mad for you calling me out, it deserves to be out there. But for all the late nights and stress I go over for my site, it's kind of iritating for you to do this. Never have I copied anything blatantly and pasted it to my site & I never will.

    You my friend are calling my site out for plagiarizing, but my site has never done that. Is our reviews similiar? YES. I admit to using the style of your reviews, but never have I copied any of yours. Believe what you want really. I'm going to continue and if you think I'm plagiarizing, you can mention my site's name every week on your show. It's just a slap in the face like I mentioned earlier.

    BUT this is your website, you have to right to talk and cover anything you want. Who am I to tell you otherwise?

  8. As I said, I don't think you did anything maliciously, and I'm even willing to believe you were subconsciously doing it, but the proof is in the pudding. There are always going to be similarities in reviews, we're all talking about the same thing, but your sentence structure and word choice is far too similar to just be coincidental.

    Plagiarism is defined as "use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work," and I provided six examples of that in the show. Look, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you're essentially saying "Yeah I took your ideas, but I'm not plagiarizing you."

    Seriously though, I like your site and we've become quite friendly over the last couple months, but this did upset me and that's why I talked about it. For the record, I decided to bring it up this week because multiple people brought it to my attention after your last "Sunday Rundown."

  9. You think the blog is copying you just because he reveiws his post and is saying like the same thing so do not be mad but i have to word words for you **** **

  10. Great retards are backing me.

    No, but I understand your reasoning Razor. All I'm saying is I like the style and flow you use in your reviews, so I just decided to use it for my site. However I've never copied and pasted anything from this site.

    Is "Sunday Rundown" the same thing as "The Five Count". Yes, yes it is. It's obvious. Yes we had a few of the same main headlines in last week's posts, but it wasn't intentional.

    If you started doing ROH on HDNet reviews. Guess what? They would look very similar to mine. It just proves I can do a style similar to yours and not have to plagiarize. That's beside the point anyways.

  11. I think that rather than 'blatantly stealing' your work that the guy from the other website read what you wrote and thought it was a good idea. I will admit, I do the same thing sometimes, sadly enough. I really gotta stop doing that...

    Anyway, plenty of the stuff he 'plagiarised' was a pretty common opinion, the 6 pack challenge could have gone any way and the Shaq/Show confrontation was perfect, but the similarity of the Five Count/Sunday Rundown (based on the podcast) does seem like it was inspired by your work. Again, this is only based on what I heard through the podcast, so I have no idea what it was like in the grand scheme of things. However, if the 'Sunday Rundown' content was in the same order, it does raise a few questions over the validity of the work.

    I'm not calling the guy a plagiarist, not without concrete proof, but yeah, there are similarities. I hope this doesn't get blown out of proportion and that things can work themselves out, but you need to be careful with what happens next so as to not create the internet war you so desperately wish to avoid.

    Hopefully you guys can resolve this in the right way, by talking about the problems and coming to a mutual agreement regarding the 'stolen' material.

  12. When you're reviewing the same shows and have similar opinions to other bloggers, it's very easy to fall in to the trap of choosing the same words to get the same message across. Often it can happen by sheer coincidence.

    But the real challenge of writing is finding a style of your own and spotting writing avenues that others didn't take. Sometimes that means taking a little longer to write, to ensure you're writing something new and different. And sometimes that means going back and re-wrting your work if it appears too similiar to something that's already been published. Is that easy? NO! But it makes you a better writer in the long run.

    On another note, Dave Batista can ABSOLUTELY have a body like that without the crutch of an illegal substance. All these guys (and girls) do is sleep, eat, train, get on planes and perform. Look at John Cena's arms when he joined the company, then look at how enormous they are now. Nobody ever accuses Cena of taking the needle.

  13. As someone with previous experience teaching freshman composition in college--who's looked at plenty of sources, compared them to the originals, and generally taught a hell of a lot about paraphrasing and plagiarism--I find these similarities too close to blow off as "oh, he ACCIDENTALLY said the same thing." There are points where the wording in the second site is so awkward that it makes more sense when compared with the paraphrased language of Razor's site ("I was the slightest bummed" vs. Razor's "I'm a little bummed out by the news" is the best example).

    In my professional opinion, this is plagiarism. And I'm not just coming down on Razor's side here because I frequent the site; I'm saying this because I've been paid to analyze and teach language--particularly language that draws from primary and secondary sources for information--for a living.

  14. Great show as always. From the examples given and reading all the comments posted it's a no brainer that your work is being stolen. You even called that he listens to your radio show and would leave comments and sure enough there he was and admitted but also claimed innocence you can't have your cake and eat it too! Thanks to Razor and Kick Out Wrestling I've been able to slowly get over my need of reading the dirt sheets. I used to go onto Wrestling Revealed on a daily basis and I can't even remember the last time I've visited that site. I still check No Dq every once and again but that's cuz I follow them on twitter as well as Kick Out!

    I was disappointed in this past RAW. Sgt Slaughter was horrible and so was all the anti Canada stuff it wasn't necessary. Maybe if there was an all Canada stable going against an all American stable then OK I could understand that but it was just too much and even Jericho got in on it and that was just horrible! And please WWE enough is enough already please Never Again Allow Jillian Hall to sing it's annoying and stupid. The DX stuff was hilarious especially with the boss and lil girl getting Sweet Chin Music and the old lady who I believe is the mother of Vince or Linda she looked really familiar, but any who the old lady saying Suck It was awesome!!

    OK I'm out Razor Keep Up The Good Work, Jake come up with your own work