Sunday, August 23, 2009

Five Things I want to see at SummerSlam

As you probably know, every Sunday I usually present the Five Count, it's the five biggest wrestling stories of the week in list form, and we all know how much the internet loves a good list. Anyway, on week's where there's a PPV, the Five Count is preempted for Five Things: five things I'd like to see, but don't necessarily expect will happen. Here are my five things for the 22nd installment of SummerSlam!

5. Christian vs. William Regal given at least 15 minutes
It's probably going to be tough to give these guys much more than ten minutes since the card is pretty full, and we all know Kane vs. Khali need 30 minutes to work with! Seriously though, give these two enough time and we'll have a sleeper hit of the night on our hands. Some involvement from Zeke & Kozlov wouldn't hurt either.

4. Great Khali vs. Kane given less than 5 minutes
I hate to harp on how horrible this is, but seriously, is there anyone that actually wants to watch this match? We already had to suffer through it two years ago at WrestleMania 23, and now they're forcing us to watch it again at SummerSlam? It's one thing to put this on a throwaway PPV, but when guys like Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, John Morrison, The Hart Dynasty, Evan Bourne, Miz, Mark Henry, Finlay, and R-Truth don't get to be on the second biggest show of the year, I have to question WWE's sanity. They're just lucky they're not trying to pull this with a New York crowd, who would boo it out of the building.

3. Rey Mysterio retains
I predicted Dolph Ziggler to win, but after watching Smackdown, I'm not so sure. I want Rey to win because he's making the Intercontinental Title seem like a big deal, whereas if he loses, the Intercontinental Title will be making Dolph Ziggler seem like a big deal. The IC Title's had its ups and downs over the years, but there was a time when the belt was almost as prestigious as the WWE Title. When guys like Hogan and Warrior were the torchbearers for WWE, the Intercontinental Title was the belt for the workhorses. Guys like Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were putting on the best matches on the card when they held the title, and Mysterio's been doing a great job of restoring that prestige. I've got nothing against Dolph Ziggler, but Rey's really redefined the role of the Intercontinental Championship and I'd like for that to continue.

2. DX schools Legacy
Alright, I know I've made it pretty obvious, but let me just come right and say it - Rhodes & DiBiase suck. They bore me to tears, they haven't done a single interesting thing since aligning with Randy Orton and their sole purpose seems to be to ruin interesting matches. Hopefully that all comes to an end here tonight when they step in the ring with two bonafide legends, Triple H & Shawn Michaels. We all know this match is likely going to be a squash, but that doesn't mean Legacy can't step up their game (no pun intended). This is their chance, they are in a main event caliber match at the second biggest PPV of the year, against two of the greatest in the industry, if they can't do something to make me care about them tonight, I'm wondering if they ever will.

1. TLC headlines
A lot of rumors circulating that the DX/Legacy match could go on last, and that would be just plain lame. I know, DX is a big deal and Shawn's first match since SummerSlam is huge news, but it's a non-title tag match featuring Legacy, that's not a headliner. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a TLC match? Now THAT'S a main event! I understand the logic behind wanting to send the fans home happy, and if the plan is for Punk to win, a lot of people will be bummed. But as I've mentioned in the past, WWE needs to learn their lesson from WrestleMania - some matches just can't be followed. Triple H vs. Randy Orton certainly couldn't follow Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels and DX vs. Legacy can't follow a freakin' TLC match for the World Title, the crowd will be exhausted. Luckily, this rumor is just coming from the dirtsheets, who are generally wrong about everything anyway, so I'm not too concerned.

And finally, time for you to weigh in. Here are the results from our SummerSlam poll:

DX vs. Legacy (hopefully still a non-main event) - 18%
Christian vs. William Regal - 45%
Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. Cryme Tyme - 10%
Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler - 13%
Jack Swagger vs. MVP - 8%
Kane vs. The Great Khali - 2% (very funny)

Thanks for your votes, I think the right match won, but only time will tell. Make sure to check back at Kick-Out!! Wrestling after the PPV for my full review of SummerSlam 2009!

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