Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Five Count - August 9, 2009

It was a bad week for WWE, which makes The Five Count all the more difficult to compile.

5. Ricky Ortiz released
Not exactly a huge loss for WWE, but I have to admit that I'm a little bummed out by the news. Ortiz was bland as a face, but after his unexplained heel turn, I thought he began showing a lot of potential. The "Rally Up!" gimmick was just something that begged fans to boo and I think he could've at least been a Santino-esque goofball heel on Smackdown. If Ricky improves in the ring, I don't think it'll be long before we see him back in WWE.

4. Twitter is Jericho
Technically this happened last Sunday, but it was after I did The Five Count, so in my book, it counts! Jericho became the first professional wrestler to become the top trending topic on Twitter, thanks to people posting "Chris Jericho facts" ala "Chuck Norris facts." Jeff Hardy was the first wrestler to trend on Twitter after Night of Champions, but he only got to the #2 spot. Since
"Chris Jericho doesn't open a can of whoopass. He makes his from scratch," he obviously earned his place at #1 and made Twitter history.

3. Jeremy Piven's flying crossbody
Okay, so Piven disappointed Monday night, the show was one of the worst in recent history (thanks to Dr. Ken), but if one good thing came out of Piven's appearance on Raw, it was his awesome dive onto John Cena. Seriously, this picture (#21) is one of the coolest visuals I've ever seen, whoever that photographer is, give that man a raise. And kudos to Hurricane Helms, who I believe was the one to teach Piven that move prior to the show last Monday.

2. Matt Hardy returns!
Matt Hardy made a surprise return Friday night on Smackdown as the special enforcer in CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy. Matt shocked the world by actually helping his brother win, but that only raises more questions than it answers. Is Matt turning face? Does he have an issue with CM Punk? Is Matt getting involved in the World Heavyweight Title picture? Guess we're just going to have to watch to find out, but I will say Matt's time in the main event is long overdue. Hopefully he can put this string of injuries behind him and finally get his much-deserved opportunity.

1. Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer
In a week that wasn't really the best for in-ring action, this match stood high above anything else from the last seven days. Whether it was drop toe holds into hot dog carts, nasty welts on Christian's back from Singapore Cane shots, or the Killswitch on a car door, this was one of the best WWE-style hardcore matches in quite some time. Christian's one of the best in the business today, Dreamer is having stellar matches in the twilight of his career, so as far as I'm concerned, you can put these guys in the ring together any time.

Make sure to check back at Kick-Out!! Wrestling tomorrow, Raw will be reviewed later in the evening, but before that, my long-awaited column on Hulk Hogan's rumored return!


  1. great five count, can't wait for the Hogan column.

  2. Chris Jericho Future Endeavored Vince McMahon ;)
    courtesy: twitter.

    thank you twitter