Monday, August 3, 2009

The Five Count - August 3, 2009

A pretty big week for wrestling, but which stories were the biggest?

5. TNA Shake-ups
At first, I wasn't buying the stories about Jeff Jarrett being sent home, I just thought this was another lame attempt at getting 5% of the fans talking. WCW used to do stuff like this all the time in their dying days, but it appears that at least some of these rumors are true. Not sure about some of the more sleazy gossip, the only source for that is still an anonymous call to a radio show, but it is odd that call coincides with all these shake-ups. Creative team members and road agents have been let go, more rumors are popping up, and it definitely has people talking... maybe a restructuring is exactly what this company needs.

4. Christian vs. Zack Ryder
In less than a year's time, Ryder went from being a part of a do-nothing tag team, to possibly ECW's next main event talent, and if that happens, I think a lot it could be attributed to this match alone. Christian made Ryder look like a Superstar and I find it amusing that the same people who whined about Dolph Ziggler not going over Mysterio at the PPV are some of the same people heaping loads of praise onto this match... it's the exact same concept! But it wasn't just guys like me talking about how awesome this match was, even Chris Jericho offered his opinion on his Twitter page:
"Christian and Zakk Ryder tore it up on ecw last night! We always knew Christian was good but Ryder really stepped it up! Woo Woo Woo"

3. The Brian Kendrick released.
Such a bummer and so much wasted potential. If you're a follower of the site, you know I found him to be the most under-utilized performer in WWE, but perhaps because of that, this release is a blessing in disguise. Whatever the reason, WWE didn't see "it" in the man once known as Spanky, but I'm sure some other company out there will. With Ring of Honor moving to Monday Nights before Raw, bringing back Kendrick might be exactly what the company needs to court some of those WWE fans who are looking for something to watch at 8pm.

2. Shaq Attaq!
Jeremy Piven has big shoes to fill this evening after last week's brilliant performance from Shaquille O'Neal. Whether it was verbally sparring with Chris Jericho, goofing off with Hornswoggle & Santino, or getting in a Goliath vs. Goliath struggle with Big Show, Shaq really cemented the concept of the guest host and what it can bring to Monday Night Raw. And judging by the show's Shaq-size rating, I think the audience agreed.

1. Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison
I'm honestly not sure the last time the World Heavyweight Championship was defended on Friday nights, but if it's going to give us matches like this, I'd like to see it happen more often. JR might call it a barn-burner, Michael Cole would say "OH MY!" at least a dozen times, Gorilla Monsoon would've called it a beauty... whatever your cliché of choice, Hardy and Morrison put on a match that was definitely something special. Not quite Match of the Month, thanks to Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio setting the bar obscenely high, but it definitely deserves all the praise its getting, if not more.

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