Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ECW Thoughts - August 4, 2009

Not exactly a tough act to follow for ECW after last night's abysmal Raw, how did things go in the Land of Extreme?

Oh, we're starting off with The Abraham Washington Show? Maybe I spoke too soon. Abe actually cracks a couple amusing jokes compared to his usual material and since they're in New York, he references the David Letterman and Sarah Palin feud, saying the ex-governor is welcome on his show any time. Fun fact about Sarah Palin, she can see Vladimir Kozlov from her house. Abe runs down Long Island, but Zack Ryder interrupts to defend his hometown's honor (sort of); these two ramble on, making fun Shelton Benjamin, which of course cues Shelton Benjamin. The segment really starts to drag at this point and crosses over into the bizarre when Washington suggests they have a singing competition to determine who's more entertaining. The song? "I Only Wanna Be With You" by Hootie & The Blowfish... seriously. Obviously it was picked because Shelton does a damn good Darius Rucker impersonation and I'm oddly finding this somewhat funny. Ryder attacks from behind, but Shelton tackles him on the stage (nasty bump) and then throws him over Washington's couch. Shelton face turn? I approve! Okay, so hell didn't quite freeze over, this wasn't a good Abraham Washington Show, but the temperature at least dropped.

Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov did their weekly crushing of Local Competitor, but this time Zeke attacked the guy twice! See? Totally different. WWE, I'm really intrigued by this storyline, don't be afraid to actually go somewhere with it.

Hurricane sighting! And it gets even better when Paul Burchill breaks the fourth wall and tells the camera "this is ridiculous." Very funny. Eagerly anticipating Hurricane's return to the ring, especially if we're going to see him mix it up with The Ripper.

Sadly, I was not a fan of Sheamus vs. Goldust, their match last week was much better and didn't have such an awkward ending. I'm all for these two feuding, because I definitely think Goldust is a great hand to work with the new Superstar, but they didn't really click this week. Crowd was into it though and solidly behind Goldust, so that's at least promising for the feud.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian was awesome! How awesome? The match ended with Christian hitting the Killswitch on a car door, then pinning Dreamer with the car door! Also, there was a drop toehold into a hot dog stand! Then Dreamer ate a hot dog off the floor... okay that part was weird, but not as weird as Matt Striker plugging 7-11's Superstar cups and saying he's been "drinking Slurpees out of Edge all week." All joking aside, this was a really fun match, a great crowd that was into it the whole way through and Dreamer & Christian brought their A-game as always. They could've easily saved this one for SummerSlam, it was that good.

There wasn't a whole lot going on tonight outside of the title match, but it was good enough to carry this show on its own. Not exactly sure what the next step is for ECW's main event scene, assuming that Tommy Dreamer is out of the picture for now. A couple weeks ago, I would've assumed Christian would be moving into a feud with Kozlov, but now he's tied up with Big Zeke. Zack Ryder's an option, but it looks like he'll be the catalyst for Shelton Benjamin's face turn. Sheamus is busy with Goldust, Burchill's not exactly on a winning streak, so that really only leaves William Regal... please WWE? Pretty please?


  1. I think we're more likely to see Christian feuding with a debuting/returning Miz than William Regal, to be honest. That said, choosing between Miz and Regal is like choosing between... uh... two things that are really, really awesome. No complaints there.

    This show was definitely carried by the main event, but I'm glad it was booked that way. It allowed us to see a main event level match between Christian and Tommy Dreamer go 20 minutes on free TV. Never thought I'd say that a few years ago.

    We were all worried about ECW after the trade/pillaging, but I've got to say, they've done it again and slid right back into stride.

  2. You should've brought up the other greatest thing about the show.

    Last night was apparently so bad that WWE opted to do the SMACKDOWN REBOUND instead.

  3. The Show was mediocre at best. It had its moments though. I liked the Hurricane Helms sighting and I look forward to seeing him in action against Paul Burchill.

  4. I have a prediction for next week Kozlov V random guy, wins with Iron bottom then Zeek comes down does Zeek bottom stear, the end.....they need to go somewhere with this and not drop it like The Brian angles.

    love actually seeing some Extream stuff in Extream Championship Wrestling

    I really want this show to go an extra 30-60 mins although this wasn't the best ECW it miles better than Raw. They just need to add the Hardcore and Cruiserweight titles to stand as there Womans and Intercon/US titles and this would prob be the best show

    I know they'll never do it due to lack of ratings, quick Q i live in London so we get no ads for WWE unless Sky want you to buy a PPV so does ECW just get no build or something