Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ECW Thoughts - August 25, 2009

Great opening segment from the Ruthless Round Table (seriously, great call from Striker, I hope they keep that name) and the ECW Champion, Christian. The "Bill" stuff being especially amusing, though I was hoping for a "Billiam." Even Tiffany did a good job on the mic setting things up for the main event. I really like her as ECW GM, she definitely has a different vibe than any other authority figure throughout WWE's history.

Goldust vs. Sheamus again, pretty standard stuff from these two, but things are bound to continue with the double count-out finish. These guys have good chemistry, and I'm sure the whole idea is for Goldust to get Sheamus more acclimated to WWE TV style, but why not vary it up a bit? How about Goldust & Hurricane vs. Sheamus & Burchill or something like that? The constant rematches are getting a bit exhausting.

Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Shelton Benjamin & Zack Ryder wasn't very enjoyable. The crowd wasn't into it all that much, which I found a bit strange considering how much they've been into Yoshi since he debuted. I think part of it has to be the confusion over whether I'm supposed to be cheering or booing Shelton Benjamin. I thought we were getting a face turn, but he was working particularly aggressive last week against Tyler Reks and now they've got him teaming up with Ryder, but that's who he's feuding with... I don't get it. ECW is short on top level faces and Shelton is much better when he's a good guy, so why the cold feet?

Good stuff in the non-title main event, William Regal vs. Christian. This is the match we should've gotten at SummerSlam, you know... the event people paid $40 to see! Regal winning wasn't surprising, but it's certainly good news, hopefully this means some type of submission match at Breaking Point. It would certainly be a great opportunity to put over the Regal Stretch as one of the most feared holds in wrestling, like it was when he won King of the Ring last year. Speaking of devastating finishers, how nasty was Regal's Knee Trembler tonight? I got a migraine just watching it.

I think this is another week where ECW was carried by one match, but it was such a good match that it's really all that matters. More Christian vs. Regal is certainly good news, but I'd like to see things get shaken up in the undercard. Here's a question I'll pose to you, leave me a comment with your thoughts - does ECW need to resurrect the Television Title?


  1. I'd be up for the TV title being back.. plenty of mid to low card guys that could benefit. Keep it for ECW only and not on PPV

  2. No, they don't need more titles. They just need better angles than "the loser of last week's match makes another challenge".

  3. As a person named Bill, you have no idea how hilarious it was to hear my first name used as an insult.

    If you really want to piss off a guy named William, though, you call him Mr. Bill and make lots of jokes about little clay men. That reference is probably older than most of WWE's audience now, though.

  4. I think the Hardcore would be better for Extreme Championship Wrestling but i don't know what time its aired in the US but they managed to do it for a main event a few weeks ago