Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ECW Thoughts - August 18, 2009

Paul Burchill vs. The Hurricane starts things off on SyFy, complete with Hurricane's new, even more over the top entrance. Solid match between these two, loved the bit with Hurricane posing and Burchill screaming "OH COME ON!" in disgust, absolutely hilarious. Great to see Helms back in the ring and I hope it isn't long before he finds himself in the ECW Championship picture. Hurricane unsurprisingly picks up the win, but Burchill continues to put on a good showing in the ring, I hope WWE notices his hard work.

New backstage interviewer, Courtney Taylor, debuts; is she the one rumored to be taking over for Lillian Garcia? Tommy Dreamer is her first guest, but the interview is cut short when William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov attack. The main event was supposed to be Kozlov & Regal vs. Dreamer & Christian, but after the assault, that's out the window.

The Abraham Washington Show is back to sucking the life out of ECW. After being tolerable for a couple weeks, tonight's episode was a complete waste of time and accomplished absolutely nothing. I love Goldust and Sheamus is one of my favorite new Superstars, but this segment went on way too long and didn't need Abe hanging around being annoying.

Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu was alright, the lame finish certainly didn't help anything. Both these guys have been catching on in ECW, and maybe if they had a little more time to work with, this match would've been a bit more memorable.

Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal vs. Christian & ...EZEKIEL JACKSON! Oh hell yes! Finally some direction in the Kozlov/Jackson feud - OMG Jackson turned on Christian! He's teaming with Regal & Kozlov? PLEASE tell me this is going to be a proper stable, because these three guys tearing through ECW would be nothing short of heeltastic goodness... and yes I just made that word up. I have to admit, I was completely taken by surprise with Zeke turning, I figured they were going to go the route of him and Kozlov feuding and ECW would have another top face since it's usually dominated by heels. But this was one of those moments where being wrong turned out to be awesome, I cannot wait to see what WWE has in store for these three, even if they are total jerks who beat up Captain Charisma.

Light on the wrestling this week, but it's one of those times when you can just let it go because of the awesome storyline development. It was officially announced earlier today that William Regal will be taking on Christian at SummerSlam for the ECW Title, which I've been begging for, but the addition of the two monsters just makes it all the more interesting. It may seem strange, but a last-minute addition to the PPV from the ECW brand might actually be the boiling point for my SummerSlam excitement. Definitely my pick for match I'm most excited about that doesn't involve tables, ladders and chairs.


  1. hey on yout tlc poll... your missing a match. can you think of it? and yes it was with a major company. actually your missing 2 come to think of it......

  2. God, last night was tremendous. I really like seeing the obvious surprise turned into a fantastic BUT SENSIBLE swerve. I mean, everyone and their mother figured out "well, it's probably Zeke that's Christian's partner" and then Zeke took out Christian with that uranage and man...that was the finest ECW ending in a long time and I'm having trouble thinking up a show this important for making characters this year than this ECW.

    Also, no boring Tyler Reks this week on ECW. Maybe he's relegated to Superstars.