Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ECW Thoughts - August 11, 2009

The show starts with "OHHHHHH RADIOOOOOO!" and I already know we're in for a good time. Zack Ryder vs. Shelton Benjamin kick off ECW and hot damn, these two put on a hell of a match. Little bit on the short side, but in terms of a TV match without commercial interruption, this was one of the best I've seen in awhile. The Edmonton crowd was on fire for Shelton and the reaction he got for his win was one of those moments that does all the work for WWE, the face turn has been quickly solidified.

Vladimir Kozlov defeats Local Competitor, no shocker there. And no shock that Ezekiel Jackson came down and roughed up LC as well, then Kozlov hit his finisher on the guy again. Okay WWE, unless you're going to have these guys hit their finishers three times next week, it's time to for this feud/alliance (?) to go somewhere.

Paul Burchill beats up Gregory Helms backstage, that ain't right! He's just a mild-mannered reporter, you jerk!

In case you thought The Bellas had a point on ECW, I hope tonight finally got that idea out of your head. Ring announcing for Paul Burchill vs. Yoshi Tatsu because... I have no clue why. Anyway, Burchill vs. Yoshi was shaping up nicely, the crowd was really behind the newcomer, but it came to an abrupt end due to interference from Katie Lea. But I can forgive a short match when we get the return of THE HURRICANE! Complete with his old music, Hurricane looked great out there and I hope that means we're going to see him back in the ring very soon.

Okay, we already had Kozlov destroy Local Competitor, did we really need to feed the poor guy to Tyler Reks too? Man, that guy just can't catch a break! In all seriousness, two squash matches on one ECW is pretty lame, especially when more time could've been devoted to Burchill/Yoshi or Ryder/Shelton. Reks continues to show that he knows the basics, but I'm beginning to wonder if we have another Ricky Ortiz or DJ Gabriel on our hands.

I have to admit, The Abraham Washington Show is becoming more tolerable as the weeks go on because it seems WWE has figured out how to present the character. The "APPLAUSE" and "LAUGH" signals go a long way in making the show something the crowd can get into and it pushes the idea that Abe is supposed to be annoying. Kinda like Brother Love 2009, I can get behind a concept like that. Christian was insanely over in his home country and got in some zingers on Abe, but the big news came when it was announced that the new #1 Contender for the ECW Title is none other than... William Regal! WWE got me an early birthday present!

William Regal vs. Tommy Dreamer was good stuff, but suffered from the same problem that hurt all the good matches tonight, there just wasn't enough time. Regal works Dreamer's injured arm the entire match, but finishes him off with that BRUTAL knee to the temple. Regal Stretch (!!!) applied after the match and Christian runs in for the save to end the show. Please tell me Regal vs. Christian is happening at SummerSlam, because I'm all for those two getting 15 minutes (or more) at the second biggest show of the year.

Good ECW, dragged down by trying to cram too much in, but the non-squash matches were all very enjoyable even if they were too short. Give me more Regal/Christian, let Shelton Benjamin continue his run as a face, showcase Zack Ryder's lightning-fast improvement and develop the Kozlov/Zeke story and I'll be a happy viewer.


  1. I hate Regal's BRUTAL I KNEE YOU IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD BEEYOTCH, but then again, it's well-documented that I'm not a fan of WWE's move toward running kick/punch/knee shit as finishers. Still, REGAL/CHRISTIAN WOOOOOOO

  2. Much better show than lasy week only no celtic worrior which is 1 mark down. Also The Abraham Washington Show once again takes up time that could have been used for all of the matches.

    Go Regal i think if he wins it will be the first brit to hold a shows major title so do it for us Willy