Thursday, July 30, 2009

WWE Superstars Thoughts - July 30, 2009

Well this was quite an interesting episode of Superstars.

Tyson Kidd vs. John Morrison start the show and they had themselves quite the barn-burner, as JR might call it. Started off a bit slow, but once they got going - I'd say around the time Kidd hit that nasty apron neckbreaker - they didn't stop. These two guys are terrific athletes and I wouldn't be surprised if we see them lock horns over a major singles title in the next few years. Also, the referee ejected Natalya & DH Smith, which is one of my favorite spots in any match that involves people at ringside.

William Regal vs. Yoshi Tatsu was even better than their encounter on last week's ECW, mainly because this time Regal won! Yeah that's right, Regal won a singles match... clean, no less! Regal tossed Yoshi around like a Frisbee in this one, hitting some of those patented suplexes, before finishing him off with that BRUTAL knee to the temple. Every time he does that move, I wonder how he doesn't kill someone with it, it just looks that devastating.

Hey a hype video for MVP? Maybe there's still hope for that push.

Randy Orton vs. Primo is your main event, and it's weird just typing that. I have a couple questions about this match:
1. When's the last time Orton had a singles match not involving Triple H or John Cena?
2. When's the last time Orton won a match without interference from Rhodes or DiBiase?
3. When's the last time Orton hit the RKO after doing all the theatrics, punching the mat, stalking his opponent, etc?
Oddly enough, I enjoyed this main event as it played to Orton's strengths. It made sense for him to work that slow, methodical style because it seemed like he was toying with Primo the majority of the time. Primo got a couple shots in and hit some beautiful armdrags, but obviously the WWE Champion came out on top after hitting the RKO. I'd like to see more matches like this, major Superstars taking on midcard talent, reminds me of the days when Triple H would tangle with guys like Maven or TAKA Michinoku when he was WWE Champion.


  1. yeah, I like it too when the main eventers take on the mid-card! It kinda gives the mid carder something of a boost! I remember back in the day Hulk Hogan took on Nikolai Volkoff and I also remember when he took on Mr Perfect! Great days! :)

    I think wwe is bringing back some things from way back ...

    anyway, nice article. I'm still bummed about TBK :(

  2. I'm finding myself wishing it was aired here...