Saturday, July 25, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - July 24, 2009

It's the final show before Night of Champions!

Jeff Hardy kicks things off and the crowd pops HUGE for the number one contender. Jeff cuts a pretty fun promo, gets the crowd fired up and makes his case for why he'll be leaving NoC as the new World Heavyweight Champion. But first, he has to get through Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy
was what you should expect from these two, awesome. Actually, this match was so good, I made a list of things in this match that could honestly make up this week's entire Five Count. Let's take a look:
5. Old school Jericho - Jericho pulled out some classic heel moves from his archives in this one, including some weak, insulting kicks to the face and literally walking over Jeff Hardy. I was waiting for the one-foot "C'MON BABY!" pin.
4. Hardy's corner-dropkick reversed into the Walls of Jericho.
3. Jericho actually connecting with the Lionsault - when's the last time that happened?
2. Twist of Fate into a Codebreaker - and Hardy went flying out of the ring for good measure.
1. Big-time Swanton Bomb - if you ever talk to someone who says the Swanton is a weak finisher, just show them the ending to this match.

Nice little hype video for John Morrison, I have a feeling his big push is right around the corner.

Melina throwing make-up in Michelle McCool's face was the most I've ever cared about this feud, or anything McCool's ever done, ever. I find the segment amusing since almost all the make-up actually went in McCool's mouth, hopefully it keeps her from talking.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay wasn't anything special, but did what it needed to do. I like Ziggy's finisher, this apron-assisted version was especially nasty, but he really needs to come up with a name for it. Since Zack Ryder came up with "The Zack Attack" a week after I suggested a different name, I figure I'll do the same favor for Dolph. I'm hereby dubbing his move "The Formal Introduction" until it's given an official name.

The Great Khali vs. Mike Knox?! Haven't seen him in awhile. Khali gets an easy win despite an attempted distraction from Kane, which continues this feud revolving entirely around random interference without any other reason. Oh and I think I'd rather actually see more Khali vs. Knox matches before I see one Khali vs. Kane match. I experienced it once at WrestleMania 23 and I'm still trying to forget it ever happened.

Loved this week's Word Up! Slam-masta J. is quickly becoming one of the highlights of my week. I'm with ya J-Dizzle, don't be lettin' dem clowns from Canadia serve you dat Haterade. Werd.

CM Punk's "challenge" to the WWE Universe was amazing. He plays the straight-edge elitist gimmick so well, I'm beginning to wonder if that's what he's really like. This condescending, preachy, annoyingly calm promo is a refreshing change of pace from the typical in-your-face, yelling that you usually get from wrestling promos. And "just saying no" to Jeff Hardy? Priceless.

Eve vs. Natalya was lame. You can't have Natalya just beat the holy hell out of this girl and then let her get a fluke win after hitting one move! Natalya was working the kind of match that most male wrestlers should strive for and then takes a BS loss like that? But with that said, I do think Eve has promise, she's probably the most promising out of the newest batch of Divas. As long as she keeps working with someone as great as Natalya, she may just realize that potential.

R-Truth vs. Charlie Haas up next... if you traversed the sad, shallow waters of wrestling message boards in the last two weeks, you may have seen people freaking out about WWE "ruining" R-Truth by turning him into Pretty Ricky. Lots of people assumed that was going to be his new gimmick, now let's all point and laugh at them. Pretty Ricky seems to be an alter-ego, something for comedy bits while R-Truth does all the wrestling. The bit is lame, but just another reason to not pay any attention to the overreacting portions of the Internet Wrestling Community. As for the actual match, pretty good... Truth looked like he legitimately tweaked his knee, if that's the case, Haas did a good job improvising and working it the entire match. Good to see R-Truth winning again.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk was a good main event, but obviously hampered by the DQ ending with Dolph Ziggler interfering. Ziggler hitting the Formal Introduction twice on Mysterio makes me feel more confident about my prediction that Mysterio will retain. Mysterio's gotten beat up way too much in this feud, so I can't see him dropping the belt already. Jeff Hardy running attempting to make the save only to get a GTS for his troubles serves him right. How dare he assault the World Heavyweight Champion like that on the way to the ring? Hardy could've easily broken Punk's wrist and left him unable to compete this Sunday and deprive us of a World Title match!

All in all, pretty good, but slightly uneventful Smackdown. That would usually create some reservations about the PPV in two days, but SD's so good right now, I know they'll deliver Sunday night. Actually, I'm fairly confident all three brands will bring the goods, this is one of the most well-balanced PPVs in awhile, most likely due to the fact that all the titles are being defended. If there weren't a PPV on Sunday, I'd immediately say Jericho/Hardy is Match of the Week, but I'm pretty sure a few Night of Champions matches will give it some serious competition.


  1. ".. wonder if that's what he's really like"

    did you ever read his LiveJournal entries when he was just some guy having good matches in IWA Mid-South and various midwest indies? He was a total douchebag, internet troll type more or less. I wouldn't be surprised if that IS what he's really like :P

  2. Punk's own journal was actually pretty hilarious (a shame he stopped updating it in 2005). It was Chris Hero that decided to blog in character as a douchebag.