Saturday, July 18, 2009

Smackdown Thoughts - July 17, 2009

So it's about 2:30 am as I write this, I usually don't review Smackdown on Friday night (Saturday morning, whatever) and I usually don't even watch SD until Saturday afternoon, but I had such an awesome day I figured I'd give something back. No huge good news or anything today, but a lot of little things, including my local MyNetworkTV affiliate finally presenting tonight's Smackdown in HD. So let's take a look at the Blue Brand in glorious High Definition.

Jeff Hardy starts things off and gets into some pretty personal details about his personal life and his WWE career. All fairly well known stuff: suspensions, drugs, etc. but it's pretty crazy to see them get that in-depth about it. CM Punk interrupts and continues to make me wonder why he's the heel in this situation. He made a great point about living a clean and sober life, yet kids in the audience look up to Jeff Hardy as their hero and he wonders what kind of message that sends. Without getting into my devil's advocate character, I admit that I'm wondering the same thing, but Jim Ross does a great job of selling it as Punk being obnoxious and preachy.

CM Punk vs. John Morrison is up next. This match was just as good as their last and probably going to wind up as Match of the Week, but it's no surprise considering the participants. Morrison shockingly picks up another win over the World Champ, this time thanks to an awesome counter to Punk's attempt at a la magistral cradle. Well, I think it's pretty much safe to assume it's going to be Punk vs. Morrison as the next big World Title feud if Jeff Hardy does indeed take time off. Can't wait to see what these two are capable of if given twenty minutes and a big stage like SummerSlam. Looks like the people who voted in the Kick-Out!! poll about future World Champs may be onto something.

Layla dancing... okay, point to this? I know they're in Miami and she used to be a dancer for the Heat, but really? Of all people to save a segment, Ricky Ortiz arrives with a bag full of rally washcloths for the audience. He gives one to Layla and she drops it in the ring, he acts like it's some huge insult. Is the Ricky Ortiz rally towel like the American flag, you're not supposed to let it touch the ground?

Funny Word Up! segment this week. Did Jesse really refer to Eve as his "boo"? Hilarious.

Kane vs. R-Truth and of course Kane wins because Kane isn't allowed to lose even though his character never goes anywhere. We also get more of Kane's riveting feud with The Great Khali, why are they fighting? I dunno and apparently neither does WWE, but when Kane wrestles, Khali is required to come down after the match; when Khali wrestles, Kane is required to interfere during the match. Really, I'm one of the easiest fans to please, but this "feud" is just terrible... at least R-Truth got to hit the missile dropkick after the fact.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme & Eve this is what I've been waiting months for, Natalya wrestling! And she didn't disappoint either, she folded Eve up like an accordion with that discus clothesline! Wow... and damn! This is the kind of match I've been wanting to see in the Harts/Cryme Tyme feud, mixing it up a bit, not just straight-up tag matches every week. Now seriously, JTG vs. Tyson Kidd. Next week. Pretty please. With sugar on top. [/HarveyKeitel]

And so the Edge face turn begins. A few weeks ago, after the uncomfortable verbal destruction of Vickie Guerrero, I said Edge wouldn't be able to turn face any time soon. Naturally, Edge has to go and prove me wrong by getting one of the worst injuries in sports. Ultimate Opportunist, indeed! Edge is definitely going to get a monstrous reaction upon his return, my only hope is he can be back in time to take on Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 26.

Main Event time! Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler vs. Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio is classic WWE booking, take two of your big feuds and pair the guys up for a tag match. As I type this, I realize I did not mention the Dolph Ziggler/Rey Mysterio segment in my Superstars review and I'm not sure what made it slip my mind since it was easily the highlight of that show. If I hadn't forgotten, I would've said that Night of Champions is Dolphy Z's big chance to prove himself worthy of moving up the card. Mysterio is notorious for being one of the easiest men in the business to work with, so if Ziggler goes out there and tears the house down next Sunday, I think the vacant spot in the main event scene due to Edge's injury is his to take.

This match was a rock solid - if a bit formulaic - Smackdown main event. I did love the ending with Hardy trying to toss Jericho into CM Punk at the commentary table, only for Punk to throw Jericho into Jeff and causing him to hit the steel stairs at a really nasty angle. Jericho's face after tossing Hardy back into the ring and hitting him a Codebreaker was absolutely priceless, so proud of himself, like he just won the WWE Title or something. And Jeff, as you were laying their on the mat, I hope you realized you had no one to blame but yourself for that one. You tried to assault a man who was simply doing commentary at ringside, maybe next time you'll think twice before attempting such a cowardly act!

Good Smackdown aside from the baffling Layla segment and the painfully stale Kane. SD easily continues to dominate the professional wrestling landscape with smart, yet simple storylines and strong in-ring action. Can't wait to see what they have in store for the go-home show next week before Night of Champions.


  1. You mean Kane vs. Pretty Ricky, since obviously that's his new character. R-Truth doesn't exist anymore, Zero. The dirtsheets told me.

  2. That CM Punk promo sounds really good, I'll have to tune in tomorrow. Punk is the best heel in WWE at the moment, just because he is acting as a face, completely truthfully, with justification and proof, yet still gets himself booed.

    Punk is probably the best thing in WWE at the moment, and that is saying quite a lot, given the quality of the 6 hours of programming we get each week. Can't wait for the inevitible Punk/Morrison feud.

  3. I think you nailed it with your comments on Punk's promo, sir. It seems like the intention was to make everyone think that while Punk's right, Jeff's trying, so why be such a jerk about it?

    I really like it. It's layered and complexed, but it's also believable.

    This is the first week I've ever gotten to watch all four shows in the proper order. I can never remember Superstars. I have to say, WWE did good TV through and through this week.

  4. The WWE working with nuance... who'd have thunk it ;)

  5. I really can't say much, sadly I couldn't watch this smackdown :(
    I'll have to see if someone has it TiVo'd...

    Nonetheless, I have come to really like Eve. She was never someone I disliked but I like her more now. I'm wondering about some kind of romance angle?
    Eh, whatever the case I like her teaming up with Cryme Time.
    (Oh and I got a response for her on twitter on a drawing I did :D I was flattered)

    Without getting too far into anything else, I don't know whether I'm glad that Punk is, I guess, fully heel now (He refused to shake Morrisons hand after the match yes?) or annoyed that the straightedge thing has come up.
    It's great to use in the script either way for sure, it's just that I find I cop a lot more heat for it now Punk is a bad guy.

    I'm straightedge and yes, I'm proud of it. I know that taking drugs doesn't make you a bad person, nor does drinking or smoking. They may not be good choices (especially the illegal drugs etc) but they don't automatically make you a bad person and I would never ever look down on a person because of that, but I find that some wrestling fans are verbally abusing me now because I am.

    I don't know if they've noticed, but I'm a massive Hardy fan so I'm definitely not evil for being straightedge.

    It's just frustrating- people can't separate kayfabe from real life.

  6. Ack, my bad, **response from her

  7. Best thing to do with those kind of people is laugh at them.

  8. I tend to ignore them altogether, even though it does annoy me.