Monday, July 13, 2009

Raw Thoughts - July 13, 2009

"Rawbot Chicken," "Raw Is Seth," "Raw Goes Green," obviously the big news heading into tonight's show was Seth Green guest hosting... how'd he do?

Triple H starts us off and man, the Orlando crowd is really pumped for The Game. Triple H introduces Seth Green and the crowd is bonkers for him too! The two banter back and forth, they show a clip of an upcoming episode of Robot Chicken where HHH lends his voice talents and then of course, Randy Orton has to come out and crash the party. Way to suck all the fun out of a room, Randy! Seth Green makes the main event, Legacy vs. Triple H, John Cena and... Seth Green?! Oh, this could get ugly.

Mickie James, Gail Kim & Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes in a Summer Swimsuit Spectacular Beach Blast Divapalooza was alright. As the First Lady of Kick-Out!! mentioned, it's odd seeing the Divas wrestle in bikinis because when you think about it, they look less ridiculous than usual since they're not in ring attire that is designed to make their breasts look as large and pushed together as possible. They almost look like real women! Quite a novel concept for WWE. The match was as good as five barefoot women (and one in sneakers) trying not to fall out of their bikinis could have been.

Poor Primo, gets beat up by his older brother and is apparently forced to wear the wear the worst tights ever as a result. Primo demands a face-to-face with Carlito, but he gets The Miz instead! In case you forgot, Miz is still AWESOME and got an easy win over the former tag champ (with a little help from Carlito). Oh and anyone notice that Miz's new finisher is the same move Chris Jericho used for about a month back in 2001, The Breakdown? A subtle nod to their Twitter feud, perhaps?

Jack Swagger vs. MVP is next and while we're on the subject of ring attire, Jack Swagger's new swag (ha) is pretty slick. Good match between these two, although I'm sure people are going to start getting concerned about MVP's standing within the company. He seemed to be getting groomed as the next big thing and now he's losing clean to Jack Swagger? But hey, one loss is just that, one loss and anyone can be built back up with the right push. Even if it's just being put on the back-burner, that doesn't mean WWE's given up on the guy.

Chris Jericho using the Jerichopedia on Seth Green was a pretty funny segment. Honestly, I don't know how Jericho keeps a straight face when he goes off on these tangents. After commercial, Jericho heads to the ring to make an announcement about the future of the Unified Tag Titles after Edge's unfortunate injury. And really WWE, did you need to show the photos of Edge's surgery in full color? It was bad enough seeing his Achilles tendon being pulled out of his foot in black and white... blargh. Anyway, the good news is Jericho does not have to relinquish the gold thanks to a clause in his contract; apparently aside from being the best wrestler alive, Jericho is also clairvoyant and knew Edge would get hurt. So it's going to be Jericho & ??? vs. Legacy at Night of Champions. I'm a sucker for mystery partners, hopefully this one doesn't disappoint.
My heart is rooting for a guy like The Brian Kendrick, who would make sense since he was looking for a partner months ago, but my brain suggests it won't be that shocking. Who do you think it's going to be?

Mark Henry rudely interrupts Chris Jericho and tricks him into thinking they're buddies, but then Mark sucker punches him! C'mon, you're the World's Strongest Man, why fight like a coward?! Mark proceeds to ruin Jericho's expensive new suit and then a referee comes out and makes the match official?! What kind of show is Seth Green running here?! Jericho's not even dressed to compete, he has dress shoes and pants on! Totally unfair, and Jericho will have no part of it, walking away and getting counted out. Good for you Chris, you don't have anything to prove and unless it's tag team action, you're not even supposed to compete on Raw!

Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero didn't have the charm that it did last Thursday on Superstars. Don't really see the point behind doing a rematch, but I guess WWE's really desperate to get Hornswoggle and Chavo on Raw? Oooookay then.

Big Show vs. Evan Bourne was just uncomfortable to watch. When a guy hits a missile dropkick at full force off the top rope and it looks like it hurts him more than his opponent, the match-up probably isn't very fair. And that spear was just absolutely disgusting, if you missed it, Evan somehow managed to land on his head after taking it. I really hope he's okay and I hope Kofi Kingston doesn't suffer a similar fate. But speaking of the US Champ, he did a great job on commentary, they really need to let him talk more.

ZZ Top is guest hosting next week?! I totally called that a few weeks back on Kick-Out!! Radio when it looked like the guest host idea wasn't going to happen since Vince bought Raw back from Trump! This should be a lot of fun, ZZ Top are huge WWE fans and maybe they'll even perform. Fun useless trivia about ZZ Top, did you know the only guy in the band without a beard is named Frank Beard?

Legacy vs. Triple H, John Cena & Seth Green was a surprisingly fun main event, and DAMN did Seth Green clock Cody Rhodes or what? Anyone who punches Cody Rhodes in the face like that is okay in my book. Plus, us short men have to stick together, 5'4" and proud! The crowd was red hot for this one and they were rallying behind Seth Green the entire time, which was quite funny. Looked like Legacy got DQed for using a chair, but has it listed as a no-contest, not that it really matters who wins a match like this. Still, how great would it have been for Seth Green to pin Cody? Hahaha.

Alright, aside from the useless Hornswoggle/Chavo match, this Raw was a lot of fun. The Orlando crowd was on fire the entire night, which always makes a show better and Seth Green did a fantastic job as the guest host. Much like Ted DiBiase last week, in the eyes of this fan, Seth is welcome back any time. As gimmicky as this whole idea is, this guest hosting business might just be what Raw needed to get back on track, it's a lot of fun and definitely more interesting than Million Dollar Mania.


  1. Maybe it's just me, but I found this episode kinda boring. Seth Green was the highlight for me. Past that ... eh.

    Jericho's new partner? I'm going with The Miz.

    Oh, and your "They look like real women!" comment should probably say "They almost look like real women!" Still not a lot of "real" women looking like that in everyday life. :)

  2. That's funny, you mentioned the "almost look like real women" line when I just edited the post. Yeah, "almost" is definitely a difference maker in that statement.

    I think the show was fun mainly thanks to the crowd. When a crowd is really into something, I'm generally sucked in as well.

  3. Oh and if Miz winds up being Jericho's partner after all that business on Twitter, I will laugh my ass off. It would be pretty brilliant and Miz doesn't have anything really going on, so why not?


  5. That move that Miz used to end the match reminded me more of the Stroke if you ask me. Jericho (and then Edge about 6 months/a year later (or other way around)) would jump more and would land in a seated position, and maybe even run into it too IIRC. At least thats what I'm remember from the SD! games.

    I'm curious and quite shocked, how come Triple H got that big of a reaction at the start? I mean it was as if he had just returned or survived an illness or car crash or something (that sounds worse than it does in my head ¬¬).

  6. It's definitely The Breakdown...


    And yeah, that reaction for Triple H was off the charts. But the crowd was great all night, so I think it's just a case of a hot crowd being excited for one of the biggest names in the business.