Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poll - Best in Show

First, the results from our previous poll. Nothing too shocking, a couple surprises though:


Monday Night Raw - 0%

ECW on Sci-Fi - 25%

WWE Superstars - 3%

Friday Night Smackdown! - 59%

TNA iMPACT! - 7%

Ring of Honor on HDNet - 0%

Other - 3%

Really? No votes for Raw at all? I know it's been bad, but that's pretty surprising. Also surprised that no one voted for Ring of Honor, perhaps because most people don't have HDNet? I am curious what the "other" vote was for, if you voted for a different show, feel free to let me know what it is, I'd like to check it out.

New poll up now - Who would you say is the best Superstar (not necessarily "wrestler") in WWE right now? I listed who I feel are the nine biggest Superstars, and if your pick isn't on there, please let me know by voting "other" and leaving a comment. What defines "best" is up to you, and feel free to let me know what brought you to your decision. Poll closes on Wednesday, so get your votes in soon!



    Poll fails. Repoll and try again. Thank you for playing Poll Position.

  2. I am just surprised that TNA got some votes instead of Raw.

  3. The other vote was probably MMA Ultimate Fighter

  4. Could be for the NWA Showcase or a local indy fed. MMA shows shouldn't qualify.

  5. Or Classic AWA action ;)

  6. It's got to be Chris Jericho, hands down. He was the 2008 superstar of the year for a reason, he's created and perfected what may be the most effective heel in the business since the days of Hollywood Hogan, he can pull a fantastic match out of almost anyone on the roster and has consistently had the best feuds on the roster no matter what brand or who he was feuding with.

    No competition as far as I'm concerned. In 2008, an argument could have been made for Randy Orton and in a few years I think Punk will be close to Jericho's greatness, but right now, Y2J is the best of the best.

  7. PUNNNNNNNNNNNNNK. I just love the guy right now. He's put up some fine performances, is likable enough to make sense at being the sympathetic guy that he actually IS right now, but he's slowly using everything to his advantage in such a way that he will be a phenomenal heel. All of the little tweenerisms he's done has only strengthened the heel reaction and then the dichotomy of the face/heel reaction he gets.

    I would pick Jericho, but Jericho's been doing exactly what he's always done. I should pick Christian simply because of how much of a crown jewel he is on ECW and how much of a true starmaker he is, but right now at this moment, Punk has been the best at truly sustaining a massive negative reaction. Anybody that watched Superstars or The Bash with the eye bit knows that the crowd is livid with him and want, no, DEMAND that Jeff gets that revenge. That's why Punk is the best right now.

  8. Dammit, I'm half asleep and read the quesion wrong. I thought it was biggest star, not best, so I ended up voting for Cena. Pretend I said Jericho.

  9. Voting for Sheamus on this computer as well just to say DAMN YOU STATISTICAL ACCURACY.