Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poll - Next World Champ?

First, the results from our previous poll:

John Cena - 1%
Jeff Hardy - 12%
Christian - 1%
Rey Mysterio - 1%
Chris Jericho - 45% (!!!)
CM Punk - 14%
Randy Orton - 5%
Edge - 2%
Triple H - 3%
Other - 11%

I'm pretty sure (hoping) the majority of "Other" votes were for Sheamus. I'm not surprised Jericho won this, but in a poll with so many options, I can't believe how much he absolutely dominated the competition. He definitely deserves it and here's hoping he'll be a back-to-back Superstar of the Year.

Now for our new poll - Which of the listed Superstars who have never been WWE or World Champion is most likely to capture one of those titles within the next twelve months? Explain your answer in a comment if you'd like and get your vote in soon, poll closes on Monday.


  1. I said John Morrison because a) he is awesome at what he does b) Smackdown is a better place to get a shot at gold at the moment (even without the injuries and potential loss of another star due to the nature of his contract) and c) as great as Christian is, he is still on ECW which really limits his opportunities to grab that gold (if he was on Raw/Smackdown, I think he would be getting the push).

  2. I think Morrison is the most likely for a few reasons. Smackdown's the brand most likely to pull a move like that, giving Morrison a short title reign before putting it on another top heel like Punk or Jericho. It has nothing to do with Morrison being better than anyone else (out of the list, I'd rather see MVP get the nod first), but the fact is that Morrison is in the best position to get a top title run right now.

  3. Don't get me wrong Sousa, I'm a huge MVP fan and I have often lamented that he isn't getting the right kind of push despite the seemingly right conditions to have one. But I do like the style of wrestling Morrison is involved with as well.

  4. I can easily see Jack Swagger rocketing up through the ranks now that he's not on ECW anymore. I don't think he'll get the shot on RAW, but maybe a trade to Smackdown! or something.