Sunday, July 26, 2009

WWE Night of Champions 2009 Review

I was worried right off the bat when Chris Jericho & ??? vs. Legacy kicked off the event. In this week's podcast, I was hoping for Christian to go heel on Tommy Dreamer and come out later as Jericho's partner, so that idea was shot down immediately. Turns out, Big Show is Jericho's partner and my immediate reaction was "wow, what a letdown." After having a few hours to think about it, I think there's a lot of potential to make this a really good angle. The world's largest athlete combined with the best pro wrestler alive? Yeah, I'm digging it. Big Show's makeover is a welcome change as well, he's needed new ring attire since... always. This works, even if it does make him look like Earthquake. As for the actual match, it featured Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, so I hope you weren't expecting much. Best part about this match was the fact that Big Show's handprint stayed on Cody's chest in the form of a disgusting welt for two hours. Thankfully JeriShow retained, because if Legacy won the belts here, it would've been the worst PPV of 2009 by default.
Predictions: 1-1

CM Punk's "blame the single parents" promo was sheer genius. If Punk keeps it up with stuff like this, he might just get to a 9 on the 10-point scale of infuriating a crowd. Why just a 9? Because the Dudley Boyz in ECW are at 10, and no one's ever going to top them.

Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer was highly enjoyable, but the dead crowd dragged it down. Come on, it's Tommy Dreamer defending the ECW Championship in Philly, make some damn noise, people. The Tommy Dreamer Appreciation Tour was fun while it lasted, but if they're not going to team Christian with Jericho, then WWE definitely made the right call by putting the belt back on Captain Charisma. Probably my second favorite match of the night, and I'm excited about what lies in Christian's path on Tuesday nights. William Regal feud, please!
Predictions: 1-2

Six-Pack Challenge was fun, but there were way too much downtime throughout the match. Also, I have to give it a big "LAME!" for putting Primo in instead of Evan Bourne when Big Show dropped out. Bourne has a victory over the US Champion and he's yet to receive his title match, what gives?! Definitely some innovative spots like Carlito's double springboard dive outside the ring and the double-superplex-powerbomb-o-doom. I was obviously pulling for The Miz to win, but I'm glad Kofi Kingston retained because it really solidifies him as the guy who can win any multi-man match, no matter how much you stack the odds against him. Triple Threat, Fatal Four-Way, Six-Pack Challenge? No problem, mon! Next stop? Put the title on the line in a 15-man Battle Royal! I believe in you, Kofi!
Predictions: 2-3

Okay, so Michelle McCool vs. Melina was way better than it had any right to be. I'm still not sold on McCool the entertainer, but she got the job done in the ring tonight and put on the best women's match I've seen in WWE since Melina took on The Glamazon earlier this year at The Rumble. From the minute McCool hit Melina with the baseball slide when she was doing her splits entrance, I was into this one. It wasn't a great match or anything, but it blew away expectations, and gave me a shred of hope for the Women's Title division.
Predictions: 3-4

As soon as I saw that John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton was the fifth match on the card, I knew we were in store for all sorts of shenanigans. All I wanted was for this match to show us that these three are on top of WWE for a reason, but all it did was infuriate me. I'm totally over the "boo!/yay!" punch trade-off, it's hokey at this point and they had to do it twice? And can someone explain to me why people are Randy Orton fans? If anything came out of this match, WWE definitely solidified him as the top heel as there's literally no reason to like the guy. He taps out to a double submission hold, but that doesn't end the match? Then needs Legacy has to come interfere, hits the RKO and wins? What the hell is that?! All this means is we're going to get subjected to more Cena/Orton/Triple H in Raw's stale main event scene... lovely. I know WWE likes to get cute with match finishes, but I'd love to see the precedent where if you submit, the match doesn't end. If anything, the title should be vacated like it was back when Triple H, Chris Benoit and Edge had that Triple Threat where Edge pinned Benoit, but was tapping out at the same time. Hell, HHH wasn't even involved in that decision and lost the title, Randy Orton tapped out, he should not get to walk out as WWE Champ. I'm struggling to think of a lamer finish to a main event match than this one.
Predictions: 3-5 (should've known better than to pick anyone but Orton)

Mickie James vs. Maryse was the women's match I was actually excited about, and man it was painful to watch. Dead crowd, slow pace, just didn't click at all. Their matches on Raw a couple months back were better than this one, so I'm not sure what happened. At the very least, Mickie is champ and I hope that means a feud with The Glamazon is in her future.
Predictions: 4-6

I enjoyed Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler stepped up and showcased his abilities tonight. I'm not surprised by the loss, but I don't think it will do anything to hurt him; he hung in there on a high-profile PPV match, didn't let the pressure get to him, hit some really cool moves and sold like a champ, so I think this is only just the beginning for ol' Ziggles. The big question I have is, when is Rey Mysterio going to get another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship? This guy's been on fire in 2009, putting on some matches that are nothing short of perfection, he deserves a main event match!
Predictions: 5-7

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy was good, but a bummer, I didn't want Punk to lose! How awesome was Punk throughout the entire contest? Those little facial expressions, especially the one when he hit his running knee in the corner, were even making me hate him. The match itself was great, but the outcome raises a lot of questions... is Jeff Hardy actually taking time off or was it all a big ruse? Or, as I fear, is this the beginning of the Jeff Hardy gets fired storyline? Although, as I was joking when I was watching the match, it would be amusing if CM Punk accused Jeff Hardy of using performance enhancers in order to kick-out(!!) of the Go To Sleep. Tacky, but funny. If Jeff is sticking around, I'm all for him getting an actual run with the World Championship, he's arguably the most popular wrestler in the country right now, he certainly deserves it. But if Jeff does take time off, I hope this win is simply so he can go out putting someone over and drop the belt back to CM Punk at SummerSlam. Still, my personal disappointment aside, I am a huge Jeff Hardy fan and him winning the World Title in the main event is never a bad way to end a show.
Predictions: 5-8

Overall, I hate to admit it, but I was disappointed with Night of Champions. The WWE Title match especially left a bad taste in my mouth, almost making my disappointment turn into outright hatred. I've been cutting Raw a lot of slack lately with the fun guest host idea, but if they don't do something about the main event scene, I'm going to come unglued. I'm so over Randy Orton, the sooner they get the belt off him and give him a break from the title hunt, I'll be much more interested. As for the rest of the PPV, I enjoyed the matches, but nothing really stood out aside from Hardy's big title win, which finally got the crowd on their feet. At least the bigger and (hopefully) better SummerSlam is next month.

UPDATE - 1:30 am
Okay, so the reaction on Twitter has been nothing short of amazing and it definitely brings a smile to my face on a night where I expected to be annoyed. If you're not familiar with Twitter, "Jeff Hardy" is the first ever WWE topic to "trend" on the social networking site, it's one of the top ten phrases being mentioned by its users. For all my gripes I have with this PPV, at the very least I have to admit that WWE gave the fans what they wanted in the main event and it's awesome to see Jeff Hardy get this kind of response.


  1. I feel like I disagree a great deal with a lot of the immediate reaction to it. I do agree with the idea that a Show and Jericho team is fine. Everyone will hate it because "lol big slow" but it makes sense. Jericho gets the biggest monster he can find to help him win matches, and thus the team seems near impossible to beat. And realistically, it just gives Jericho a shot to work and take the heat of the opponents and then have Show come in as the monstrous partner. It's fine.

    I also think people aren't giving the Dolph Ziggler match near enough credit. I don't really think it dragged, especially when near every match on the show dragged. I don't buy the crowd argument when near every match on the show had a BAD CROWD. I also got the sense that this match's placement gave Ziggler the type of exposure he needs and he shined in the match most definitely.

    Once again, it was a status quo show, but how did anyone expect amazement here? The title matches would be fun (which they were in a sense), a star was definitely helped in Dolph Ziggler, and I'm still curious where the Punk thing goes.

  2. The crowd definitely did a lot to hurt this one. Not that I'm surprised, it's Philly, they booed Santa Claus.

    Nothing bad to say about any of the actual performances, except maybe the WWE Title match, since I know they're capable of better. But weird decisions mixed with matches going too long and a terrible crowd just combined to really drag this show down.

  3. I was really disappointed to see Punk lose the title. If Jeff leaves and loses the title to Punk at Summerslam, I'm going to see him as nothing more than a paper champion.

    Also, despite Punk's promo and his overconfident smirk during the match, I still see him as a tweener. Maybe that's just me, though. I really look forward to seeing what they do with Punk next.

    To be honest, I really wanted him to solidify his heel status during this match. A dirty move to win or some post-match attack on Hardy would have been great IMO. Imagine Punk retaining the title after a wicked chair shot, and then the lights get cut, and Taker comes out. That's a feud I would really have liked to see.

  4. I don't see how Hardy losing the belt at SummerSlam would make Punk a paper champion, it would be the right thing to do... it makes Punk a legit champion. Right now, his reign is entirely thanks to the MITB contract. If Jeff drops the belt to Punk at SummerSlam on his way out, that's doing the right thing. That's how Brock Lesnar won his first WWE Title, beating The Rock, who was on his way out.

  5. Hi, I am Tom, I live in the Philippines, although I am from Northern Ireland (so bear that in mind when I comment on a Finlay or Sheamus match :)


    The PPV, what can I say? I'll tell you what I liked, what I didn't like and that'll be it.

    First, I just wanna say I am glad that in the Philippines PPV's are played free on TV live. So that's good, because if I payed to see this, I'd be pissed off tbh.

    What I liked:

    -The Christian Win. It needed to happen.
    -The segment with Miz and Rick the model Maryse.
    -Dolph Ziggler ... he really impressed me with a lot of his offence.

    -Punk's awesome promo skills.

    -punk's facial expressions in-ring. Priceless.

    -ReyRey. IMHO, the best of the best right now.

    What I hated:

    -Jerry Lawler's use of "literally" when what he means is the OPPOSITE of literal. "They're literally throwing bombs in there" etc etc.

    -The fact that the arguments with cole and king during the maryse match was more exciting than the actual match!

    -Michelle McCool. She's got a horrible face, don't like her body and she's boring. I don't like her entrance theme either.

    -Dammit JR, we know mccool has a feckin Masters Degree, you mention it in every damn match.

    -Dammit Cole, we know she was a teacher. You mention it in every damn match!

    -I was let down by Big Show being the mystery partner. I was building myself up too much for this match. I really wanted it to be some spectacular revelation. It's just boring old Biggy Slow-Slow.

    -Damn boring-ass match b/n Triple H (should be triple Z), randy Bore-ton, and John Boring Cena. I nearly fell asleep. Damn, the most interesting thing about any of these three is their ring entrance. Everything after is anticlimactic. Trips, a 40 year old pro wrestler who has now made a crappy version of the sharpshooter into the 5th move he knows. Orton with his mindnumbing boringness, and Cena with his ... unbearable presence. These 3 men are like farts.



    that's all I gotta say for now.



  6. Oops, I don't think I was clear enough. I meant if Hardy lost the title at Summerslam, it would make him seem like a paper champion. But I agree with you that it would be the right thing to do. Personally, I can't stand really short title reigns. I just see it as something really pointless to put the title on hardy if he's going to be taking time off.

  7. Oh I gotcha interpol... well I don't think it will hurt Hardy. If he does take time off and drop the belt next month, no one will worry about it when he makes his return.

    Short reigns are necessary sometimes, annoying others. WWE's been bouncing the belts around a lot this year, but the back and forth between Hardy and Punk might not be a bad idea if they do it right.

  8. Happy 40th Birthday to Triple z (h)


  9. I had to watch this PPV online through jtv or or whatever so I was already annoyed right there. Big Slow being the mystery partner eh bullshit in my eyes. My biggest gripe would have to be the order of the matches who ever was in charge of that seriously needs to be fired. If you follow me on twitter then you know how I felt a few hours ago lol not happy. Was glad that Christian, Mickie and Jeff won. I'm ok with Kofi and Rey Rey staying champ but also would not have minded The Miz or Ziggler picking up the win either. Hated McCool and Orton keeping their titles total utter bullshit. The flow of the PPV is what's probably to blame for the lack luster crowd who couldn't even find it in them to cheer for the one and only ECW Original who always talks very highly of Philly. If Jeff is only taking a break for a few months and then coming back to the WWE then I do not mind him losing the title to Punk but if he's signed a long term deal then Jeff needs to retain for longer than a measly month. I agree sometimes title reigns need to be short I just hate it when those short reigns happen to wrestlers I like and cheer for i.e. Undertaker and Jeff Hardy. Ok well I gotta get to sleep final thought this PPV went from having the potential to be PPV of the year over WM and fizzled down to eh just another PPV minus Jeff winning that was AWESOME

  10. On the 'tapping but not losing' thing, didn't the Austin/Jericho/Benoit match from 2001 (I want to say Judgemnent Day) have Austin tap when he in the Walls AND the Crossface but the match continued because the ref couldn't decide whose submission Austin tapped to and Austin went onto retain?

  11. I think Evan Bourne wasn't in the match as he's got a minor injury at the moment.

  12. He looked fine on Superstars.