Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Poll - Most Underrated?

First, the results from our previous poll:

Dennis Rodman - 8%
Billy Corgan - 12%
Mike Tyson - 30%
Drew Carey - 12%
Adam Sandler - 36%

"Iron" Mike had this one until Adam Sandler snuck up on him at the last minute and stole the win. Oddly enough, out of these celebrity fans, Sandler's had the least involvement with wrestling.

Alright, time for a new poll: Who's the most underrated Superstar in WWE today? If you choose "Other," please specify who it is in the comments section. Poll closes Wednesday, so get those votes in!


  1. Other. I'm thinking Jack Swagger or Evan Bourne. Bourne seems to be 'giant fodder' recently, getting beaten up by both Mark Henry and Big Show. By no means should he be squashed with the type of reaction he gets.

    Swagger is young and talented. He was great as ECW Champion and his work with Christian is right up there with anything else produced this year. Sure, he is being solidified as a midcard heel, but, if needed, he could take the step up to WWE Title contention.

  2. I voted for Kendrick but would've picked Regal just as easily. Kendrick has shown he's got a definite X factor, and I can't understand why he's not at least involved in the US Title scene (which could use another strong heel about now).

  3. I voted for Regal. The man can have a match with basically anyone and not stink up the joint, and has always seemed to be the consummate team player.

    Regal has so many uses but I feel like he is being underused. I don't expect him to ever become a world champion, but I think he would be a legitimate contender to keep title matches fresh. Regal vs. Punk already has built in history from the IC title which could set up a decent backstory for a world heavyweight rematch.