Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 9

Night of Champions, JBL rumors, CM Punk's thoughts on TNA, Ric Flair vs. Bret Hart and a response to Paul Heyman's blog on WWE's recruitment process (or lack thereof) are all discussed in this week's episode of Kick-Out!! Radio.

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  1. Good episode, although I need to say tut can't have it both ways - either Rhodes and DiBiase are heat vaccuums, or they're the future of the business.

    Make up your mind, Razor.

  2. I don't like the guys, but there's no denying WWE has big plans for them. You don't necessarily have to think someone's good to realize they're likely going to be the future of the company.

  3. Hi From the Philippines Razor!

    To quote Sheamus - Conas a Ta Tu? (irish gaelic for hey, how u doin).

    JBL rumors...well, at least JBL did something to strike back as it were. He cares about the business still. Frankly I hate these rumor mills and people who say "I've heard that ..." or "I feel that" or "As we all know ..." ... but, at least they are being honest that they don't ACTUALLY know!

    Yeah, mysterio looked awesome in the PPV and Ziggler was also amazing in this match! It was my favorite match in the PPV!

    i've heard the ppl who hate jeff winning ... personally, I'd have loved the CM Punk reign being longer, but I'm not representative of WWE fans ;) I just hope Mr Nitro/JoMo gets his main event push soon! :D

    Hardy deserves his moment in the sun - I'll say that! It's been a long hard decade :)

    Re: the sun interview with Punk, it's amazing that he would talk freely about such polemic matters lol!

    Punk's right about TNA. TNA don't have the commitment that WWE does. Never have done. I get the feeling that TNA don't want to be legitimate threat to WWE. It's the only option I have. Why else would they put on the shows they do? Yet they do have a loyal fan base that somehow thinks TNA's better than WWE. To each his own - albeit stupid wrongheaded - opinion!

    Flair vs Hart.
    This is a real shame. A real shame. Because of my support of these 2 as a kid, i feel really disappointed by this situation.

    I loved bret as a kid, hell, so did my mom, she kissed him when he came to belfast ;)

    but bret comes over as a real whiner to be honest. His real life character seems to be akin to the kayfabe character of matt hardy. I can count on 1 hand the times I actually saw Bret Hart smile. His eyes always seem to reflect profound sadness. He loves to complain. I really just wish he'd bury the hatchet and do his legacy justice by being the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be.

    Flair seems to be getting a little bit of a Hogan-esque (thinking-that-all-this-kayfabe-stuff-is-real) ego trip goin on there ... but I wouldn't defend that statement in a court of law ;)

    Heyman's Take in the Heyman Hustle ...

    hahaha, I thought exactly what you did Razor... Hell 3/4 of the WWE's emerging talent are 30 and below. The current main eventers are between 29-36 years old! Not exactly Foley, Nash and Sting (all approx 50 yr old). HBK and Undertaker, on Legend contracts, wrestling only sporadically are only mid 40's ...Triple H is being considered a legend and he turned 40 last sunday - the day of the "NOC PPV" - and I see him probably going into a Shawn/Undertaker -esque schedule. That's just me though ;)

    You're right, hey I'm a nerd and all the wrestlers I loved as a kid they paid their dues - I look them up on Wikipedia (nerd-0-pedia?) and were trained by people like flair, gagne, hart, henning, even recently there were the people trained by the samoans and malenko! What happened to that? It's all development territories ... you're right cookie cutter.

    BTW Loved your thoughts about the child who causes coronary failure to the ladies who has two words for us ... "are you ready?" DAMN RIGHT I'M READY!

    anyhow, I've typed a dissertation here ....

    ONLY one thing ... a while ago you mentioned on your KickOut Radio that you were looking for ideas as to what to say on the show, and I was thinking, a while ago you told us a wrestling journal wanted you to write for them, you didn't update us (not that i caught lol) care to update us?

    so for now, thanks - another good show!

    Tom - Philippines :)

  4. Another great episode. The JBL rumor is outrageous. Keep up the good fight, this crap needs to be exposed.

  5. Well, wave bye to The Brian Kendrick.

  6. Please make your pods longer if possible, prob the best out there,
    gotta say im loving Smackdown and ECW at the mo but why are Cryme Tyme getting a push over the hart dynasty its just depressing

  7. If I ever decide to extend the show, it'll never be longer than 30 minutes as long as it's just me. Maybe if there's some major earth-shattering news like WWE being sold to China, but other than that, I like to keep it short and sweet. Too many podcasts out there go on WAY longer than they should.

    But I do appreciate the kind words, I'm not sure if it's the best (definitely striving to be), but I like to think it's the most unique.

    As for Cryme Tyme, I think they deserve it. They've been with WWE for quite some time (minus that brief absence), they've never had a run with the tag titles, and they're pretty much the only face tag team in the company now that the Colons have split.

  8. Hey Razor, conas a ta tu! did you ever decide to go for that writing gig you mentioned a few podcasts ago?

  9. I've decided against doing any writing for any other sites for now... but there may still be something in the works. I'd talk more about it, but I honestly don't know anything at the moment.

  10. i look forward to hearing if you decide to do anything on this :)

    tom - Philippines.