Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday Night Smackdown Thoughts - July 3, 2009

So this week's Smackdown and next week's have been taped, so it probably won't be acknowledged on TV until the July 17 show, but last night at a live event in San Diego, Edge reportedly suffered an injury to his Achilles tendon. No word yet on the severity of the injury, but the match he was involved in was immediately stopped and he apologized to the fans in attendance for not being able to perform for them. If Edge is going to miss an extended amount of time, this is really bad news for Smackdown and wrestling fans in general. Edge is arguably the best in the business right now and no matter how you look at it, the product will suffer without him.

But as they say, the show must go on and we still have two shows to get through before seeing what kind of lasting impact this injury will have on Smackdown. So let's take a look at last night's show and see if Smackdown is continuing its streak as the dominant brand in all of wrestling.

CM Punk opens the show and rightfully asks for his apology from Jeff Hardy for that unprovoked attack after their match at The Bash. Teddy Long makes a rematch for Night of Champions (might want to consider No Disqualification, T-Lo, Jeff Hardy is crazed!) and sets up Hardy & Punk vs. the Unified Tag Champs for tonight's main event.

Ricky Ortiz... seriously, that's not a towel, it's a washcloth. Finlay doesn't want one those rags either and beats Ortiz with the Celtic Cross. I really can't figure out where WWE is going with Ortiz, they seem to still care a little about the guy, he's frequently getting mic time, he's usually rubbing elbows with some pretty big names, but when was the last time he won a match? I have a soft spot for Ortiz, as I think he has a lot of potential to be a solid heel, but I'm curious if there are any plans for him.

The backstage segment between Dolph Ziggler & Maria was one of the better comedy segments that I've seen in awhile. Ziggler trying to be nonchalant about going out with Maria and then his "I kinda usually win" line was hysterical.

Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth was a solid TV match and I have to admit, Ziggy has officially won me over. When they first brought him back up as a guy named Dolph Ziggler, who wore Christmas tinsel on his trunks, I thought there was no chance in hell he would ever go anywhere, but now I can't imagine him not getting a chance to at least take a peak at the main event. He's perhaps the most absurdly-named character in wrestling history (well, not counting Justin Credible), but since moving to Smackdown, he looks like a Superstar in the making. He managed to have an entertaining program with The Great Khali, imagine what we're going to see when he locks up with guys like John Morrison or Rey Mysterio.

Speaking of the IC Champ, it's Rey Mysterio vs. Kane, hey we haven't seen that in awhile and by awhile, I mean the last time Kane was on television. I understand Kane needs a decent win for his return and Rey just went through a grueling match on Sunday, but did we really have to have this match with this outcome? Blah. Kane's been back for one show and I'm already bored; you know it's bad when The Great Khali is a more interesting character.

Cryme Tyme defeats The Hart Dynasty?! I just felt a great disturbance in the IWC, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I'm sure smarks heads were exploding over the outcome of this one, but I say good for Cryme Tyme! Their Word Up! segments have been amusing, they're highly underrated as a team and if you want to rebuild the tag division, you can't regulate the most established team in the company to jobber status. I hope this results in a couple more matches between these two teams, I'd love to see JTG and Tyson Kidd lock up some more.

I'm still bitter about The Bash, so I don't even want to really talk about Michelle McCool & Layla vs. Melina & Maria. I will say good for Maria, getting her first match in forever and that I can't wait until Natalya gets involved in the Women's division and starts tossing these girls around like rag dolls.

John Morrison & Teddy Long singing Michael Jackson songs might be the most bizarre segment of 2009. "Forgot my sunglasses" put it over the top.

CM Punk & Jeff Hardy vs. Rated Y2J was a good main event, until that dastardly Jeff Hardy feigned an eye injury just to spite his tag team partner! What kind of man abandons his partner in a time of need?! CM Punk was clearly suffering and Hardy just fed him to the wolves! You know what this is all about? Jeff Hardy wants an unfair advantage at Night of Champions and he wants Punk's eye to be more damaged so he can "win" the World Heavyweight Title. What kind of champion would do such a thing?

Good show, not the best Smackdown since the Draft, but still solidly the best wrestling show on television. I am a bit concerned about this Edge injury and the lingering possibility of Jeff Hardy taking time off, but if there's any silver lining in these dark clouds, it's that guys like Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison could step up to the plate and become the next big main eventers. Plus, there's always the imminent return of... THE UNDERTAKER.


  1. I don't have lot to say right now, I'm still a little too hyped after seeing RAW (and ECW) live in Sydney. It was a fantastic night :)
    Randy was rather funny, actually. He and Big Show make an interesting tag team.

    I wanted to comment on Maria and Ziggler. That promo was pretty cute actually! I wouldn't mind seeing where it could go. I have a soft spot for Ziggler lol, and I like Maria. She's improving herself at least.

    And I almost never have anything bad to say about Jeff lol, I'm too big a fan lol so you're not getting anything out of me there :p

    I wish we saw Morrison compete, but his little segment with Teddy was interesting.

    But maybe I'm being nice since I'm in such a good mood lol.

  2. Forget Cryme Tyme doing a Word Up. Why can't we have JERICHO'S WORD UP? They can read from the Jerichopedia. Obsequious. Awesome. And Dolph/Maria's segment was so so wonderful. THAT's how you do a dick who's really insecure and whatnot and it adds a layer to Ziggler.

    So I'm keeping to the positive. Good show, though, I near demand Raw on Hulu. Because all of these wrestling shows are so so much more palatable with skip, even if it's good action.

  3. Another smile moment: A search for related searches to obsequious features the word "sycophant." God, it'll be a sad year the day Jericho goes.

  4. When Morrison and T'Lo ended on Beat It, I was hoping T'Lo would go 'No, really, Beat It. I'm busy here.' and then return to his dancing.