Sunday, July 26, 2009

Five Things I want to see at Night of Champions

On weeks where there's a PPV, The Five Count is delayed in favor of "Five Things." Not necessarily predictions, just what I want to see (and what you want to see if you'd like to leave a comment).

5. Jericho shocks the world
Mystery partners have a tendency to not really be all that mysterious. While I'm personally pulling for Christian to turn heel and join Jericho, I wouldn't be opposed to something even more shocking than that. I don't know if there are a lot of guys out there that could feasibly come in, take the role as Jericho's partner, and legitimately shock us, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

4. Michelle McCool to lose
Not going to happen, but I'm really not interested in watching McSnooze hold onto the Women's Title. Smackdown's women's division is bad enough as it is, but a heel McCool leading it is even worse.

3. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy given 20 minutes
I asked for this last month at The Bash and didn't get it, which is understandable considering the feud needed to continue. Just give this one enough time, a definitive ending and let them go all out and we could have ourselves a real Match of the Year candidate.

2. Dolph Ziggler steps up
Dolph Ziggler has everything working in his favor tonight. He's in the Intercontinental Title picture, he's got loads of heat on him, all the momentum and an opponent who is notorious for being the easiest wrestler in the business to work with, this match (win or lose) should be his defining moment. Ziggler has way more potential than I gave him credit for when he debuted the gimmick last year, but this is his chance to prove himself once and for all. If Ziggler & Mysterio steal the show, he might not even need to worry about the IC Title.

1. John Cena, Triple H & Randy Orton get their groove back
I don't hide the fact that I'm a huge John Cena fan, but he hasn't exactly had much to work with since returning from his neck injury. He's had some good matches with Jericho and Edge, but who hasn't had good matches with those guys? Triple H is one of WWE's franchise players, he's had good matches with almost everyone who's come through the main event scene in the last ten years. Randy Orton, despite all the crap I give him, is more than capable of putting on a good match, he just hasn't done it in awhile.

So here we go, three of WWE's top guys in what is sure to be the main event of the evening (it's a WrestleMania 24 rematch!), but they haven't been at their best the last few months and that has to change tonight. Yes, they've had never-ending feuds and tough acts to follow at previous PPVs, but it could all be forgotten if these three tear the house down like I know they can.
These three are the torchbearers for WWE right now and they need to prove why tonight.


  1. I agree with everything you said 100% but Jericho said on his Twitter that he woudln't reveal his partner but all he would say was that he was evil and then after watching SmackDown you have to be thinking he was talking about Kane even though Kane has been way way WAY short on the Evil as of late so IDK it should be an awesome PPV maybe even better than WM IDK

  2. Good list. I'll add that I'd like to see Mickie James spit in what's-her-name's face, or get some sort of revenge for the little stunt what's-her-name pulled last week.

  3. Kenny -

    I highly doubt it's Kane. Or rather, I hope it isn't Kane. Aside from being horrible, they made it completely obvious on Smackdown. I'm hoping that was a classic bait & switch tactic, and knowing Jericho's tendency to work the internet, I'm thinking that's all it is.

  4. I agree wit heverything you said except being a huge John Cena fan I cant stand the guy but I feel he would be a great heel.I also would love to see Shawn Michaels as Jericho's partner but I dont think it will happen at all.Thats my top choice but my second and third would be Christian or Shelton Benjamin and I also think neither of them will happen im thinking its gonna be William Regal or Chris Masters.I dont think its gonna be a big shocker because of how bad the writers have been I dont think they have the brains of us fans lol.

  5. ...In reference to the comment above, this isn't ragging on people, but I think there's a lot of folks that think writing for WWE is an easy job. But knowing from many failed attempts at screenwriting, writing stories at a newspaper for deadline (a story, not even a whole script that could get vetoed in an instant), writing for WWE is easily the most taxing writing job I could ever imagine. And when you are forced to think like that almost 24-7 as well as the whole perspective of having to please the boss, of course ideas are going to probably not be as great as imagined or that the "lol obvious" idea is not thought of. Doesn't mean that they're dumber than the fans. I don't like the whole "you do the job" thing that every sports guy ever does...but you gotta view it in context.

    Anyways, I don't expect anything out of the Jericho partner reveal other than someone cool to have on all three shows. Miz? Hmmm. We'll see.

    It seems like there should've been more emphasis on this Punk/Hardy conflict, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't want to put over Hardy as a huge deal if the guy really is leaving post-PPV. Still, the whole storyline is infinitely more interesting than the neverending Raw main event saga.

  6. First off Trey Irby it was a joke man that's why I put LOL at the end I know its not an easy job relax I was only saying it seems like the writers dont put alot of thought into stuff they do alot of it is done lazily the they have no brains part was all a joke.Truly am sorry for offending you.