Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Five Count - July 5, 2009

So once again, I forgot to do The Five Count last week, something about PPVs always throws me off. But at least this week's should be a good one and I have a minor announcement about the site, but you'll have to read this first... or just scroll down, but that would hurt my feelings.

5. Natalya's back in business
As great as Natalya has been as The Hart Dynasty's manager, it bugged me that her tremendous talents weren't being used to their full potential on ECW since there's no women's division. But now Natalya is back on Smackdown along with Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith and it's only a matter of time before she gets to step back in the ring. Hopefully we'll see the day where Kidd & Smith are the Unified Tag Champs and Natalya has the Women's Title at the same time.

4. Sheamus debuts
The Celtic Warrior has been working dark matches for months now and he finally made his TV debut on Tuesday night's absolutely bizarre ECW. While we got possibly the worst segment of 2009 with Abraham Washington interviewing The Bella Twins, we also got to see the debut of one of the most unique looking Superstars in WWE today. Sheamus made quite an impact, decimating his opponent and confusing the hell out of whoever types the closed captioning for ECW. It's really too early to predict how well someone will do, but judging by history, Sheamus looks like a can't-miss prospect.

3. CM Punk is a jerkface
How great is CM Punk in his role right now? I know I've been playing devil's advocate in my show reviews, but Punk really has me convinced that he's the victim here. Between overselling his eye injury and demanding apologies from Jeff Hardy, this has to be one of the best slow heel turns in WWE history... if that's the direction they're going, I'm still not 100% convinced and I don't know if that's because WWE isn't sure yet or if CM Punk is just that good.

2. Edge injured
It's not always good news here at The Five Count, and this is definitely the biggest story of the week. Edge went down Friday night at a house show in San Diego after reportedly suffering an Achilles tendon tear, a devastating injury and a major blow to the Smackdown roster. No word yet on how long he'll be out, I've heard everything from two months to a full year, but that's the dirtsheets for ya. I just hope Edge can make a fully and speedy recovery because WWE is never the same without him.

1. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
After a full week to reflect on it, there's no doubt that this is a top candidate for Match of the Year. I think when it's all said and done, Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker will still win due to the aura surrounding that match, but judging solely on the in-ring action, Mysterio vs. Jericho may very well be the best match we'll see in 2009. Hell, this match deserves a spot on a Match of the Decade list.

Okay, about that site announcement... the major problem with being a one-man operation and an obsessive-compulsive control freak is that it makes it hard to take a vacation. I will be out of town most of tomorrow and all day Tuesday, so that's going to push back my Raw & ECW reviews as well as this week's edition of Kick-Out!! Radio. I apologize for the inconvenience, but take this as an opportunity to catch up on some things you may have missed. And since I just did The Five Count, here are my five favorite articles on Kick-Out!! Wrestling to get you started:

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And for your listening pleasure, I will also be recording a new Opening Bell Extra before I leave, I figured a new minisode would be a nice bonus since Kick-Out!! Radio will be delayed this week. Don't forget, you can get all previous episodes of the podcast on iTunes or download an MP3 version from GCast, all the info is on the sidebar to the right of your screen under Kick-Out!! Network. So even though I'm taking a couple days off, you should be set with all sorts of Kick-Outie goodness to tide you over until my return. Thanks for your continued support of Kick-Out!! Wrestling, I really appreciate it!

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